LDM 383 – Noisy

Rokuko is back, maybe she has finished cleaning the room.  

“Welcome back, that was fast”  

“Such task is nothing if I’m serious”  

Don’t tell me you just shove it all in the master room?  

“Oh, Rokuko. Come here for a second?”  


As I looked at them, Aidi reached out her hand to Rokuko and asked for a handshake. Rokuko grab her hand, it looks like DP exchange gesture, there was a small buzz and her body trembled a little.  

“Wh-what is this? It feels different from DP.”  

“…that is communication function access code, I just exchanged it with you, so from now on I can always contact you”  

“Communication function? ah, that’s right. Aidi asked [father] for one as a prize in the previous dungeon battle. Is it on the menu screen?”  

“That’s right, you should see some change now.”  

When she opens the menu, the [Communication] option was added to it.  

It is also showed up in mine, the function is located in [dungeon unit] branch.  

“It’s not an official version yet, so I have to meet you in person and copy the features.”  

“Unn, it’s a hassle.”  

“When it’s officially completed it’s supposed to be distributed to everyone… but that still has to wait until the next meeting. For now, I’m the only one who has the right to make duplicate copies, so this one is kind of special”  

Is it like a beta test or pre-release version? And it comes with copy guard protection.  

“By the way, I decided to exchange it first with Rokuko, so I have not given it to Haku and Grandpa yet.”  

“Ara, since you have given it to Rokuko is it my turn next?”  

“what are you saying Haku-sama, it’s obvious the next one is for gramps”  

“……is that so”  

I feel bad for Haku, but she has no need for it. since we have [white beach] hotline between us, well I guess there will be a different feeling between telephone and letter.  

“But why do you need an access code? Isn’t the core number sufficient?”  

“If it’s just the core number there will be a possibility that it can be abused to spam prank message, and we are also considering dividing the function between core, master, and monsters so that each of them has their own… or that’s what [father] said, to be honest, I don’t really understand”  

When Aidi showed her menu screen, there was a screen like the mail function in PC. And the message from [father] has arrived. He is also adding emoji and reject function, it really looks like an email.  

“I see…”  

“By the way, I need to ask some question to Rokuko’s master regarding this function, so maybe Rokuko can tell him to contact [father] through this”  

“Oh…this is amazing, I wonder how this work”  

“Don’t ask me, and you can send one message at the cost of 50DP for now”  

“Oh, it costs DP, it’s 60 melon bread… No wait, it’s 10 premium melon bread… that’s pretty expensive. It’s cheaper just to send a letter”  

“I think it would be amazing if it could reach the destination in an instant and ignore the distance. We are also planning to give it the ability to transfer DP trough this”  

DP transfer through communication functions…is there any meaning to this? can you ask other cores favor with this? …… Well, I can see the future where some core will request or give DP through this, yeah, that makes sense.  

….. Then, suddenly a message came from [Father] arrived.  

let’s see [I’m using Kehma world’s email as a reference, but I would like to hear your opinion too].   

Let’s reply with [will I receive a reward?] and… sent.  

Oh, I received another reply [No problem! By the way, did you use the alarm clock that I gave you?]… Yeah, am I using it? I’m sure I’m using it, huh… alarm function? What is that …I know no such thing. {he is trying to make it sounds like he forgot it already}  

 “By the way, what is melon bread? Is it bread? Is it a fruit?”  

“umm, it’s a sweet bread!”  

“Sweet bread?”  

“It’s delicious bread. It’s faster to show you the real thing… Have you never tried one before?”  

“It’s hard to remember anything outside swords and weapons, right?”  

 Rokuko swiftly exchanged 5DP into [Assorted bread]. It’s something that we used to have a lot of before because it contains 6 bread and it’s very cost-effective. With that, you can also choose what you want.  

Rokuko chooses the pack that had a melon bread, anpan, hamburger, curry bread, and chocolate cornet. It has two melon bread… one for her and one for Aidi?  

Aidi almost immediately attracted to the bread.  

 “This… has a strange wrapping. Is this sweet bread?”  

“Ah, it easier to tear it vertically. It’s convenient because the bread won’t get damp easily”  

“This thing will repel the water? This will make a good wrapper for the sword… so how do you make it?”  

“Who knows?”  

Before this the bread that Rokuko purchase will come out without wrapping and before I know it, it comes with plastic wrapper now. I wonder if that because Rokuko has a better understanding of plastic?   

it will increase the amount of waste in this dungeon, but then it will just get absorbed back, so it was no real problem…… wait… is it possible that the dungeon gets a better understanding of the structure by absorbing the plastic waste?  

“There is also side dish bread like this hamburger or curry bread, but, I’m definitely in melon bread faction!”  

“I see… oh, this one has cool spiral and look sharp”  

“Oh, that is chocolate cornet. It looks interesting!”  

“Yes, this one definitely looks like the strongest of all.”  

“This is the first time I see someone rate bread with strength level”  

If you ask me, French bread has the strongest attack power in the bread world rated by popularity, hardness, and size.  

 “… oh well, ah, Haku-nee-sama please take it too”  

“Ara, then I want the same of what you have Rokuko”  

“Ah… well, it’s okay, I’ll just get another one if Aidi want some melon bread too. Kehma do you want some?”  

“I’m good, I just ate onigiri”  

“is that so? Though it’s true you will have the trouble of sleeping if you ate too much”  

 Rokuko then proceeds to open the melon bread, Aidi and Haku follow after her.  

“Melon bread, it had a smell similar to melon cream soda”  

“I think it’s because it’s made from melon too?”  

… kun kun, Haku that sniff the melon bread looks a little cute.  

“so that’s Rokuko melon bread, if my choco cornet is spear then her melon bread is a shield”  

“This is also my first time seeing someone comparing bread to shield and spear, in that case, you might like Croissant, I will give it to you later”  

“I’m looking forward to it”  

Said Aidi holding the chocolate cornet in one hand while turning it over.  

 “…By the way, how should I eat this? Head first? Or foot first?”  

“I wonder where the head and foot of chocolate cornet is, don’t think too much, just eat it, it’s a bread.”  

“Don’t think, but feel it… is that how it works!?”  

“Well that also works”  

Chocolate Cornet, I wonder… which one is the head and which one is the foot?  

“…Fufu, this rotation is nice. the spiral that coming together… mmm. wonderful shape…”  

“Haku-nee-sama, I wonder if that shape also works on melon bread”  

“Ara, this easily becomes my favorite, also I think it will really go well with melon cream soda, Kehma please serve it for me”  

Right away!, I got the money from Haku and I give her melon cream soda, if you put them in the [storage] it’s time will stop and it won’t go bad, Haku also knows that and she takes one and put it on her [storage]  

“this one is not bread, this is melon cream soda this one has both static and dynamic state, isn’t it wonderful?”  

“Crispy cookie dough, fluffy contents, and moderate sweetness of melon bread! Aren’t this what Kindness and warmth feel like !?”  

“Oh my, I’m certainly not mistaken, the strongest is definitely this chocolate cornet. Rokuko, can you give me more? I want to bring a lot with me.”  

Everyone getting along just fine, this is good  

“Well then, please enjoy it”  

It’s dangerous it’s dangerous, they said if 3 women gather, they will become noisy {kanji pun… 3-woman kanji will make one noisy kanji}  

as to prevent that, I went back to sleep in my room.  

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Translator note: don’t ask me how 50DP translates into 60 melon bread, it’s literally written like that in raw  

Chocolate corone, in my local area it’s called chocolate cornet. Should I keep the moonrune version or my version? This is important matter, because it one of my fav bread too. 


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