LDM 393 – Study Abroad Preparation

 After staying overnight (in Rokuko’s room), today is the day Haku departs from the village with Aidi.  

“In the end the Hero, Wataru never come”  

“I’m really sorry about that, usually he came here at least once a month”  

“That’s my hearts only regret”  

The reason Wataru didn’t come… at first, I thought he was avoiding Aidi, but it turns out it was Haku’s order.  

Since Aidi is fighting maniac, she will probably go home after she had a match against Wataru, and furthermore she was willing to wait for him since I told her he might come, but really, I could handle this better if Haku told us beforehand.  

“But they said that Wataru is participating in the fighting tournament, I will have my fun when the time comes”  

“That’s right Aidi, it might be more fun if you don’t know how strong your opponent is”  

“… that’s right, it’s better for have fun on the big stage”  

Well, maybe that’s why Aidi says it’s okay to return now.  

“umm, Haku, when we will go to study abroad?”  

“ara, I thought I’ve had already told you, it’s two weeks from now”  

Hoo two weeks huh?  

“That’s why, please come to the Capital by the end of next week.”  

“I understand”  

Two weeks, in that case, we have plenty of time to prepare, but then again it will take quite a time to move around in this world, so our schedule can be said quite tight, with an exception if you can use the dungeon teleportation function.  

Well, Haku keep in touch with us regarding the various procedure, I still have some leeway here.  

“Oh? Rokuko’s party can travel to capital with such speed?”  

“You know 666, I had a dungeon battle with Rokuko before and we use a pair of dungeons for that, she can use that dungeon, it’s located near the capital city, so at most, it will take one day to arrive at the capital city”  

“Yeah, there was such a thing… couldn’t we use it to return?”  

“That’s impossible. You can’t use the dungeon feature”  

Haku told Aidi, and she gave up while saying, “Impossible huh”  

“I need to return early so I can prepare Rokuko’s welcome, I’ll send you a message if I had any question about it, also please tell us about Rokuko’s wish too”  

“Yeah. It’s a good opportunity to try out the message function.”  

Speaking of which, there are more useful features in this function that Aidi didn’t have a chance to test in Gollen Village, but now we can try it.

So I said goodbye to Aidi and Haku.  

Since it will be my turn next week…. what should I prepare?  

“Well, as long as we have DP it will worked out somehow”  

“Yes… that’s mean our concern now… Kinue’s cooking?”  

I remember traveling with Wataru to the capital city before. This feels similar to that.  

Wait, this is the exact same as before.  

What more, Wataru will be participating in the tournament. If your luck is bad, there’s a possibility to fight him in middle…. unnn, can’t we divide the seeds by dungeon affiliation?   

“But…. the prize is Godly bedding…”  

“What are you going to do? Steal it?”  

“No, it would be better to let Wataru win the tournament and negotiate it”  

“I see… I wonder if he will exchange it for Nerune”  

well, it may be possible to make some compromise using Nerune, … is that alright though? didn’t we need to respect how the concerned party feels? We don’t know if she will agree or not.  

But if you order it, Nerune will even go as far as dating Wataru, I think the dungeon’s monster brain is wired differently from a human.  

“in fact, you can order her to kill people with a smile”  

“That’s a good example, it’s like a fanatic…”  

to Beddhism, NOT, No… it’s like fanaticism to Dungeon core and Dungeon Master?  

……Rokuko’s example are too accurate. 

“oh right, if we want to leave the dungeon again, don’t you think it’s better to summon a monster that specialized to manage the dungeon”  


She has a point, Rei is busy as Beddhist Saint, Kinue and Silkies already had their hands full with the inn, Nerune is focusing on her research, the ring succubus is an anti-nightmare only, what left is Siesta, Rokuko pets, and the rats.  

Eh…. there is no named monster in this dungeon, should I bring you here Mr.Tentacle ?  

Then yeah, I want at least one specialized monster to manage this dungeon.  

“Rokuko, do you want to turn the gacha? if you get a good one, we can use it as dungeon manager”  

“Oh, that’s a good idea! I’ll do it… which gacha should I pull?”  

“Hmm, maybe the 10.000 DP one?”  

“Well, yeah, I wanted to spin 100,000 DP ones, but I do think it’s better to increase the number of people like Rei”  

That’s why we moved our position to the core room, it doesn’t matter what kind of monster is summoned if it’s here.  

Rokuko immediately open the menu and pick 10.000 DP gacha  

*Kyuin!* the usual magic circle spreads.  

Will we hit the jackpot again? and the monster that emerges from the magic circle is…  


“… a black and white bear?”  

“…it’s a Panda”  

1 meter tall, Panda.  

Is this Rokuko pet’s monster? But it’s still a bear, so it might surprisingly be powerful, but why panda…  

“Oh, Kehma, this is not just a bear”  

“Yeah, it’s a panda, what’s wrong with it?”  

There is a 10 cm small treasure chest where Rokuko is pointing at. It’s attached to the panda tail.  

“… Mimic!”  

“Wait a second!”  

Isn’t Mimic is a monster that disguised as a treasure chest and attacks adventurers? Why it’s panda-shaped? And why the chest is so small? I have so many questions about this!!!  

“Ah, look!”  


The Panda entered the treasure chest in front of us. … That little 10 cm treasure chest, sucked all the body until all that was left was the treasure chest that fell to the floor.  

It can use space-time magic? I pick up the treasure chest with one hand, I can’t feel much weight from it, but that’s is all, and I don’t really care anymore.  

“It’s too unique to be used as a dungeon manager. Well just take it as a pet Rokuko”  

“oh Yay, fufufu. From now on your name is… Pakku!”  

Panda box … box(bokkusu).. In short… Pa-kku? it might be just a coincidence.

So, we didn’t get a dungeon manager today, but Rokuko’s pet is increased instead.  

I must summon something else for the dungeon manager, I can’t give this position to someone that half-baked.  

TL note:  

I spent 10 minutes browsing through the wiki to search for Ten-san … it’s Mr.Tentacle…. I totally forgot about him/her.  

Also, the author missed a big time for PanDa-ra-box pun 

I just re-proof read this, hopefully now it’s a little grammatical error and no typo. And yeah this time I feel like I will made a lot of typo and grammatical error, it’s almost 11 here, and I just drive for approx 100km, please pardon me this time, I will fix it tomorrow morning. 

Niku/Meat vote I will consider it finished after 3 days or after 2500 votes https://coronatranslation.wordpress.com/2020/06/25/lets-the-vote-begin/


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