LDM 389 – Extra: Aidi Bread Divination

“Choco Cornet is good.”  

“Melon bread is also good”  

On that day, Aidi and Rokuko were munching (mogumogu) bread in the dining room. Nowadays it’s a common sight in Gollen village to see these two people eating bread together.  

Rokuko is known as the owner of the inn and Aidi is her customer.  

Rokuko was a benefactor of Kema, and Aidi is the strongest person in the village, she can easily dominate Niku in a fight.  

“I think… bread is reflecting your personality”  

Aidi murmured while biting the chocolate cornet  

“Hoho… please explain.”  

Rokuko decides to go along with her story.  

“For example, my Chocolate Cornet, this bread is reflecting an aggressive character”  

“What about my melon bread?”  

“The surface is shaped like a shield, you have Defensive nature”  

“I see, there’s a truth in that”  

Rokuko replied like finally understand the truth behind her words, or she probably just want to act cool and say [there’s a truth in that]  

By the way, since Rokuko’s waist sword is a decoration, it was already common knowledge that she only had a paper-like defense.   

However, Rokuko’s true value lies in the dungeon battle and Aidi never look down at Rokuko.   

In fact, it’s widely known that Rokuko had a talent as a “strategist in the backline”, that’s a talent that the Demon Kingdom never had. And that’s the reason why her dungeon has fearsome defensive power… or so they say, well it’s probably not a mistake, at least it was close enough to the truth.  

“Bread diagnosis…No, I think it’s more like a Bread Divination. I’d like to know about other people’s bread as well.”  

“is that so? Alright then–”  

She looks around the dining room and saw Niku as a waitress. She then calls her and Niku rushed with light footsteps.  

“Answer me, puppy. What do you like?”  


Niku was confused about the sudden question.  

“Ah, she meant bread, Aidi, you need to specify the subject properly”  

“Mm… I’m sorry. I’ll ask again. Puppy. What kind of bread do you like?”  

With Rokuko’s help, Aidi rephrased her question and it was answered immediately, as for why Niku was about to find out.  

“… a hamburger.”  


“What kind of personality is this, Aidi-sensei?”  

“Wait a minute Rokuko. I’m thinking now.”  

She lost in thought for a minute and that leads Aidi to her answer, a hamburger, a bread with meat in it… that means!  

“…she is Carnivorous! she’s a dog!”  

“I see!”  

“but that’s naive!, at first glance she looks like a domesticated Dog, but in truth, she’s a wild beast!”  

“Not bad Niku!”  

“? thank you……?”  

Aidi laugh loudly, not knowing why she was praised, Niku tilted her head.  

“OK, next! Let’s keep going, Rokuko!”  


Saying so, Rokuko and Aidi left the dining room in search of their next victi…. prey.  

The two of them now arrived at Beddhism church, there’s no particular reason for choosing this place.  

In this hour there should be either succubus sisters or Rei who holds the title as Beddhism saint. They immediately ask her about her favorite bread.  

“My favorite bread? If it were food, it would be blood.”  

An anomaly right off the bat, a pattern of people without favorite bread. They are unreadable! It’s going to be even worse when she asks succubus sister? is this a bad location for divination?  

“Well, I’m a vampire, by the way, what do you want to do with it, was my favorite food is no good?”  

“No… this is had to be bread, so… Rokuko… you decide”  

“eee… well, maybe it’s jam bread. Strawberry jam bread. It’s red.”  

“Jam bread… hmm”  

And Aidi arrived at her answer  

“I can see the answer, you are innocent (simple and honest)”  

“ugh, innocent?”  

“See, I’m right. But why are you settled on jam bread?”  

“I chose that because it has the same color as blood, simple right?”  

Rei thought that it has nothing to do with bread anymore, but she swallowed her words because Aidi is an honored guest.  

For the time being, they seem satisfied and smiled, and so they left the church in search for the next prey.  


“Is this your favorite bread? Is it Uguisu Anpan ?” (variety of anpan with green paste)  

This one answer is better, the question was directed to the Silky that was working on the inn’s laundry.  

They all look the same, so it’s hard to tell them apart. this one is probably Hanna.  

“Don’t tell me, because it’s green?”  

“No, because it’s the color of big sis Kinue”  

I ask her why and that’s her answer  

By the way, Silkies calls Kinue as a sister, maid captain, captain, and so on. Rokuko can understand it because it was the same for her sister(Haku).  

“so, it’s not because its green”  

“I think there’s a vast difference between calling [because it’s green] and [because it’s the color of sis’ Kinue],  isn’t Rokuko-sama also often say [because it’s the color of Kehma] instead [because it’s black]?”  

“Valid reasoning, ok I will accept it, then Aidi what’s your judgment?”  

After Rokuko confirms it she then passes the baton to Aidi, and the answer is-   

“I haven’t eaten Uguisu Anpan.”  

“Ah?… okay, here”  

It was a bread that Aidi never had, Rokuko exchanged the DP for the bread and hand it over to Aidi. The bread certainly contains green-colored bean paste and shaped like Anpan.  

… she tried a bite, but still, she doesn’t understand it.  

“Hmm….well, I do think that it tasted good because it’s unique”  

“Is that bread not suitable?”  

“No, It’s okay. That’s not the main point”  

Rokuko also take it half-heartedly, she’s probably getting bored of this play  

While taking Hanna with them, they are heading back to Cafetaria and ask Kinue  

“Eh? My favorite bread? unnn, It’s… Waffle?”  

“That what Kinue says”  

“Well, that don’t have anything to do with you color, Kinue.”  

If that’s the case then Rokuko needs to ask Kinue, why it’s waffle? Aidi also know what waffle is, it’s the bread with a grid-like texture like a fence.  

“so why waffle?”  

“Is it because it’s easy to clean because of its shape?”  

“It just feels special”  

“Just because of that?”  

“Fortune telling is vague things after all, or rather because it’s vague that’s why people do it”  

“Shall I decide it?”  

Rokuko getting tired of it anyway, so because of that she trying to end–  

“Ah, Rokuko, and Aidi-sama. Can you read my curry bread next? I love this bread”  

Asked Ichika, who was supposed to be off duty.  

“Oh, Ichika. It’s over already”  


“It cannot be helped…I’ll take look at it. so what is curry bread?”  

“It’s this one, have you never tasted it?”  

Just like with Hannah, Rokuko exchanged some DP and give curry bread to Aidi.  

“This is… spicy?”  

“Yes, because it’s curry”  

“Then…I like curry.”  

“so sloppy!”  

They are getting tired of it, so Aidi’s bread divination ends here. 


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