LDM 390 – Brand new power?

“So here is the home of the rumored Beddhism religion”  

It’s famous, but she only heard them from rumor, Aidi who never knew even the word of [B] for [Beddishm] makes her visit, with dignified appearance Aidi visit the church in the name of studying Gollen village custom.  

Every day she spent her time playing with Rokuko or sparring with Niku, but today she remembered that she come here as an exchange student.  

“So, what do you think about this comfortable nap space?”  

“So, what kind of arena this church has?”  



I exchanged glace with Aidi. Did I just hear something that I cannot make sense?  

“The church is not a place to take a nap, right?”  

“Why the church has an arena?”  



Aidi tilted her head, but I’m confused too.  

“Oh, I see, it’s a cultural difference.”  

“…Is the church is a place to sleep in this country?”  

“Actually no, this Beddishm only custom”  

Now I’m curious what Aidi hear about Beddishm, I think she only listening to Rokuko’s story about it.  

“is it normal for a church to have an arena in Demon Kingdom”  

“Of course. And if you get injured you can recover immediately”  

“They provide that kind of benefit?”  

I think its unique custom of the battle junkies country, over there a street fight is an everyday occurrence, it makes sense now… that the kind of country where you are very likely to get into a fight with your every footstep. Let’s hope by going as an envoy of another country will negate that.  

“Don’t tell me… the open space where we used to do mock battle is the arena?”  

“We did not have that kind of facility here…”  

By the way, among us, recovery magic can be used by me, Rokuko, Niku, Ichika, and three monster girl executives, a total of 7 people.  

There is also a skill scroll of [healing] that Rokuko pulls out from gacha, I feel like I need to use it now.   

And outside our dungeon member it seems that recovery magic can be used by Sister of the church, Suilla, who doubled as the organizer of succubus. also, the other succubus seems to be able to use recovery skills that can heal scratches.  

“if you look at it like this, this Beddishm religion church is still very church-like”  

“in Demon Kingdom, you cannot call it church if it doesn’t have an arena”  

“I mean in the Raverio empire sense… as for the arena… we have a game room at the inn”  

I said that because the word used in fighting and games are similar… did Aidi understand what I mean?  

Also, there’s actually an arena inside the dungeon, but I will keep it a secret.  

If she finds out about it, she will demand a fight, I’m sure of it.  

“A game room?”  

“Yeah, we have mouse race for betting, there’s also a table for dice and card game, haven’t you visited it with Rokuko?”  

“I haven’t in that place before, I can just play card and dice in Rokuko room… but I’m curious about mouse race”  

“it’s a game where we lined up several rats and betting on which one will reach the goal first”  

“in other words, that’s rats version of slave race”  

There’s seems to be a similar gambling game in Demon Kingdom, but instead of rat, they use slaves.  

“Aside from that, what on this cabinet at the back? … ah, a book?”  

“yes, that is a bookshelf”  

“it’s was such a mess in Rokuko’s room but apparently book is cheap in this village?”  

 While saying that, Aidi pick up one book and flips its pages.  

“Hmm. I’m not sure, but is this the scripture?”  

“No, I have never written a copy of my scripture, I’m only preaching it’s content to the mass”  

“…Yeah, no matter how you look at it, this one only says about agriculture.”  

While said that, she continuing flips the next book. 

“you can also do speed reading?”  

“Unfortunately, no. all I did is just flipping the pages, I will read it later”  

Ah right, Aidi is a dungeon core and she can record whatever she sees and rewind it for review later, just like a video. … it means she is copying it… oi that’s illegal, stop it.  

 “Just join us in Beddishm and continue to read the book here!”  

“Too bad, but I am a Demon God follower”  

“Demon God? That’s the first time I heard of that religion”  

“Simply put, it’s Demon Kingdom version of White Goddess religion, it’s really similar”  

…aah, I get it, they worship core number 6 as the Great Demon King, and their religion is called [Demon God Religion]. 

“But our Beddishm is a flexible religion, you can adopt it as a sub-religion even if you are a member of the White Goddess religion. In fact, many Beddishm practitioners devote their faith to the Food God, White Goddess, Blacksmith God, and Gambling god”  

“…Sub-religion? It’s a new concept that I heard for the first time. Isn’t Beddhism God angry with such thing?”  

“Ah. There is no god in Beddishm”  

“To think of it… I think Rokuko already explain this to me, but at that time I don’t understand what she’s talking about… so, Rokuko isn’t the God of Beddhism?”  

It’s a far off interpretation, why did Rokuko ended up as Beddishm God?  

“I thought Beddhism is founded to collect GP”  


“No way, did you create Beddhism without knowing about GP?”  

[Well well, I’m amazed] Her face saying that.  

And seriously what is that, what is GP?  

“GP is God Point, you can give it to [Father] and he will give you DP in return”  

“I see”  

“It’s not in the DP catalog, but it seems to be useful when you have a direct request to father, there’s also a rumor that Haku use this to hunt other core”  

Wow, Daddy points are amazing. Or in other words, God Point or GP.  

……… yeah, in that case, I definitely want it. It will be useful when I need a father to help me with something. Does this mean I can get GP if I collect faith?  

Then suddenly *pirorin* email arrives and the menu opened by itself.  


“Oh, what’s wrong?”  

“ah…, I just got a message… give me a minute.”  

 The email was from [Father]  

 ……[I will let Haku permit the relationship between Kehma and Rokuko for 100 GP.]  

… are you listening to us? You eavesdropper.  

[I don’t think eavesdropping is a good hobby. Since you request 100 GP for the bribe, does that mean that I can use it?] ――Another reply arrived in one second.  

“Ah, I apologize I got carried away because you are at the church, its rare opportunity to use that joke. Anyway, now you can see the GP on your menu, also you need to generate your own GP or it’s lost it meaning”  

Looking at the menu again I can see it displayed below the DP, it says [GP:25], yup.  

“Oh, the GP appeared”  

“Ah, good for you… I can’t see mine yet, I’m working hard as an apostle of the Demon God, but I won’t see it until I collect it to some extent”  

Apostle, is there such a thing?  

In that case, I’m a founder of Beddishm and as a result, I have accumulated 25GP  

“Well as an apostle of Demon God, it’s forbidden for me to believe in other religion, even when yours don’t have God of their own, so I won’t discuss this any further”  

“is that so? But now I want to check the item list for GP for now, can we call it a day?”  

“I’m fine with that, but let me know if you learn something new in that”  

“…I can’t promise that, but if you want to hear more about Beddhism, ask Sister.”  

“Yeah. Then I’ll go back”  

And so, I left Aidi and went back to Village chief house. let’s carefully examine the GP.  

I was about to do that… but there were only two text boxes input other than [Exchange 1GP for 100.000DP] option.  

“Dedicate GP: (empty text box)”  

Below it  

“Request: (empty text box)”  

Only those two  

And those two inputs are divided into a separate field.  

Whether this request will pass or not is depends on [Father] mood? In that case, I will do my best to keep him in a good mood.  

…… This is too plain that there’s nothing to do about it, so let’s just gently closed the menu.  


TL note 1: Suilla is the right way to spell it… according to LDM wiki, so yeah I will fix the old chapter about her


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