LDM 399 – Arrived in the Demon Kingdom

“Or rather, the city closest to the Demon Kingdom territory is Empire’s capital city isn’t it?”
“That’s right, Demon Kingdom territory has grown to the opposite direction of Empire, in fact, the border between us has not moved for the past 500 years”

Also, Originally Kouki, Donsama, and Shia were undeveloped lands, they were part of another country.
The present empire is in control of those territories after attacking, capturing, and developing them. Is it empire motto to [attack and destroy] ?

We talk a lot about such things on our trip to the Demon Kingdom, we are moving during the day and raise a camp during the night. The trip takes about a week.
Ah, there’s also some Bandit’s attacks, but we are fine. The delegation chosen by Haku are all some fine fighters, it seems that you cannot go to the demon country without a that much skill.
And By the way, The Demon Kingdom Bandits are amazing, they boldly attacking carriage with Royal Crest on it… I don’t know if they are brave or an idiot…
… on that note, Niku was the most active player in those battles. before we knew it, she was called a [Neck Severing Dog]{kubi-gari wanko}. I’m sure you can imagine the reason for that name.

  • “Finally… I can sleep in other places than the tent”
    “Sorry Kehma, personally I also wish for you to sleep with me in the carriage”
    “I’m not brave enough to interfere into yours and Haku space”

What amazing is the fact that there’s no checkpoint between the Capital city and the Demon Kingdom, considering our bad blood over the years (it seems in the past all people who tried to build one are died due to war), the only saving grace is that the carriage also served as a bedroom in the night, so it’s quite comfortable for Haku and Rokuko. This not need to be said but to be kicked out and sleep outside is just the true nature of a man.

“Ha~ah, it’s depressing that I have to leave My Rokuko to that Old man”
“Maybe that’s the exact thought of core no 6 when He sends Aidi to us?”
“Rokuko is too kind, but it won’t be like that… other cores are just treating the other as a tool, even if they love it like their own grandchild”

We have arrived in Mato (Demon Capital), the Capital of Demon Kingdom.
… Is their Capital also close to our border? Isn’t it the same as with the Empire?
Or they both may want their best force to be as close as possible to the battlefield location?

As for the city condition and building, it was not all that different from the Empire. The difference can be seen in the race that inhabits the city.
To be specific this city is flourishing with monster-type race. The lizardman wearing armor, the harpy is carrying the letters, there’s also a lot of beastman race with fluffy fur. Unlike the empire, the race with a human-skin tones is few.
Also, it seems I got a lot of sharp glare even if I just peek a little bit from the carriage, or maybe they just glaring at this carriage in general.

“So, this is the Demon Kingdom?”
“Yes, this is”

Haku answer my question with a tired face, I have no words to reply to her, so I just smile.
I can see a big mansion on where we headed, it seems that’s our destination.
We pass the gates and park our carriage in the U-shaped yard. There are people surrounding us, are these people are welcoming us? This is not an ambush, right? RIGHT?
It was unexpected, but Aidi and Great Demon Lord are waiting for us with them. But wait, since our top person in our country is here as well, it won’t be strange for them to come out and greet us. There is no reason for the Great Demon Lord not to practice a little courtesy.

“You finally come Rokuko, I have been waiting”
“Aidi! Yeah, I have come”

Rokuko and Aidi hug each other and smiled.
I will only tell you this, but I’m skipping all the procedure for greeting national guest, I bet the eyes of my country delegation are popping out right now.

“Hmm. I have accepted the exchange student”
“tsk… They are in your care”

The top two people of the opposing country are not questioning Aidi and Rokuko greetings, and they rather shake hands without holding back their words, hold back a little, you guys are immature.

“Well then, people from Raverio Empire. You should do your best to study at Demon Kingdom”

Core no 6 said so in his capacity as someone from the top, in fact, he is the Great Demon Lord, the ruler of Demon Kingdom. so in short he is on the same level as Haku.
Following his words, the members of our Empire delegations are bowing their heads and went somewhere else with a guide while we remain here. What should we do next?

“Oh, Haku-sama do you still need the communication function? I already gave it to gramps, so it’s your turn next, as promised.”
“I’ll take it, Rokuko-chan… if anything ever happens, you should contact me immediately, and I will come right away”
And then Aidi gives Haku the communication function, I feel like she will send an email to Rokuko every day, but it was not my problem. And since it’s Haku, I think she will seriously come over right away using [Transfer]

“So what should we do?”
“Hmm? Yeah. Rokuko you should follow me, we already prepared a room for you in the mansion”
“Okay, then, see you later Haku-nee-sama!”
“Please contact me every day Rokuko-chan, promise me okay?”

Haku casually requests a regular report. She will likely come to Rokuko if she didn’t get her report, so let’s make Rokuko writes to her every day. Yup.

… But I’m kind of worried when we leave Haku and Great Demon Lord alone, should we leave those two unsupervised? In terms of safety and social standing.

“Don’t you worry about that Rokuko’s Master, those two are actually good friends. And as you can see, this place also serves as an arena”
Looking back at them… I can see Haku pulling out her white spear and Great Demon Lord preparing his black sword… okay, I’m sure there’s nothing we can do anyway. Let the top people speak with physical language.
For now, let’s follow Aidi, I’m looking forwards to my life as a transfer student.

TL note: I leave the pronunciation of demon capital city name as Mato. It means “demon capital” so, it will be awkward to put it as a translated name.


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