LDM 392 – Hot pot, Aidi, and the end of the study abroad

Today’s supper is a hot pot that I made in employee dining room. 

The reason for this hot pot is…. No reason, I just wanted to eat rice on the kotatsu  

I will be enjoying this with Aidi, Rokuko, and Nerune, the reason why I invite them is… No reason.  

I just happened to cook this Hot pot and they are just happened to be here, so I invite them. 

This hot pot contains seafood from Pavuera it warm and delicious, it cannot go wrong with ponzu {just think it as soysauce+lime}   

“This portable stove technology is simple, but this is good magic tools. I need one”  

“ehehehe, it’s been adopted as dungeon loot, but I was the one who made it”

“This heater appliance also nice. I need one”  

“ehehehe, I also made that”  

“Village chief, this child, I need one”  

She’s an important inventor of this house so you can’t have one, but I will sell you the stove and kotatsu.  

“ah but it’s bad if misunderstanding spread, in both cases the idea is coming from my Master, right?”  

“…Rokuko, your master, I need one”  

“I won’t give it, because it’s mine”  

Now Rokuko claims my ownership, … well, she’s not wrong, I am her dungeon master.  

“By the way, this ponzu sauce comes from the dungeon”  

“unn, it goes well with a seafood hot pot”  

They call it a sauce? I wonder if shoyu{soy sauce} also called sauce.  

“Eating like this is a good idea because we all eating from the same pot, we don’t have to worry about someone poisoning the food, but wait it doesn’t mean you can’t, right? There’s a small window to put it since they served it in a small plate”  

“… is that how you eat food in Demon Kingdom?”  

“Well, that’s just me? it’s not related to the Demon Kingdom custom. it’s just how I’m doing things”  

Anyway, Demon are nobles in Demon Kingdom, most of them also dungeon core. It seems their territory is divided by the dungeon area.  

Aidi who is in 600 series also has her own territory, though she only has two villages. And yes, those villages are the [village] or in other words, it’s a human farm. Please don’t go there Rokuko.  

While talking about that stuff, she pay for the stove and kotatsu.  

“But really, this is a very meaningful study abroad”  

Aidi said so when we finished the meal.  

“… are you going home already?”  

“What do you mean by [already], if anything it feels like I overstayed here”  

Rokuko tilted her head, wondering if that’s really the case.   

By the way, it’s been a month since Aidi came… somehow time goes so fast.  

“That’s why Haku will come tomorrow and pick me up”  

“It feels so sudden, I totally forgot”  

“Rokuko, I enjoyed my time here, that’s why… prepare yourself, when you guys come to our Demon Kingdom, we will welcome you with our all”  

“yeah, Kehma… when will we go to play to Aidi place?”  

Speaking of which, I didn’t hear anything about that.  

“Aren’t you coming with me?”  



Go hang yourself, Aidi.  

“Well, I think I will need some time to get ready so I can’t go right away, I will ask Haku about the detailed schedule, in fact, I will be grateful if I can secure a few days to prepare for your welcome at the Demon Kingdom”  

“Okay then, I’ll be waiting, Rokuko”  

If we want to go there, the fastest route is by using [White Beach] dungeon to cut our travel time to capital, it’s a route that Aidi can’t use. So even Aidi depart earlier from [Cave of Desire] we will still be one day ahead of her.  

“I wonder how many of you will participate in the fighting tournament, is it two… no, plus one puppy, is it three people?”  

“Ah… that’s right. I want to take Ichika with me…”  

I would like to bring both Niku and Ichika, but our inn cost will be increased too, it’s annoying.  

“Anyway, about the slave, they don’t have to be treated as a person, so you can bring them without worry, I will let you bring them free of charge”  

“I cannot do that. She’s an important partner of mine.”  

“How soft… just like Beddhism teaching”  

Not bad Aidi, she seems to understand the essence of Beddhism teaching. I guess you did learn a lot from this abroad study.  

“By the way, what happens if I take her without treating her as a person?”  

“It’s like handling an item, if it’s damaged, we’ll pay for it, but other than that, it’s on you”  

“It looks like it’s a lot of trouble… what will we do, Kehma?”  

“… Even I bring her, aren’t we likely to be in trouble unless I treat them as people?”  

“in the first place, it’s rare to see people treating slaves as human, is it not like this in this country?”  

“Ah, yeah.”  

To think of it, it does likely to be like that, people are treated as a pet and such.  

Ummm… didn’t I also doing that? Treating Niku as a hug pillow.  

“To think of it, Niku is Kehma hug pillow already, it’s hard to imagine Kehma treating Niku as something else”  

Even Rokuko agreed 

“…I am a dungeon monster that exists for the master too, so can I be treated as a hug pillow too?  

Nerune that’s your worries?  

“…sigh, I will miss that Rat Race in the playroom.”  

“ara Aidi, you like that game so much?”  

“Yeah, I will try to recreate it when I returned in Demon Kingdom, …oh right! Can I borrow a slave with the know-how to make that Rat Race? You can bring her to study abroad and I will cover for her accommodation”  

“oh, you are right, how about it Kehma?”  

In other words, bring someone with expertise on Rat Race, and that someone is… Ichika. Apparently, Aidi did notice it.  

“in that case, let’s take Ichika with us. I will prepare and train the rats too”  

“Thanks, I’m looking forward to it.”  

Aidi smiled.  

Haku came to pick us the next day, but since she wants to stay one night, Aidi forced to stay for another day. …… It was an obvious trick to squeeze her wallet to the utmost limit.  

TL note :  

Dark modes huh, this is a free hosting version, so all I can do is alter it completely, I can do that for sure but I need time. 

Niku / Meat voting… will have to wait one more day… I was ridiculously busy today, ah… I planned to make the vote last 3 days this time, is it fair enough? 


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