LDM 394 – Study Abroad preparation

After summoning Mimic Panda, we decided to manually summon another monster for the dungeon.
Together with… Rokuko… who is still busy opening and closing the box of mimic panda….. stop it Rokuko, I know it’s interesting to see it go in and out every time you did that, but can’t you see its troubled face?

“Don’t we have something suitable as dungeon manager”
“We have Rei for now, but she is busy as Beddhist Saint.”
“it’s worrying to leave this to newcomers, so at least I want someone suitable to be her subordinate”

I was talking to Rokuko while looking at the monster catalog.

“If you want something with demon elements, isn’t this [Ogre] is quite smart?”
“I doubt it, aren’t [Oni] is more promising?”
“[Devil] maybe a good candidate, it seems smart, it would be a problem if it weren’t”
“if it turns out like that core 546 that will be a problem, ah… but we can customize him”
“How about this [Rabbit Sage]? it’s color is orange, I wonder how smart it is”
“Why a rabbit is a sage….”

There was various discussion.

“For the time being, let’s summon [Fairy]”

I don’t care about its size, rather I prefer something that can’t substitute for a dungeon boss monster and did a suicide mission. There’s no problem if it’s only selling point are its intelligence, because it will never go to the front line. So in conclusion when we looking for cheapest and smartest, the only one monster type that fit the bill is a [Fairy]
Relationship with a vampire?
Uh, wing, that’s it, yup.

But I won’t summon it now.

“Since it will be Rei’s direct subordinate, let’s give Rei DP and let her summon it”
“I also want to hear Rei’s personal opinion about this, this time I need to know what she needed so I didn’t make a wrong setup”

Let’s give her enough DP to summon 3 monsters, and let her decide what to summon and how to educate it.
Should I give her DP after I custom it? No, [Fairy] customization is far more complex than [vampire] let’s give her DP first and let her custom it herself.
There is some point that I couldn’t understand, such as the height and the presence or even the absence of wings, the expansion and the contraction rate, gender also seems to affect it. There many attributes in this customization.
……because I can use [Create Golem] I also wish I had a magical talent for customization too.

“Well, at this rate we won’t be able to summon it before we go to demon kingdom because it’s too complex”
“No can do, we need to give it a name and admin rights, this need to be done before we depart”
“Oh, that’s right, this monster is for dungeon management”

We can’t grant access to Admin rights from afar, and the one that can grant it are Rokuko and me.

We called Rei to the master room and explained our plan.

“a direct subordinate…!”
“Yes, it’s for dungeon manager role, Summon the [Fairy] type monster with your command. I will expect the result before our departure”
“Yes sir, understood”

Rei sharply salutes. Then Rokuko asking for a handshake to hand over the DP.
15.000DP per body, totaling 45.000DP

“Summon about 3 of them. Since they have complex customization adjust them according to your need and make them suited for dungeon management”
“This is a great responsibility, leave it to me!”

Rei looks very happy
Well, I count on you. We need to do preparation for study abroad.

Next day.
A lot of fairies were flying around in the master room.

Red, blue, green, yellow… and one that bigger than others. This is more than three… or to be exact, 10 of them, oi?

“… errr, isn’t these too much”
“So many…”
“Master!, Rokuko-sama!, I have been waiting!”

Rei smiled cheerfully and welcomed us.

“I demand your explanation, I did say three”
“Yes sir, this is actually just one great fairy, one will act as command tower the others will act as its limbs”
“by the way, what’s it’s the detailed price? 15.000DP for the main body and 30.000DP for 10.000x3set of fairy?”
“That’s wrong sir! This is not fairies, this is just one fairy”

From her explanation, she said there’s this option called [specialization] and it can divide itself using that.

“I thought it would be a great deal to use one scroll for virtually multiple entities”
“I see. That’s actually a good idea, Good job Rei”
“Yes sir! I am extremely grateful for your compliment!”

When I praised Rei, her eyes are glowing. If she was dog-beastman like Niku it would be like swaying her tail.

“ah, actually I’m going over a little bit by 5000DP, but it’s all right because I spend extra from my saving”
“…No, I must refund you for that, this is our dungeon expense fund”
“No, no, I did it on my behalf!”
“it won’t sit right with me, and if I can save DP for scroll it was actually a very good deal. And that’s because of your idea, anyway… do it, Rokuko”
“Yes, yes.”

Rokuko strangles Rei and chomping her ears.

“This happens because you won’t take it quietly, amuamuam”

Rokuko usually hands over DP by hand, the process of handing over DP will always be accompanied by little tingling electrizing sensation, I wonder what did Rei feel right now.

“done, I transferred exactly 5000DP.”
“Thank you. Thank you! But it was something I did…”
“If we can save DP on scroll then it’s will be more profitable in the long run. In fact, I should get you a bonus for this, if there’s anything you want… as long as it’s not too expensive it will prepare it.”
“Such generosity… Can I really?”

Well anything up to 10.000 DP would be okay.

“T-then please grant me the honor to be master hug pillow!, …. ah no, that’s too impudent, can I ask for master used pants instead?”
“In that case, I do have some, I’ll give one to you”
“Yes! thank you!! I’m very grateful!”
“Sorry, what was that”

I urged Rei and Rokuko to stop.
And why she knows what hug pillow means, did Niku boast it to them?

“To be with master at his most vulnerable moment, the task that requires a great amount of trust, did I understand that right?”

Oh yeah, that’s not wrong interpretation.
But why my pants?

“For the sake of being master hug pillow, I need to train for that future”

And she said that with a serious face, ok, I don’t care anymore.
And why Rokuko had my pants, I thought I told you to throw it away?

“………. I will use my right to remain silent”

What do you mean by your right for silence, that itself is weird, oh well.

“Now, I need to give this guy some admin rights, you can teach her later. But first, give her a name, she’s your subordinate right?”
“Yes, leave it to me!”

Alright, let’s do this.

“Oh, actually, I already think a name for her, though it’s a temporary one, can I give it to her?”
“hmm? How diligent, what is her name, tell us first”
“Yes! She is [Echo D’Alpha Phantom Queen of Fairy Christia Faruminaze Trollkiller Hob Goblin Mezaruna Quintet Cell Division Netero Parzesse Doriano Doreano Polka]! “
“… is it the name of each different parts?”
“No, it’s for the main body.”
“Yeah, it’s rejected! Too Long!”

What’s with that chant-like name?

“Uh… well, I like that.”
“… Rei, did you pull an all-nighter?”
“U! I-I’m sorry! I did something shameful as Beddisht Saint!”

Ah, okay… this makes sense now. It cannot be helped.

“Jeez, you are just like Kehma when you didn’t get a proper sleep”
“… how about similar to Rokuko that wish for my pants?”
“ok that’s it! That story is over”

That’s a forceful way to end it, well it’s alright.

“Rei, without a name I can’t give her an admin rights, so please decide it quickly. Ah… but consult us before you made your final decision, okay?”

Since that happened, the name is still undecided. If would be good if we can decide it quickly. It means our dungeon is ready for us to study abroad.

Tl notes : since I haven’t read ahead this far….I don’t know that fairy gender, let’s stick with male for now. thanks for the suggestion on the comment, and she literally had [Queen] in her (temp)name, I’m an idiot…..
Also [sage rabbit] are the tittle of another wn

And the heck wp, where’s your auto approve button for comments.


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