Lazy Dungeon Master (LDM) 378 – Second visit to Draco village (4)

If you think normally, if you are Sid and you see “Niku” as a man then it’s normal for you to apply for bride position, is that how you would think?
but, in this case, it was clear that Niku is a girl from the first glace, so you are amazing you know?

“That said, this is not something that I can decide alone, I need to consult Bon O’Doll beforehand”

“Of course. Well, this time it’s just a light introduction. But I’m serious, it also fine if you decline it, for that I’ve also prepared a contract here to show that I’m ready at all times.”

Yeah, I will reject it for the time being. I will need to talk to Mai O’Doll at the very least. Also, stop bringing it up, I’m already confused as it is for this gender bender business.

“Oh, the village mayor. can I have a little word?”
“What? what’s the matter Setsuna?”
“Can you ask about when and where did he get the medicine?”

Ah, are you worried that this is a medicine made by Chaos God Leona? I understand.

“By the way, where did you get the medicine?”
“Umu. This is something that wandering alchemists three days ago gave me”
“…Is that alchemist have black hair and red eyes?”
“Yes, it was a black-haired, red-eyed woman. Who gives me this gender bender drug”

Setsuna face distorts with the expression “wow”.No way! that’s Leona herself! And what? three days ago? that woman is nearby.

“Oh, and she was carrying a black slime.”
“…What is that slime’s name?”
“She called him Rin. she says she likes white food despite being black. But she seems to have hated salt even though salt was white.”

In response to Sid’s answer, Setsuna froze…….Did Rin and Leona join forces? uhh, that’s bad.

I have to go home now and prepare to intercept them. I won’t be able to sleep quietly because the natural enemy of my dungeon is nearby. This is scary.

“Where is that alchemist now?”
“Maybe in Pavuera? At least she’s no longer in this village.”

Wait. Did they stay here? I’m not Setsuna but I also want to hold my head.I felt like there was a knife lingering around my neck. It’s not Sid who is my concern right now, it’s Leona.Alright, it’s decided. Let’s immediately turn down this engagement. If Leona was here, I cannot afford to waste my time with this trivial task.

“The situation has changed. I’ll tell you clearly. Sid, there will be no engagement.”
“……is it no good?”
“Even if you give me that puppy eyes, no means no”

With that, Sid can only sigh [ahh]

“I understand, let’s give up if you have said that much… But then again, I already had this medicine. Can you at least bring it with you to accept my feelings? As a friend”
“…Well, if that’s the case.”

It’s better to take it in so that Sid doesn’t think too much about it.

“Ah, do you want me to reimburse you, for the drug cost I mean”
“No, it’s fine. It’s because I’m cutting off my bad luck. Rather, I will feel better if you take it for free.”

I couldn’t say anything more to Sid’s refreshing smile, and I received Leona’s magical drug 『テイ・Aエース』(Tei.A-Ace) (pole be gone)

After that, I returned to the Gollen village without anything special happened.So, now I’m reporting to Wozuma… but he interrogated me instead

“But I couldn’t refuse because Sid had a to put it like that…”
“Village chief. Didn’t I tell you to not do extra work?”

B-But it’s not a job. I just went to my (diplomatic) friend’s house to play.
Wozuma had a face that looked like he just bit by headache, but when he heard that I was refused Sid engagement proposal, he lifted his brow and put his hand on his mouth.

“So the village chief has received this magical drug?”
“Ah. Because it’s dangerous in many ways, I’m putting it in safe house”
“Do we have that kind of building? Well no matter, it’s good with this. I’m glad that it’s finally in balance.”
“Yeah? Are you happy even though I declined the engagement?”

Listening to the words I was worried about, Wozma opened his eyes a little.

“Oya? this is rare. I must revise my view on this prodigy child”
“What do you mean?”
“It means that he is a person who can act so naturally that even Village Chief did not notice it.”

Huh? acting? Does Wozuma mean that his intention to marry Niku was just an act?I don’t understand it

“probably the lord… Bon O’Doll already talked about your personality to him”
“Hmm, then?”
“no… it’s nothing, this is just my own prejudice, and by the way, I think that magical drug is worth about 500 gold coins. you should check with a magic drug store.”

Do not suddenly change the story. Wait what? 500 gold coins. What’s the hell that’s expensive.
Speaking of which, a magical medicine of the same kind who Chaos God sold to Kouki was priced at 1000 gold coins the difference is that medicine effect is a long-lasting one, there are some jumps up at the final price, so I think 500 gold coins is very fair.

“… was accepting it a bad move?”
“Well, it’s okay to receive it, and it was said that it would be given to you. Just treat it as a tribute to village chief”
“is that so”

I’m not sure about this, and I have it already. so, it’s useless for us, also it will be a weird situation if Sid proposes once more…Hmm? Wait no, that was it acting right? arghh, it’s so complicated.Anyway, now I have to prepare to defend the dungeon against Leona… Ah, I don’t think I can win at all if Leona and Rin attack together. I wonder if the Orichalcum golem respawner is ready?

“…But it’s expensive, should I give Sid some thank you gift?”
“Please stop it, I think I’m really happy with the result right now. Well, also I think I learn something about village chief today, just don’t make the same mistakes in the future”
“Oh, okay? If Wozma says so”

In that case, should we treat them better in the future?
With that in mind, He did say that a sex-changing magical drug that was sealed in the [storage] is equivalent to 500 gold coins ……but I don’t want to keep it at hand, so maybe I’ll sell it to Wataru?


a bit a word from me the translator: don’t expect ziru quality translation, but I just can’t help myself
Did you just snipe this from ziru?Yes sir, I totally did, tho… if he still ‘alive’ and wants to continue his works then I will probably drop this in no time, he is the better translator and this series deserves it. But for the time being, I will just go with what I want and ignore the ethical thing that bars us from new updates
How often will you update this?As fast as I can, I’m a total newbie and I’m using this as a medium for my Japanese and English language training… so yeah… once again… don’t expect Ziru level of translation…
You probably do this for money anyway!Yes and no sir! If I can get something out of this that’s good!! If not? That’s also good! I don’t really give a damn either way! I want to burn my time with something productive, and not just lazing around waiting for the corona to die down
Also, I’m reverting Meat to Niku the joke was obvious enough it doesn’t really sit well with me (personal preference) and I reverting yuidence back to O’doll / orodoru this is confusing enough as it is
So that’s all I had to say, enjoy.


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