LDM 384 – Gollen village study tour

Next day, I guide Aidi to sightseeing the village while Rokuko prioritize Haku entertainment, so in short, I will be stuck with Aidi all day  

“It was fun yesterday. Rokuko is truly worthy to be my Rival and my friend”  

“I’m glad you like it. By the way, how about the accommodation fee? Do you think it’s worth the 50 gold price?”  

“Choco Cornet is nice but… the bed was amazing”  

Aidi surrendering just like that.  

Not only about the chocolate cornet, but it was also about the suite room beddings  

“I’m intoxicated while sinking into it, no… while it’s wrapping into me…, but it would be better if the bed is fire resistant”  

“it would be amazing if it had fire resistance, huh… did you burnt it?”  

“How rude…, I won’t make such an amateur mistake”  

…I hope it’s not burned.  

“Don’t you have the fireproof version, I think it can be done if you apply some alchemy to it”  

“giving it fire resistance… Alchemy can do that?”  

“…that is the basic of alchemy, right?”  

Is there something like that in alchemy? I thought it was just for making magic tools… No, to think of it, the non-burnable cloth is also counted as magic tools.  

“There is some technique to transfer one object characteristic form one to another, is this not common practice in Raverio empire?”  

“eh, All I can do is drawing a magic circle, I don’t know something like that”  

“…I don’t know if the alchemy of the empire is advanced or falling behind. It also possible that the Hero Workshop monopolizes its technology”  

I was shown that product over there and it was amazing. Said Aidi as she walked in front of me.  

The Hero workshop is a studio that can produce A4 paper maker, unlimited ballpoint, self-heating pot, she saw it herself in Capital city.  

Leona also had a skill called [super alchemy], I wonder if they have some connection… Or, the Hero’s Workshop could be Leona’s Workshop… Let’s stop there. There is no point in thinking about it, I could just ask Haku, but I’m afraid that if I know the truth, I will learn something that I don’t want to know, it’s scary just thinking about it.  

“For now, I will show you around the village, do you have any request where you want to see first?, if you haven’t decided, I will go to church”  

“Do you have any smithy?”  

She seems interested in blacksmithing, is it because she is a magic sword? I replied with [yes, there is] and guide her to Kantara smithy in the village outskirt.  

Kantara was carving a magic circle on a small copper plate when we arrived, he’s so absorbed in his work that he didn’t notice our arrival.  

“Oiii, Kantara. Kantara!”  

“…………Hmm? Oh, Kehma-dono, come in! hmm, Who is that?”  

Responding to my voice Kantara look at Aidi and send smile at her with very dwarf-like bearded smile, Aidi smiled back at him. 

“she’s a young noble lady who studied abroad in my village. she wants to take a look at the smithy.”  

“My name is Aidi from the Demon Kingdom, nice to meet you.”  

“I’m Kantara. Well, if Kehma allows it then it should be alright to look around the smithy, and you said from the Demon Kingdom? Really?”  

When she said she’s from Demon Kingdom, Kantara becomes restless, I guess it must be rare to have a guest from that place?  

“What’s the matter Kantara, do you need to go to the toilet? After all, you’ve been so absorbed in your work, did you hold it for a long time ?, I understand I understand”  

“That’s not it, Demon Kingdom is a place where magic tools research is blooming, I wonder if ms. Aidi can tell me more about it?”  

“That is very true !, also that’s a good attitude you have there, I like it. if you want to learn, I can give advice to you to the extent of what I know”  

“Ooh, is that true! Thank you very much! Kehma, I will need to borrow this young lady”  

“Go ahead, go ahead”  

If Aidi is willing to, I don’t have a reason to turn it down, rather I will be grateful if Kantara skill as a blacksmith is improving with this, … since I can’t just go back to inn and sleep, let’s wait here.  

“I’m using this magic formation for this one. That’s what my alchemy master taught me.”  

“Hmm…..you still using verbal teaching… There are textbooks in Demon Kingdom, though.”  

“Textbook. Can’t I get it somehow?”  

“It is possible if you ask the village chief”  

Kantara glances at me, Aidi what are you sayi… ah, since I’m going to Demon Kingdom next, I guess I can buy it for souvenir or something, I should buy some too for Nerune.  

“I understand, I planned to go to Demon Kingdom anyway, so I’ll buy it at that time.”  

“As expected from Kehma, I can always count on you!”  

“It was nice… oh? at glace this furnace looks shabby, but is it possible that this furnace utilizing a phoenix eggshell?”  

“ho, you know your stuff young lady, that’s right! this furnace is using phoenix eggshell as its base, it’s a gift from Kehma-dono, this is the best furnace ever!”  

“Hey, the village chief… can I have this?”  

She sent a sharp gaze at me.  

The truth is I have a lot of it, and it’s actually okay to give it for free, oh yeah … Haku said that I need to drain her wallet. But I need to set a reasonable price so she won’t get back at us when I’m shopping in the Demon Kingdom.  

“I will sell it to you, at a fair price”  

“Oh, you won’t double it? …. but can you lend me some money?”  

Yes Yes, I will tell Haku about it.  

The day ended with Aidi thoroughly enjoyed her visit to the blacksmith as her first choice.  

Is that a copy? She just asked for sword maintenance that really similar to her original body, she really gets along well with Kantara, I think they have become a good friend. 


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