LDM 395 – EXTRA: Rei’s subordinate

Rei is worried.  

it’s about the custom of [Fairy] that she needs to summon by her Master order.  

“It’s My first subordinate…” while staring at the customization list in catalog, She found an item called [specialization]  

[specialization] is the ability that enables fairy to split up, almost like a slime.  

Their int will be halved by each division, but if they careful enough not to split too much they will still maintain the ability to follow a simple command, and in a dire situation, they can combine into one, if they did, they should be smarter than anyone here.  

“Conversely, if you combine 45,000 DP into one, we can save DP by only using one ability scroll, ….! this is my Master favorite method, being economical!”  

“Let’s add [Magical talent] first and then [specialization]… this [specialization] requires some prerequisite, I need to increase the size, ah… it’s become 50.000DP, can’t I cut the cost? No, I can’t… none of this can be thrown away”  

She still don’t understand about various items like expansion and contraction rate… but it’s better not to tinker at something you don’t understand. It would be dangerous to touch it and then causing it to be unusable, curse like status like her zero-attack power is a fine example.  

“… Well, if it’s only about 5000DP, I can cover it using my savings”  

Rei thought all she needs to do is putting up with her desire for the scroll she wanted, 5000DP is nothing.  

Rei added her saving to 45.000 DP pool from Rokuko and summoned the [Fairy] at 50.000DP cost.  

“It’s coming out”  

There, standing a fairy in front of Rei, the height is about the same as a human girl.  

Iridescent eyes with purple-navy blue hair, she gives the impression that she’s good at magic.  

“Are you my master?”  

“No, I’m your boss, my name is Rei. Also, can you show me [specialization] now?  

“Boss… Rei-sama. I understand.”  

The fairy split into two.  

“”Is this fine?””  

“…your colors are different?”  

 A fairy with blue hair on one side and red hair on the other. The size is smaller than before.  

“”I divided my elements.””  

“I see. Can you divide more?”  


 Then, the Fairy keeps splitting… first was 2, then 4, 8, and finally 16.  

They divided into various forms, there was this fairy with only light ball as a body with pair of wings, on the contrary, there’s also a small fairy without wings.  

“This is our limit. If we divide ourself further, we may not be able to return”  

One fairy representative reporting to Rei.  

“I see. Now, please come back.”  

The Fairy immediately sticking together and returning to her original form.  

“From now on I will need you to help out in the dungeon, this is temporary but let me give you a name, the official one will be for the master to decide later.”  

Rei also had one temporary name, she once goes by the name “Alpha”, it’s nostalgic.  

“What will be your name…. hmmm”  

The first word that comes out was Eco from Economical. Afterall shemade them learn [specialization] to cut the cost of skill scroll.  

However, it may be good to give them her previous name [Alpha] …No, she can’t just give the name that the master gave to her. then, she decided to give them one syllable from her name a “Le”(re)  

Oh because she will supporting the dungeon from the shadow she is a… [Phantom] yes it’s a good name and in the terms of the size she is fit to be called [Queen of fairy] but wait isn’t she smaller than Kinue?  

Since she is cute, let’s give her [Chris] as a name, Rei doesn’t know what [Chris] means but sometimes human is using that name, but no…. she is superior to human because of that Rei need to add a [tier](tia) to her name, so it’s now [Christia]… well, it feels rights.  

She is a [Farumin] which means family, it also overlaps with [minase] which means everyone, in short, becomes [Faruminase](FaruMIN+MINase)… this is too cool.  

I also want you to have the ability to defeat Troll class enemy, so you are a [Troll Killer]  

But no, your power is not that important in dungeon management, but at least I want you to be above goblin, then your name is [Hob-Gob](hobgoblin), wait it’s a fairy… but… isn’t goblin also a fairy?  

What about something related to Fairylike… Nights and moon? I remembered there’s a crescent-shaped sword called [Mezzaluna], that isn’t cute though. Then let’s add some music elements since she can go pom-pom and split, she can be called a [quintet], and since she can divide herself [cell division] is a well-suited name for her or something like that, Rei learned it from the books in Beddishm Church.  

No, it’s not getting cuter  

Cute things, cute things…baby are cute! Rei then remembered she saw a baby with the name [Netero] in the village, let’s use that.  

Or let’s flip it, how about a devil name? Since it’s the scary name her cuteness will be amplified by it.  

Is it [Parzesse], [Doriano], or is it [Doreano]? She can’t remember the exact name.  

Oh, maybe “Polka” is also good. It doesn’t really mean anything.  

Well with this she should be satisfied with one of them, should I choose for her or let her choose? Oh well, it’s only temporary anyway…  

“you choose from among this name to be used as your temp name”  


“…’Eco’,’Le Alpha’,’Phantom’,’Queen of Fairy’,’Christia’,’Farminase’,’Troll Killer’,’Hob Gob’,’Mezzaluna’,’Quintet’,’Cell Division’,’Netero’, ‘Parzesse’ ‘Duriano’, ‘Dureano’, ‘Polka’…what are you going to choose?  



“Want All in”  

It’s not a mistake  

“Your temporary name will be [Eco Le Alpha Phantom Queen of Fairy Christia Farminase Trollkiller Hob-Gob Mezzaluna Quintet Cell Division Netero Parzesse Doriano Doreano Polka] is this right?”  


“… isn’t it long?”  

“Since Rei-sama has thought hard and long for all those good names, it’s a waste not to use it all”  

“Eco Le Alpha (Omitted) Polka…! I damn, it feels good to say it”  

“Yes. I’m Eco Le Apl… (Omitted) Polka, Rei-sama!”  

“Eco(Omitted) Polka…!”  

“Yes! I’m Eco(Omitted) Polka!”  


“Yes! E(Omitted)ka Rei-sama!”  

“Okay! Now you need to practice [specialization], we need to show it to Master, E(Omitted)ka!”  

“Yes! (Omitted) is Rei’s trusty subordinate! You can leave it to me!”  

They continued practicing [specialization] while shouting the Fairy new names until the morning comes. 

In the end, it was rejected by Kehma because it’s [Too long!], and they had to shorten it to Ereka, one letter from the front, one letter from the back, and one letter from Rei name. (E-Re-Ka)  

TL note:  

Yeah… I will need to edit the previous chapter… what the heck, so many lores for something that you will discard right away…  

Those omitted…….. are not mine… it’s literally written like that in raw  

“Are you my master?” – not you again Saber, go back to your own story!!, she is not actually saying that in fate-something scene, kinda different, but the literal translation is the same as that.  

About [christia] what you guys need (or need not )to know is… that’s also the name of an archangel in the Japanese version of YuGiOh (angel is usually a fairy type in that TCG)  

Netero…? That… HxH Netero?  

Mezzaluna, the knife for chopping (thanks shokugeki no souma for giving me this unnecessary knowledge) 

Doriano should refer to the devil fruit, Durian  

Basically, those fairy names are tidbit from many anime and japan culture (or so I suspect)   

I ‘m still confused by faruminase(well this one is a stupid pun and it doesn’t really make sense in the first half), Parzesse, Doreano…  

And all this trouble just to be rejected, damn you Kehma!! Don’t you know I had my brain fried by this chapter…  I spent twice as long on this chapter trying to decipher those stupid jokes……………. 


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