LDM 396 – Prior to Study Abroad

Since the Fairy name was decided, I give her the necessary admin rights to manage the dungeon.
As you might expect, I can’t trust newcomers that easily. I will let Rei handle the rest, and she seems to be attached to Rei, I think our decision to let Rei summon her is a good one.

“…Ah, tomorrow Misha will come to this village. I need to make sure that we are ready for her accommodation here… I think it’s okay to let her stay in the suite.”

We will need to wait for Misha to arrive before we can leave the dungeon and study abroad.
Still, in normal study abroad… it’s strange for a Village Chief from a remote village to be chosen as representative of the country. But my villagers treat this as a normal thing.

And there’s also this…….

“Oi, Village chief! Are you going on a honeymoon?”
“the heck, this is a study abroad! study abroad!”
“oh, Village chief, are you going with your wife? enjoy the trip, but please come back safely”
“You bastard, who is whose wife? I will kill you”
“Kehma, take this. It’s an amulet that might be unnecessary, but you’ll be blessed with a baby if you wear it”
“Oh, thank you, Cid. But I’m still single”

For some reason, we are treated as husband and wife even though we are not officially married. What the hell is this?

“Mr. Husband your wife is calling”
“Ichika! Is this your doing?”
“It’s just a joke, even I just learn this recently”

Kuh, then why did this happen?
If this reaches Misha’s ear, it will be relayed to Haku, and this is strange! This time Ichika and Niku also following us to study abroad, so why the rumor is about Honeymoon?

“Well… me and Niku are like maids, while you two are the main character, it’s just a natural impression. I think Haku-sama will also agree?”
“But before this when we went to capi…”
“At that time Shikina and Wataru are tagging along right?”

That’s true…… Hmm? Speaking of which, what will Shikina do while we are studying abroad? When Aidi was here, she used to do a mock battle with her and Niku.

“Oh, well, isn’t this like that one time you get into trouble with Mia-sama. is it possible Rokuko-sama behind this?”
“……that’s it!”

I totally missed that, Thanks Rokuko.
… eh? Recently I was sloppier than Rokuko, I need to keep my guard up, maybe I’m tired because my head is too full of problems.

Especially in this study abroad, I will end up dead if I was caught off-guard. I was too lax because [super transformation] can save my life once.

Alright, let’s strengthen our minds now.

I come to the front of Rokuko’s room, by the way, Ichika said “I don’t want to knock” which is very suspicious.

“… Rokuko, I’m coming in”
“Wa-Wa-wait a minuteee”

She immediately closes the door that already opened
Fufufu, I avoided it successfully because I’m ready for her reaction.

“… wait, why did you get in?”
“What, you told me to wait, so here I’m, waiting, was it not good?”
“That’s not What…, it’s not no good, but…”
“Yeah, what are you saying? Are you okay?”

For now, let’s wait again, Rokuko then go to the front of me and sit on a chair.

“What on earth were you planning?”
“Ah, uh, yeah, it’s related to Kehma, but you don’t have to worry about it”

Seriously, what are you trying to do? Oh, I saw a manga in her room… Is that [rakki sukebe](lucky pervert) monthly? Ah, I see now. It’s a magazine that mainly featured a love story theme in it’s manga, do you want to experience it first hand?

“When the rumors about the couple reach Haku’s ears, it will be dangerous for me. What are you thinking?”
“…Kehma, Haku-nee-sama is kind, so I don’t think that anything dangerous is going to happen to us?”
“That may be true for you, but for me, it’s a different matter”

Muku, Rokuko inflates her cheeks. I feel like an air will leak from her mouth if I poke it.
Yeah, she’s not denying that couple rumor, most likely she’s the source.

“Why are you insist that we must go as a couple?”
“I read about a honeymoon in a manga!”

I know there’s no ero-manga in the catalog, I guess she just coincidentally read about honeymoon trip.

“You don’t want to go honeymoon?”
“I do want to, after I got married”
“Kehma…, get married.”
“I’m afraid of Haku…”
“Huh! So, don’t want to bury the outer moat (don’t want to clear their problem)! Do you know?, I worked so hard for this!”
“Yeah, you’re the one that needs to bury the inner moat! Get the permission from Haku, not me! Then I can marry you or anything!”
“So, in other words, if I can get permission from Haku-nee-sama, you will marry me?”

Hmm!? Something is strange…

“You heard that, Misha!”
“Yes Rokuko-sama, I hear it clearly with my two ears!”

Misha suddenly appeared from behind the door’s shadow. Her cat-ears are twitching.
Before she… wait what, hear what, for what?
Despite being confused as hell, I greet her calmly

“Oh, Misha, you have arrived?”
“hello there♪ Fufufu, I came a little bit early”

Misha greets me while I’m sweating from my back.

“Oh, yeah, Rokuko-sama, what that’s about outer moat and the inner moat?”
“it’s a Japanese idiom, Misha. It’s kind of difficult to explain, but it’s kind of like… The moat basically needs to be filled so they lose their defensive power”
“Oh, it’s an idiom about how to break through an obstacle. It was a good words, Rokuko-sama”

Well, rather than that… when Misha heard me, did my intention to marry Rokuko was delivered to Haku? But… since Rokuko was the one that proposed to me, it should be… safer?

“A one step forward! Fufufufu, this means I can marry Kehma if you get me permission from Haku-nee-sama. How about it Misha, isn’t my plan brilliant?”
“Ah, right, right? About that… Rokuko-sama…, I can’t cooperate with that plan, so please let Kehma be the one who do it ?”

I hope I will not get erased while we studying abroad.

Tl note :
Tbh I already forgot the whole Mai Odore arc… if someone remember what incident that happens to be similar to this situation please comment below, I will cross check it.
Rakki sukebe{someone please confirm of that manga existence… I need it for… research}
I don’t want to change the idiom since it’s… beautiful.
外堀(そとぼり)を埋(う)める – Fill the outer moat: to make sure your plan succeed you need to clear the surrounding problem.
Don’t shoot the messenger, just grind them to dust, smart Misha lol.


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