LDM 381 – Important Visitor

Then, a few days after adding Leona countermeasures to the dungeon.  

Leona’s shadow was still nowhere to be seen and it was a peaceful days.   

after the mass of Beddhism, I was stopped by Shira, the leader of the sisters.  

 “Uh, sir. Can I have a little of your time”  

“What? Oh, Suilla. What’s the matter?”  

Her pink hair flutters gently, and her red eyes have an unusually glossy, her face is friendly yet stern. if you look at her for a long time, you will be charmed. Let’s quickly finish the business.  

“… the thing is, I have this message for you”  

“a message?”  

“Yes. It’s from Leona saying [Hey, I’ll play in Daido Country, so you can come over and see me?]”  

“…Oh, ooh”  

…… Apparently, Leona didn’t come to the dungeon. Wow. Yess!  

By the way, I recall that Shira once a succubus under Leona. I wonder when they make a contact… or rather where is Daido Country. I don’t know and I have no intention of going there.  

“Well, why me?”  

“Um…ano…etto…. Leona-sama said that she was inside Uma-sama.”  

“You got the wrong person”  

“Umm, I will just follow the instructions properly, so I look forward to working with you in the future, please?”  

“You got the wrong person”  

“…with that kind of body?”  

Do you believe in what Leona says more than I do? Well, of course, yeah, it’s actually true… damn you, Leona. By the way, it feels weird. Is this what they mean by the saying that ‘no one is inside’? (scream of the soul)  

 But yeah. Leona doesn’t seem to come to my dungeon. ……you won’t come, right?  


Well just like that. Leona’s threat passed away without me doing anything. finally, I can sleep peacefully. 

There was a time when I naively thought like that.  

“Rokuko-chan, I have come to play.”  

“Haku-nee-sama! Welcome!”  

And now Haku has come to visit.  

Haku was so divine that she is revered as [white goddess]. why you come to see Rokuko even though it hasn’t been so long since the last dungeon battle? Do you miss her that much?  

Though it’s true that It’s been a long time since her last visit. her suite and my inn’s hospitality are always ready …there is but one problem…, this time’s attendant was not Chloe. 

“…didn’t you just met us in Capital city just the other day.”  

“don’t mind it don’t mind it… And I don’t need a reason, aren’t I”  

“… is this also related to certain someone behind you?”  

“Yeah, it is”  

the red-haired girl who sent hot stares at Rokuko from behind Haku.  

……Magic sword type dungeon core, 666, Aidi, was accompanying Haku.  

“I welcome you too Aidi”  

“Yeah. I accept your welcome. Let’s play [kill each other] right away, ok?”  

“Umm, that’s kinda different welcome from what I had in mind”  

Rokuko greets Aidi, but suddenly she proposed a duel, oh well since it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, let’s duel to our heart’s content in my village, NO that’s wrong!!  

It seems this is the first time Haku is seen by some villagers, but for now, let’s invite them to the reception room, there must be some more explaining to do.  

“So, what’s the business between you and Aidi in this visit?”  

“…well, to put it simply, it’s about studying abroad”  

“Ah, are you studying abroad in the empire?”  

“No, in the Gollen village”  

Did I make a mistake? It sounds like Gollen village.  

Oh, it’s a mistake. It must be the neighboring village, Draco village. I made a mistake because the names sounded similar.  

“I see you studying in Draco village.”  

“Where is that, anyway it’s this Gollen Village, she’s going to study abroad in Kehma’s Gollen village”  

“…I didn’t hear it wrong”  

Haku smiled at me and told me that there was no escape.  

…Is there something to learn in our village?  

“By the way, it’s an exchange student situation, so I’ll have Kema-san and Rokuko-chan go to the Demon Kingdom at a later date.”  

What is……?  

“I’m sorry, I can’t leave the dungeon alone for a while now.”  

“Is it about Leona?”  

“Yeah, it seems she seen to have appeared in a nearby village, so I can’t relax my guard”  

“Then you don’t have to worry. she visited Uchi the other day and headed to Daido Country”  

Ah, she really went to Daido Country.  

Damn it Haku… she’s smoothly cutting my escape route…  

“…but this is a big decision, I need to make up my mind…”  

“If you don’t like it, you can refuse it… But one of the beddings of God, [God’s pajamas], is located in the demon kingdom, it’s a prize for the fighting tournament. Ah, also this is count as the information I promised at the dungeon battle, ok? ”  

Oh wow, that’s a big piece of intel right there.  

“I had some trouble gathering info this time. Demon Kingdom is an enemy country after all.”  

“… Do you need permission to go to the Demon Kingdom?”  

“No, anyone can go. but I can’t guarantee your personal safety.”  

“Is it necessary to get permission or…”  

“it’s not about that, but just by going as an empire messenger, you will be less likely to get entangled in trouble………probably”  

It is said that Demon Kingdom is home for fighting maniac like Aidi and core 564 

Therefore If you are not a messenger of some country, you will definitely be challenged by random people, and if you lose, you will be a slave, that just like some end-of-century manga setting.  

By the way, even if you have come as a messenger you will still be challenged, even though you won’t end up as a slave. what a scary country.  

“So, I purposely arranged for a short-term study abroad program in Demon Kingdom, but it seems that it was unnecessary for Kehma, right?”  

“Haha! Thank you very much, I will accept it.”  

I bowed to Haku-san.  

Moreover, it seems you can enter the tournament as a special entry.  

In other words, this exchange study seems to be an opportunity to get “God’s pajamas” prepared by Haku.  

This time it’s not just an intel, there’s a lot of services included… Or do I have some hidden value to Haku-san?  

“Well they say it’s a special occasion because we sending Kehma for this since this is their first time ever to do study abroad”  

“I see… by the way, how long do we usually take a study abroad”  

“I think it’s a maximum of one month each. If you feel like it, you can stop anytime”  

In other words, is it okay for Aidi to return tomorrow?  

However, was there anything to learn from my backwater village…?  

“If she doesn’t find anything to learn she can just go home, but she seems surprised, for example… When she came to the empire, she said [This human ranch is weird! They are free to enter and leave, and humans are dressed properly]’  

“…Is it okay to bring Rokuko to her home country?”  

“It’s okay, the [Castle Town] is safe. But don’t you dare to take Rokuko to the village, or to the human ranch, understand?”  

Yeah, I definitely won’t take her there.  

“Also No.6 will cover 666 study expense, so let her stay in suite room and squeeze him as much as you can, you can also double the cost as a special fee”  

“That’s a rip-off…”  

“You have any problem with my pricing?”  

No, Madam! I don’t have any complaints. YES.YOUR.HIGHNESS. {he said it in english}  

“…it’s the price for staying at enemy territory. And even with 50 gold coins a night, this suite is well within common sense.”  


“…also… Isn’t it more comfortable now?”  

“oh, you noticed?”  

Yes. Actually, whenever I come up with a new comfort system, I will implement it in the suite first, so I am improving it like some kind of prototype. That’s my hobby. Sleeping is my life purpose.  

it seems our price of 25 gold coins a night is reasonable, on the contrary, I wonder how much did it cost to stay at suite elsewhere, it scared me since I will go study abroad myself.  

“In addition, if you squeezed him hard here, even if the inn at the study abroad destination is expensive, you will still make a killing”  

“Understood! I will squeeze it with all my ability!”  


Haku nodded with satisfaction. 


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