LDM 387 – Cave of Desire study tour (3)

“and now, this is the [Avarice Trap]”  

While saying that, I guide them into the trial room with a magic sword, our dungeon prided facility the [Avarice Trap] room.  

“So the room here is Rokuko’s dungeon [Avarice Trap]”  

“This is a quite large room, I thought it would be smaller, medium-size kind of room… oh I can see the pedestal of the Magic Sword”  

Haku approaches the magic sword pedestal and pulls out the golem magic sword which serves as the Trial item.  

*Gashan!* the entrance immediately filled with thick iron needles, making it impossible for anyone to pass through, it’s like the beast has closed its mouth.  

“This… you can use this to kill someone who trying to get inside by pulling out the sword.”  

“As expected of Haku-nee-sama, she understands this room mechanism instantly. Well, In fact, such accident did happen”  

“The magic sword… Hmm, it creates a rapid low vibration when you infuse magic power into it, causing it to increase its sharpness, is this Kema’s favorite creation?”  

She picks it up and examined it very carefully. I’m a little bit worried, I wonder she found out that the magic sword was actually a golem, but I think I’m safe for now. But that just a beginning…..  

“Vibrating type of magic sword… Haku, can I have it for a second? I’m curious since I’m magic sword type core”  

… now it’s Aidi turn, she is originally a magic sword, can she distinguish between my golem magic sword and the original magic sword …  

“This feels like Demon type magic sword, but the inanimate one”  

“Hmm, so it’s like that?”  

Yeah, it goes unnoticed! I made a victory pose in my mind.  

By the way, a magic sword is divided into two types in the catalog. one is Demon magic sword category and the other is the magic tools category, so it matches the magic sword classification in Demon magic sword category, some of the Demon magic swords can even talk. 

“I wonder if Aidi falls into Demon type magic sword category”  

“That’s right Rokuko, to be more precise if the sword has a will or intention, it’s Demon type magic sword and if the sword has a special effect due to magic circle enhancement it falls into the Magic tool type swords,… I think what blacksmith in this village was trying to create is the later one”  

“Fun. Speaking of which, Haku-nee-chan also had a Magic sword collection, right?”  

“Yeah, I’m collecting them without distinction, though the Demon type magic swords are under strict supervision, so we can eliminate the possibility of it being a spy”  

Magic Sword the spy, is there such a thing?   

… to think of it, my beloved magic sword [siesta] should be a Demon type magic sword, since I left it in the dungeon, let’s examine it later.  

“By the way, if you can bring that magic sword out of this room, you can make it your own”  



Rokuko’s sudden words made them reacted and look at me  

“The original purpose of this room is to allow adventurers to experience how it feels to wield a magic sword and encourage them to go deeper, would you like to pass this trial anyway?”  

“so, it’s okay for me to try it?”  

Aidi starts with the sword stuck in the pedestal, then she proceeds to pull it… out, it closed the entrance. Put it back in, it’s opened again. put in, put out, put in… 

“… this is fun!”  

“Don’t play with it, do it quick! What are you going to do if it stuck!”  

“Oh, sorry.”  

Haku-san prompted her to pull out the magic sword. She then walks into the room entrance and pulls out her own fiery magic sword and ready her stance–  



I hurriedly stopped Aidi, and she’s canceling her skill…  

“What’s the matter Village chief?”  

“just now, what are you trying to do?”  

“I thought I would use my attack skill [Crimson Road], If I destroy this needle, I can get out, right? that’s my plan.”  

Please spare me. that’s a skill that has the power to evaporate iron balls along with the seawater in the last three-way dungeon battle.   

A ferocious skill that pushed back even the momentum Steel ball combined with ocean wave in one straight line  

Even though it is strengthened by the dungeon wall effect, these iron needles can be blown off easily and it will penetrate through the walls of the labyrinth area.  

“Don’t worry, I was going to adjust it. I think this needle is more fragile than the core 564.”  

“You can have it, so please don’t destroy my dungeon.”  

“Ah? Is that so? hufufu, I did it, Rokuko.”  


Aidi happily putting Golem magic sword into her [storage].  

“Then it’s my turn now? The magic sword is gone, can you replace it?”  

“Usually you need to wait for a while, but this time it’s special”  

The new sword is added to the pedestal with the dungeon auto-refill function.  

“Fufu, this is easy. I don’t need to break the entrance.”  

Haku pulls out the magic sword–  

“… trace your memory and connect a path to the other side. Run in the sky. Run in time. That place is here. This place is the other side. Intersection. Overlap. connect-[Transfer]”  

she disappeared.  

Haku’s sign appeared on the other side of the needle that grew at the entrance.  

… ah did she just uses [Transfer]? I didn’t think about that countermeasures.  

I replenish the pedestal with a Golem magic sword to open the entrance. Haku stood there with a smile on her face while holding the Golem magic sword  

“So… even if you take out the magic sword from the room, the entrance won’t open.”  

“Haku-nee-sama! You are amazing!”  

“Not a half bad, no wonder she is top 10 ranker”  

It’s a complete defeat.  

The only countermeasure against this would be to make the magic sword self-destruct after [Transfer]. For the time being, I already memorized [Transfer] chant, and I can teach golems to… but… if she already takes it outside then it self-destructs, It’s unfair.  

“It was splendid, please take that magic sword”  

“Fufufu, well, it’s only lower rank magic sword, but nevertheless this is a memorable gift”  

Haku putting the magic sword into her [storage] with a good mood.  


And our famous attraction [Avarice Trap], was brilliantly solved by these two people.  

This dungeon’s most thrilling attraction is over with this, so I’ll introduce whatever that left now. Or rather, the only thing that left is the [Inn of Greed].  

the area with puzzle-solving elements ends here.  

After this point is a place where adventurers rarely come in, and there’s should be no need to bring them there… The spiral staircase area is connected with the warehouse and there’s not much to see inside, except for those irregular golems. Furthermore, it is troublesome if we take a detour to the grassland area and meet with the succubus.  

By the way, the [Inn of Greed] is popular, there is some vacant room but… this place even has a rental bookstore and preserved food store, do you guys want to live here?  

It’s fine by me because I earned DP from this.  

“There is a warehouse area in the back and it’s storing the same kind of magic sword as before, but most of the adventurers are stopping at this point. In front of the spiral staircase area, so this concludes our dungeon tour”  

“is that so? I still wanted to see more.”  

“…hmm. You just remodeling this place”  

Haku carefully examining the trace of destruction and the spiral staircase area.  

“… and the construction seems to be completed?”  

“……ah, yes”  

Rokuko seems to remember something, slipped a small “Ah”, and Aidi was suspicious because she cannot understand the meaning.  

“How about the [Inn of Greed], I haven’t seen that.”  

“The detail of that facility is a secret. The explanation I can give is the same kind of what adventurers already know”  

In fact, there’s no explanation because I’m doing more than half of the work manually from the other side.  

“Village chief, I wonder if I can get a magic sword if I stay in the [Inn of Greed]?”  

“No, but well, if you’re lucky enough, you can get one”  

as you can predict, it was a waste of time to even try it (or rather, both Haku and Aidi give us zero DP per day, so we couldn’t benefit from each other), so we turned back.  

It goes without saying that we bypassed the monster once again on the way back and we got out smoothly. 


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