LDM 397 – Going to the Capital City.

For the time being, I set my goal to obtain 100GP to bribe [Father] so he can force Haku to give blessing to our relationship, but for now, we are going to study abroad.  

“it’s surely convenient that we can bring Niku and Ichika using the dungeon teleport function”  

“That’s right, it’s because slaves are items”  


Haku didn’t say anything about bringing Niku and Ichika, but I think it’s okay  

We can’t do this with Aidi, because dungeon core cannot be teleported by other dungeon core. Though it might be different for subordinate dungeon core like that orange rabbit.   

By the way, the pretext we use for this is, we are being transported by Haku using her [Teleport] (separately from Aidi)  

“Okay, let’s go!”  

“Rei, I will leave this dungeon to you”  

“Understood, Ichika, Niku senpai! You can count on me. Master, Rokuko-sama, please enjoy your trip!”  

Rei and Ereka salutes us from the Master room  

Rei immediately utilizing the fairy special skill, it seems they dividing the work now.  

“Rokuko, shall we?”  


Rokuko then activated the teleport function and we instantly teleported to [White beach].  

Pink slime with a soft tentacle, Mr. Tentacles already there ready to greet us.  

*nyuru*nyuru* his tentacle wriggling, asking if we are going to stay. Unfortunately, no, we are going to capital right now.  

Mr. Tentacles lift my body up.  

“oi, oi, oi, s-t-o-p it, Rokuko is watching”  

“(Nuru Nuru♪)”  

It’s caressing me with the tentacles, it’s acted almost like a dog. finally, it releasing me reluctantly.  

I moved back to Rokuko side while clearing away the mucus using [clean]  

Hmm? What’s the matter Rokuko, why your face is red?  

“Kehma, are you always this close with Mr. Tentacles?”  

“eh? Yeah, sometimes I play with it”  

I often come here when I want to sleep on a sandy beach while listening to ocean waves.  

At those times, I often play with Mr. Tentacles, sometimes we playing catch a ball, sometimes I use it as a waterbed.  

… Niku shaking her tail as if she wants to say “I’m envious”, yeah… Sorry, I will bring you along next time.  

“Well not today Mr. Ten, I need to go to capital now, so we will play next time”  

When I said that, Mr. Tentacles moved its tentacle a little.  

“Yes, I love you too. Hahaha”  

“Master seems to understand what Mr. Ten was saying”  

“Yeah, it’s easy to understand, it has so many Niku tails”  

“… I can only see tentacles wriggling around”  

After playing a bit with Mr. Tentacles we proceed to [White Secret]  

It’s a hut style cottage build by Haku, well basically, it’s just a villa.  

“I have been waiting for you”  

The silky caretakers are bowing to us, from here we need to rent a carriage and go to the capital city.  

As expected, to use [transfer] for four people will consume too much magic power, and while it’s strange for Haku not to pick us up, but I think she’s taking care of necessary preparation for our study abroad.  

“I think Haku has been notified that we have arrived”  

“That’s right, I was told by Haku-sama that she was busy with work so she can’t meet you here. Will you depart soon?”  

“Yeah, let’s quickly head to capital city”  

We then headed to the capital city in a luxurious horse-drawn carriage.  

… Wait, isn’t this Royal Family’s carriage? I feel so nice to ride in this, aa I want to lie down and sleep.  

The person who drives this carriage is silky, I see, so Haku can immediately send her back here by using dungeon function.   

We sit facing each other me and Rokuko on one side, Niku and Ichika on the other side. When suddenly…  

“Kehma, should I give you a lap pillow?”  …Rokuko says that.  

“Can I? But wait, this is Haku carriage, so I will refrain from that”  

“Don’t worry, it’s just an extension of a hug, this is just a light hug”  

“I think lap pillow is way above a hug… Ichika tell us your opinion”  

“Why you involve me in this? Well I think it’s no good”  

That’s not it, please help me. 

“Niku-senpai, what do you think?”  

“Then, isn’t it better for me to be a hug pillow?”  

I tried to lay down on the chair, but as expected, this is chair too narrow to use a hug pillow.  

“Then how about this? Ichika, give Kehma lap pillow, I will sit here while looking at Kehma sleeping face, come here Niku”  

“Eh. Master What should I do?” (Niku) 

“Understood” (Ichika) 

“Sorry, first, we don’t know how long this trip will take, and I’m not sure I can sleep if you staring at my face”  

My opinion is splendidly ignored, and I was forced to move my seat to where Ichika is, well I give up, I decided to put my head on Ichika’s thigh… ah, this surprisingly good, Ichika lap pillow is more comfortable than I expected.  

“… you seem to enjoy it”  

“No… I mean this… is good”  

Warm body temperature with moderate elasticity. It also smells nice. It’s perfect… if only it didn’t smell a bit like curry.  

“Niku, be my knee pillow!”  


Then Niku sits directly in front of Ichika, and Rokuko puts her head on Niku lap.  

With this we are lined up perfectly and staring at each other eyes, Rokuko laughed.  

“Ah… you smell nice Niku, I wonder is it because you always held by kehma as hug pillow? You smell like Kehma”  

“Is my odor are that strong? I’m always taking a bath and purify myself with [clean]”  

“That’s not it, you know… it’s the scent that soaked in futon? it the same for hug pillow”  

“… is it like that? I’m sorry Niku”  

“Niku, aren’t you happy being marked by Master?”  

Oh, she really is, her tail is swaying wildly.  

“Hey, master, can I mention something?”  

“What the matter Ichika?””  

I can’t see her face, but Ichika pats my head and say  

“If you don’t count the slaves as two people then this is almost like you sharing a bed with Rokuko-sama and did pillow talk”  

No, we did not! don’t pull a weird idea here! 

“No, the chairs are separated!”  

“Oops, don’t get up? The carriage is shaking, so it will be dangerous if you suddenly move”  

Ack, I can’t get up because she held down my head… Rokuko in front of me smiled so happily.  

“Ufufu, sleep together with Kehma…♪ Ichika, please hold him as long as possible”  


“Oi Ichika, aren’t you supposed to be my slave?”  

“If you order it then, okay. but master… I don’t really hate this you know? But if you really don’t want this, I can make an excuse to end this early, but do you really want that?”  

She whispers the latter part it so softly that only I can hear her  

Oh, fine, I lost!  

“Well, that’s alright for now.”  

“Ichika? What did you say to Kehma?”  

“Hmm? nothing important…. also… Rokuko-sama, Master is just shy”  

“So. Fufufu, Sleeping together with Kehma”  

“I already said it… This is not a ‘sleep together’…”  

… ah, I woke up right before we arrived in the capital city. 

TL note 

Yeah… there’s also that dungeon core/orange rabbit… “Mikan” or “Orange”? Well… let just settle at Orange this time? I don’t think he will hold important role 


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