LDM 388 – Aidi in the Gollen village

After finished her inspection of the dungeon, Haku hesitantly returned to the capital.  

She’s quite pleased with Rokuko service so she gives her generous tip, she also ordered more Melon Cream Soda and put it into her [storage]  

In other cases, Aidi is still not leaving, should we cut off her time here and send her home, or shall we squeeze her wallet some more?  

Well, I don’t know how long will I stay at The Demon Kingdom, so I’d better drain her wallet dry, for the sake of comfortable inn at our destination!  

In case she decided to stay, I will surely entertain her and make her stay longer in very comfortable…. wait, where did she go?  

I checked the map and found out she’s been hanging out in the open space behind the inn.  

“Fufu, you are pretty good, puppy, let’s have some more fun”  

“Kuh…I’m not done yet… tsu”  

When I found her, it seems that she had a mock battle with Niku  

I sit next to Ichika, she’s been sweating a lot. She probably already had her turn before Niku.  

“Ichika, good job”  

“Oh master, I’m sweating a lot right now, please wait a minute… [clean]… all right…, do you need me for something?”  

“Are you someone who concerned about that? Well, I’m just checking out our honored guest, … it’s the person right there”  

I’m looking at Niku and Aidi mock battle, their movement is reaching the level that cannot be followed by human eyes, it’s too fierce.  

That Niku… she’s already quitting the realm of human being, this is definitely not just the power of cloth golem, she’s outperforming her equipment.  

But the one that crazy right here is Aidi, she’s dominating Niku with a quite large margin, I wonder if she’s on par with Hero… Though the DP gain from her is zero because she’s a dungeon core.  


“hmm? What’s the matter Ichika?”  

“I don’t think I’m suitable to be Niku-sempai sparring partner anymore, even Setsuna must go all out against her, can’t you think a better training partner for her in the future?”  

“…yeah, I also didn’t expect her growth as beastman is this fast, I guess she’s special after all ?”  

“It’s abnormal to be able to move like that at her age…”  

It means it’s normal if she’s older? Oh yeah, we do have an example case called Setsuna.  

“Ah, Setsuna also unusual, don’t use her as a standard”  

“As I said, I don’t understand beastman that well”  

“From my experience, I will predict that… Niku won’t even lose to adult beastman”  

What, she’s too amazing.  

But the problem currently is… our Niku doesn’t have anyone to be her sparring partner in this village… I can see the future when she leaving the village while saying [I want to search for someone that stronger than me] I’m quite sure of this.  

Just what drove her to be so strong…  

“By the way, Master. I will tell you something interesting.”  

“Nn, go ahead?”  

“She… didn’t use the golem”  

…eh? Are you saying that flash like movement is her own natural ability? That movement that makes her figure seems to disappear, the movement that is so fast so all I can see is after image…  

“She could have more attack power with golem clothes, but she is faster without it”  

“…That is amazing, Niku”  

“Yeah, the Niku-senpai is amazing.”  

How much further you will go, Niku…  

If she faces an unskillful Hero now, I’m sure she can win.  

That beast-like potential is certainly suited for Niku, I wonder whether I deserve to be the master of a wonderful slave like Niku… but to think about it, I think Rokuko’s luck playing a great part in here. Yeah, that makes sense.  

“Come on! Come on! You can’t be finished with just this right?”  

“Mu~~ -tsu”   

A sharp attack with a wooden sword comes at Niku, she counters attacking immediately while avoiding the sword with a paper-thin margin, but Aidi guard her counter with a wooden sword, wait when you retract your sword back?  

“Out of breath already ?”  

“I’m Human, so…”  

“Breathing is a weakness. Stop it during the match.”  

“…Normally, impossible”  

“Just throw it away? Those normalcy, boring things.”  

No, no, she’s not a dungeon core, so she can’t throw it away, it would be bad if she throws it away.  

Or are you saying you can’t reach Hero class strength if you are not prepared to throw away physiological phenomenon called breathing? then I’m fine being a normal person.  

“I think I can’t stop breathing for that long.”  

“In other words, if you can do it then you’re stronger than the ones who can’t”  

“….I see… that… makes sense”  

 Niku knife aiming at Aidi’s leg, which she easily steps on and holds down.  

“Attacking my feet is a good idea, but it has drawbacks.”  


“I see, you avoided it. Good job, it was a very good decision to let go of your weapon, but you lose your advantage now.”  

Aidi step on Niku wooden knife and trying to stab her, at that moment Niku let go of her weapon to avoid Aidi’s attack, good decision.  

“But without a weapon, do you think you can win against me?”  

“…steal your opponent’s weapon?”  

“Oh, that’s a good idea. wonderful.”  

Saying that she pulled out the fiery magic sword, and throw it at Niku.  

Niku grabs the weapon and immediately cuts Aidi.  


“Too bad, that weapon won’t hurt me, the wooden sword is better in that aspect”  

The magic sword is disappeared as soon as it cut into Aidi, …no that’s a separate matter, the problem is Niku cut Aidi without a shred of hesitation, what will you do if it worked?  

“So is that how it works?”  


 I think she knew it, she knows there will be some countermeasure when Aidi handed over the weapon, so it’s okay to attack her? What’s with that thought… scary.  

In any case, it seems that the mock battle ended here, Aidi look at me and smiled.  

“Welcome, Village chief did you come to play(duel) with me?”  

“No, I just came to check on you”  

“Ah, I was looking forward to playing with you, I heard that you won’t even lose to Hero ”  

Here comes the misunderstanding, it’s true I won’t lose to Hero in resourcefulness, but I will not win at direct confrontation.  

“Well, if you stay long enough, there will be an opportunity to do that”  

“Ohh?, well… at worst you will drain my wallet, but at least I can play with Rokuko”  

So with that Aidi declaring her intention to stay here longer. Well, it’s fine just like this.  

… yeah, when Wataru comes, I’ll ask him to do mock battle with Aidi, and if Nerune is the one who asked him, this will be easy.  

TL note:

in case some of you didn’t notice, today is double chapter day !

expect double chapter too for tomorrow


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