LDM 385 – Cave of Desire study tour (1)

Aidi spent almost a whole day Inspecting the smithy.   

I don’t know what makes her spend so much time, but maybe she was teaching Kantara about some stuff, so it probably why it took some time.   

“… Rokuko’s ring is beautiful”   

“ah, The metal ring with ruby inside it? The design looks simple, but that ring craftmanship is amazing”   

“are you the one who makes it?”   

“Kehma said that it was from the dungeon”   

“Huh… aren’t you processing Orichalcum here?”   

“that’s a dwarf secret, right? This facility can’t do such a thing”   

“Then, where is that?”   

“…the dwarf village? All I know that it’s located near Corkey… I don’t know the details.”   

“Ok, I’ll keep that in mind”   

There was such conversation, but it’s useless, no matter how detailed you inspect the village you won’t find any info on how that Orihalcum & Ruby ring was made, because it’s from the dungeon.  

From the dungeon, what a convenient word… everything can be explained with this sentence. I didn’t lie either.   

“Village chief does this mean you have hidden underground human farm workshop…?”   

“What was that?”   

Aidi whisper it to me so Kantara can’t hear what she says, I replied it with a smile, please understand, there’s no such thing.    

“Fine, I’ll leave it at that”   

“Okay, then. Are you done here?”   

“Yes, I already saw what I want. Next… I want to see the dungeon.”   

“Since it’s late now, how about tomorrow?”   

“I wonder if I spent too much time at this smithy… I can’t help it. I still have time while studying abroad, so I don’t mind.”   

Saying that Aidi goes back.   

……Yeah, Aidi won’t find anything in the village, which means she will study the dungeon next.   

this feels like I’m dealing with Rokuko. No, I can’t treat current Rokuko as same as past Rokuko.   

Rokuko is entertaining Haku now, I wonder how are they doing   

After escorting Aidi to suite room, I headed to Rokuko’s room   

“Oii, Rokuko”   


I heard a strange sound from inside her room.   

“…Can I enter?”   

“Wa-wait, I’ll clean up a bit! Haku-nee-sama, thank you for the lesson!”   

“Yes, yes”   

I can hear some bustling noise from inside. What on earth were you doing with Haku?   

I wait for a few minutes until it’s done, then “Okay, come in.”   

When I went inside, Haku and Rokuko were drinking tea at the round table. ……What did you clean up just now? This is suspicious.   

“fufufu, Aidi tour, I saw it all with Rokuko from this room monitor”   

“Oh? is that so”   

“i-it’s not like I’m worried that Kehma is cheating, Aidi is our customer so it will be bad if something happens to her!”   

“No, it’s okay. Rather, I’m thankful because I can save the trouble of reporting.”   

After Rokuko says ‘cheating’ Haku is leaking a cold air to my direction… but why… did she misunderstood that we are in that kind of relationship?   

“This is just me talking… but I have not done anything to Rokuko”   

“ara, is that right? Hmm…?”   

“ugh… Ke-Kehma! H-h-hug me!”   

“What the hell are you saying!?”   

Will you do it in front of Haku that leaking intense killing intent for no reason?   

“…can I decline Rokuko’s wish?”   

“Well… please do, you are in public.”   

“Haku-nee-sama is a relative, so it’s fine!”   

“………go ahead then?”   

Haku gives her consent with a cold smile, she’s forced to allow the hug because of Rokuko’s words. And you understand that I have no choice but to do this, right? Force Majeure, yes, this is force majeure, right? OKAY?   

“So, excuse me…”   


Rokuko hugged me and I hug her back…, Rokuko….can’t you see Haku cold aura? Wait, did she filter it for you? so you only feel a warm spring breeze? I’m about to freeze here!   

“fuu… I’m feeling good, is it because Kehma is my partner? Kehma, please take care of me for now on, ok?”   

“yes of course, ah… that’s aside, Haku-san is watching, so let’s stop?”   

“Muuu, it cannot be helped if Kehma feeling shy”   

With a slightly dissatisfied face, Rokuko left me.   

I feel that Haku’s cold air has subsided.   

“By the way, Kehma. Tomorrow you promised to visit the dungeon with 666”   

“Yes, that’s the plan.”   

“Can I come along?”   


I don’t have any reason to refuse Haku request   

“…It’s a bit embarrassing to show my dungeon to Haku-nee-sama”   

“Oh, in that case, it’s fine to….no, no, no, this is important. Rokuko-chan, I’m also an A-rank adventurer, so I will need to make a thorough inspection to determine if your dungeon is on an appropriate difficulty level.”   

“But it’s embarrassing…. it’s like showing your bra to someone”   

“Rokuko-chan, Kehma is here”   

“…Kehma, please pretend you don’t hear anything”   

“Ah yes. I didn’t hear. I didn’t hear anything”   

What are you doing, talking about underwear?   

This is a taboo content that I shouldn’t touch as a man.   

However, I thought the brassiere and the dungeon are different, but unexpectedly it was the same for Rokuko?   

“Well, I understand, it cannot be helped. However, I won’t show you the backside”   

“Yeah, that’s fine. But I’ll need some preparation now, Kehma, tells 666 that we will be going at noon.”   

“Mumumu, I will need Kinue to clean up”   

“Isn’t it meaningless if you don’t show it as it is?”   

There’s no need to clean it in the first place. I have never done it though.   

“So-somehow I want to keep it pretty, I don’t want Haku-nee-sama to see my dirty dungeon”   


“No, it won’t bother me even if it’s dirty… isn’t the dungeon supposed to be dirty?”   

“It’s bothering me! I’ll have her clean it now!”   

I see. Dungeon = Rokuko. Is it like taking a shower for her? I like beautiful things, Rokuko.   

And that’s how our dungeon tour for dungeon cores by the dungeon cores was decided.   

TL note:  

  1. what a lewd chapter ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

This is kinda late but thank you “Lorenz sleep” and “some guy” (it’s literally his user name) for the support in ko-fi and patreon, you don’t know how much your support means to me, it life up my spirit, I will keep my promises of one chapter a day as best as I can, that’s the best way for me to show my appreciation to you. 


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