LDM 380 – Answers and rewards.

next day. Rokuko’s second answer.  

“Kehma, I wonder if the adventurer was actually undead and he was dead from the beginning, so it was safe.”  

“… then the door won’t open.”  

“Is it different from the answer that Kehma had initially envisioned? Just in case, will you answer with the [correct] or [incorrect] as an answer?”  


I froze. Because there was a lie detector magic tool in Rokuko’s hand.  

And Rokuko’s answer is exactly what I had originally envisioned.  

Incidentally, the way Rukoko question me also blocks any chance for lie and deception. I can’t fool her unless I ask a question back.  


 “… correct answer”  

“Yay, I won!”  

Tsk, I didn’t expect her to bring out a lie detector.  

If she didn’t have that, I can still weasel my way out, for example, I can say [even if you get caught in the trap you won’t die immediately but will die after some time lag], or [I died once but came back] or [Use the decoy and tools to activate the trap in advance and avoid it] or even worse [I was trapped, but the corpse blew up close the treasure, and the treasure fell into my hand by accident.]  

With proper narrative, I could use any answer I want. 

And even worse? with a narrative trick, [a vicious trap] and [you cannot get the treasure unless you cross the trap] are different things”…  

Ah, but Rokuko’s first answer, [I got a treasure in exchange for life] is [No], so my answer is limited? I see that question also affected this result…  

“You don’t trust me that much… I’m sad as a partner!”  

“But I trust you, if I didn’t have this, I trust Kehma will give me an endless answer.”  

“tsk, You know me too well”  

“We are a partner after all”  

Fufun, Rokuko is proud of herself.  

Well to be fair, of all the answers, she was able to guess the one I had originally envisioned. ……did she read my thought pattern? Maybe this is a hidden function in the dungeon core-master bond system? Or Is it just the result of Rokuko’s observation of me?  

“Even so, it’s better not to use [yes] or [no] as an indicator to open the door. What will happen if someone poses a question [did the adventure safely bring back the treasure?] then the answer will always be “yes” right? didn’t the door will always open then? “ 

Oh, she’s right, that’s dangerous. I need to prevent it.  

You cannot open the door until you answer correctly with no hint, no that won’t work…  

Even for earning time, if the dungeon system detects that [breakthrough is impossible] then the device will be malfunctioning, so an additional hint is required to be installed.  

…………Is this “father” decision each time? I wonder if he sorts this one by one?   

Or maybe I can make it that you need to look for the golem, destroy it, and press the switch, then you can break through it, will this work?  

Hmm mysterious and very game-like. Well, it’s useless to think too deeply about this.  

“Then, in exchange for the yes or no answer, let’s put a device that answers the question with [yes], [no] or [irrelevant]. And every time you ask at least one question, you waste one day.”  

“Yes, that should work”  

Well, then I have to do the work of making the device and installing it. Oh, it’s bothersome I’m getting sleepy  

Rokuko grabbed my shoulder, who was unusually eager to get to work.  

“Wait Kehma. Did you forget about the reward?”  

“Kuh… you remember?  

“There’s no way I will forget… well, I wonder if you can put on succubus ring and become my hug pillow for a night”  

What is this, a torture? do you want to kill me? Or do you want Haku to kill me?  

“…I would be transforming to a man girl (otokonoko) then”  

“But it doesn’t cost anything, and it’s within your ability, right? There’s no problem.”  

” Didn’t you tell me I wouldn’t hate it? ”  

” I’m the only one to see it, and if you really hate it, all you have to do is let the succubus possess you”  

I don’t like that though…  

“after all, you said if it within [I don’t really hate it that much] you will do it, it’s just a little embarrassing, no problem at all, right? ”  

“Gnunu… oh well, it just a little cross-dressing, right? okay. I will see you later”  

That’s right, I’ve only become a hugging pillow, it’s okay if you think me as a slightly longer version because this is Rokuko wish.   

I think that Rokuko must be curious about something, it must be, but what she had in mind?  

That night. I put on a succubus ring in my finger and was called into Rokuko’s room. Well, I have no choice but to endure this.  

As I entered the room, Rokuko welcomed me and she becomes excited and her breath becomes heavy.   

“I’ve been waiting for you, Kehma! Now, show me the succubus Kehma!”  

“Okay, wait a minute. As you can see, I’ve come prepared, but Rokuko have you done the same?”  

“… my preparation? What do you need?”  

Rokuko tilts her neck.  

“A bracelet of courage that I received during the previous dungeon battle.”  


“You know, when I became a succubus, I would be emitting charm aura, Neru has confirmed it”  

“I don’t mind if I got charmed by Kehma though?”  

While saying that, Rokuko pulls the hem of her clothes and invites me to her futon. it seems I cannot avoid becoming a hug pillow.  

“… did you forget that when Niku turned into a succubus, I lost my sanity and rushed in. Didn’t you see Niku lost herself as well? In other words, I can’t control the succubus power. Is it okay?”  

“…you are annoying. I understand I will wear it.”  

I relieved; this super-strong spirit-resistant bracelet made by “Father” will prevent Succubus charm without problems. Without this, I would be stripped off by Rokuko and attacked, if that happened, I can’t escape by saying that it was a hug pillow play, and as a result, Haku will kill me  

After making sure that Rokuko wore a silver bracelet on her arm, I decided to transform into a succubus.  

“Neru, I’ll allow it, Possess me”  

“By your command!”  

I feel like the ring shot a heatwave to the core of my body, I let it pass without resisting while forming an image of gates in my body, my heart beat faster and my eye vision is lowered as I met Rokuko eyes.  

The feeling was similar to when I transformed into Rokuko with [Super Transformation]. Apparently, my form is a small otokonoko succubus.   

Power surging to the whole body. Is this possession?  

“Wow… this is amazing. With this… I can rule the country… Uh, sorry, I lied, I can’t move even one finger. But this omnipotent feeling, it feels good!”  

“Ooh… so this is Succubus Kemma…!”  

Neru was on feeling anxious. Rokuko stares at me with squinted eyes.  

……For now, let’s look at the chest. It feels a little soft, but there is none. I put my hand on my crotch. ……There seem to be no holes. I’m relieved that only my height has changed but my gender stays the same, I’m relieved.   

“…Ah, how do I look? I don’t really know the external shape of my body”  

“It’s so cute. Wow, I want to make you wear various clothes… Ah, look in this mirror?”  


Rokuko takes out the hand mirror.  

The clothes are… white ones? The chest area is well covered for a succubus, although the length of the skirt is short. Also, black knee socks and boots. And white long gloves with a cute slit up to an upper arm. Straight black hair.  

And the red eyes of the succubus–  


–It’s morning.  

That’s funny, I can’t remember anything. And I don’t even drink anything?  

The transformation has become undone and I was wrapped in [God’s blanket]  

Before I knew it, I wasn’t aware when the succubus form become undone, and I was wrapped in “God’s comforter” while being hugged by Rokuko. Please let me go, what happened last night?  

I remember a beautiful girl in the mirror…no I was a boy? At least I can remember how much my eyes changed when I was transformed.  

I asked Neru trough the succubus ring, and she said, “There was nothing happened, I don’t remember anything, isn’t that’s fine.” Also, Rokuko only respond with “Ah!, unn, that’s right”  

“…No, what happened? Tell me honestly.”  



“………i-it’s a secret !!”  

I kinda expect this, but then again it would be better not to ask Rokuko further since she’s already blushing like crazy, so I decided to forget this matter with all might.  

Incidentally, my succubus form is also sealed. Let’s never do that again.  


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