LDM 379 – Leona countermeasure preparation

Draco village will now build a good relationship with us, so let’s focus our time to strengthen the dungeon against Leona and Rin.  

“That’s why I’m going to add some more evil trap.”  

“if it’s true that Leona is near, we need a stronger defense… Kehma, do you have any idea?”  

“About that…”  

It’s not like there isn’t one, but I’m skeptical if I’m asked if it’s will it work on Leona and Rin.  

Somehow, I know it wouldn’t work against Leona. she is a cheat character with many hero skills. I feel like she’s going to nullify all traps with some unknown skills.  

Furthermore, with Rin there as support. A black slime that literal incarnation of Japanese game stereotype “If you level up the weakest monster, it will become the strongest”. (though in fact, slimes are a strong race in this world, and jelly is the weakest.)  

If that Rin had undergone Leona’s magical modification, her performance should be even higher than I imagined?  

What kind of trap that will actually work on that kind of opponents?  


“But, isn’t it easy for Kehma to deal with Leona?”  

“This time is different because Rin is with her”  

Yeah, I feel that even if I attack them, it won’t work.  

There is no choice but to make a mind trap here.   

When Leona came before, we made a trap-like a variety show and we played it to the fullest, and when she was satisfied, we drove her away. Will those trick works again? If they have exactly the same content, it will only become laughing stock and ignored. I need to create new material…  

“will she stop here and solve the mystery… you won’t break the rules, right? Leona”  

“…well, Leona will follow the rules”  

Based on experience I think we can trust her on that point.  

…I’m wondering if I got brainwashed…am I the only one who thinks it will be all right if Rokuko already say it’s okay  

“So, it’s decided! I’m going to upgrade the mystery room.”  

“Hoho. how?”  

“I will prepare this quiz”  

I read the prepared question aloud.  

” If the answer is incorrect, you can re-challenge after 24 hours.   

There was a vicious trap in the dungeon.   

If you get caught in that trap, you will definitely die.   

You cannot take treasure unless you cross the trap.   

But one adventurer was able to get the treasure while trapped and cross the trap, so how did the adventurer get over the trap and get the treasure?”  

 Rokuko tilted her neck.  

“…? Will you definitely die if you get caught in a trap?”  

“that’s right, you will die.”  

“Then… you get the treasure in exchange for your life?”  

“that’s enough, and this will cost you a day”  

“it’s wrong then… in other words, it wasn’t in exchanged for life.”  

“It does sound like that.”  

“If the door opens, it’s correct, otherwise it’s wrong. I see.”  

So, this is a one-time use-up problem where you can pass through in one shot if you answer it right, in this way, multiple gimmicks that take time to answer are prepared.  

That’s the reason why I need to earn time  

For indicating cooldown time, I can prepare an hourglass for a timer that I made at the time for “Inn of Greed” and it will turn over automatically when you answer. I will also prepare one more bonus (omake).  

“let’s put this in front of the room first”  

“… it’s in Japanese. “Under construction”-Kehma, what is this?”  

“she won’t come in if it’s under construction, because it’s under construction.”  

“Hmm. Is that so?”  

And it is important to be “Japanese”. Even if you write and put this, ordinary adventurers will just ignore it and enter, but for Leona who understands Japanese will surely be interested. Alternatively, she may consider the possibility that the gimmicks and mysteries inside are incomplete.  

The only concern is that Wataru can read Japanese too, so it will be causing some problems if he comes here… Well, it does not matter. Leona countermeasures are more important now. I can deceive Wataru anyway.  

What would happen if Wataru and Leona met in the first place? In the first place, Wataru is Japanese, and I think he is a person who can understand the concept of Hero and Dungeon, but… It’s Leona who fusses over it. But isn’t it useless to worry? because there is a possibility that Wataru is already acquainted with her.  

“Let’s make another Quiz”  

“By the way, Kehma? What is the answer to your question?”  

“If you get the answer right, I’ll reward you. Cream melon bread.”  

“For reward… Can I ask for another thing?”  

Rokuko didn’t get tempted by melon bread!?  

“Okay. Then goblin.”  

“Hmm, that’s not it Kehma… besides I can already summon Goblin and all-you-can-eat Melon bread with my portion of DP”  

“!…yeah, to think of it, it’s true”  

What a hell. Did Rokuko have already grown into a woman who can’t be deceived by melon bread and goblins! ……wow, I didn’t notice it.  

“So, my reward is to ask Kema to do something.”  

“Well, if it within my ability”  

By the way, the unique feature of this question format is that it is possible to change the answer with the same question sentence, even though it looks like a one-time question. By using that I can earn time by shuffling the answer, it’s kind of cheating but it is possible to sneak in that secret feature because it is operated with a golem.  

“Will you really do it?”  

“… please make it within the range of my ability?”  

“I know. at most at the range of [I don’t hate it that much]”  

I’m a little worried, but let’s believe in Rokuko.  

“So, are there any other Leona measures?”  

“…still on planning”  

……Yeah, when I was asked if this is enough then no, this time I’m very anxious, but I can’t think of another good idea. Rather, the measures if only against Rin’s as opponents are simple, and Rin would stop if Leona stopped. We can just treat her like a pet.  

Orichalcum Golem also seems to be easily broken if it is against Leona …my guts just tell me so.  

“Oh, Kehma. I came up with the answer to your quiz question”  

According to rules, Rokuko’s answer will have to wait for a day. I will listen to it later.  

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