LDM 400 – Demon Kingdom’s Carriage

In the Demon Kingdom, an arena is equivalent to a swimming pool in another country’s mansion, each private mansion has one.  

Every town also have at least one public Arena.  

In this country where a duel is a daily occurrence, a match between the country’s top individuals like Haku and Great Demon Lord are not strange at all —— as if that were true… but somehow, I was forced to accept this fact. Oh, by the way, anyone who tried to peep their match is blown away by their Ki Strike.  

“Where are we going to study abroad? Don’t tell me we going to spend our time here?”  

“No, it will be in my territory, just south of this city”  

“Aidi got territory of her own, how mature…”  

“What are you saying… didn’t you have your own village as well? and my territory is just small land that was entrusted to me”  

Rokuko and Aidi ignoring the fight that ongoing between Haku and Great Demon Lord, they proceed as if nothing had happened. Niku and Ichika can only seal their mouth  

Then Aidi comes to Ichika.  

“Speaking of which, Ichika”  

“yes, Aidi-sama ?”  

“You are here on my request, so come here”  

“Oh, I see, understood”  

Ichika steals a glance at me asking for my permission. Well go ahead, it’s okay.  

“Aidi-sama, please remember that I’m Kehma’s slave, so please don’t damage me?”  

“That goes without saying… but can we play just a little bit?”  

“I just said no”  

“Well, it cannot be helped. Ichika, I’m looking forward to the rat race.”  

Apparently, Aidi was serious when she told us she wants to recreate the Rat Race in the Demon Kingdom… I guess it’s fine.  

But first, let us have some rest… or that what I was thought, Aidi now has taken us to a horse-drawn carriage, the horse had 6 legs, isn’t this a Sleipnir?  

“…you say we going to rest in the mansion’s room”  

“Yes, you are going to rest in my mansion room, in my territory”  

I feel betrayed, I thought I could finally take a rest in bed, but it seems our schedule is really packed, as soon as we arrived, we must set off again to Aidi territory.  

Oh, this carriage sways a little bit… to be exact it’s shakier than Haku’s carriage, or that carriage as just unshakeable?  

“It’ll speed up now”  

“How far is your territory?”  

“It takes three days for an ordinary horse and half a day for this child.”  

Was is six times faster because it has six legs? No, normal horses already had four legs  

So, I looked out from the windows of the swaying carriage, we are already far out from the town.   

The land has a little greenery but it mostly barren, and the road isn’t paved but this horse still can run blazing fast on this.  

For this speed… I think this carriage is very stable.  

“This carriage is a magic tool?”  

“Correct. And this is a high-performance model that surpasses most of the carriage in the empire”  

According to Aidi, this carriage will sway more at low speed, but not so much at super high speed. It utilizes the principle of an arrow or something like that.  

“It seems that the only one that can beat this is the Imperial family carriage. It’s the carriage that Rokuko use get here”  

“Not surprising, that carriage is special. Well, I already know that though. Haku’s carriage is a top-class product, the carriage uses a lot of rare materials in its manufacture, if we compare it to this, this one is cheaper and can be mass-produced. It’s a good substitute for someone below the lord position, there also a drawback though… the wheel is fragile and the horse are troublesome to secure”  

The wheels that used were special, and if they were broken, they will first make the shaking more severe, and then they would be completely broken so that the carriage can’t run. It is inevitable that a major accident because a crash at the super high-speed will be severe, so this two-stage wheel is insurance to prevent accidents. The gimmick was custom-made specifically for this kind of rough road and it’s not cheap either.  

Moreover, it seems that it is quite troublesome to secure Sleipnir because it’s needed so this carriage can run at super-high speed, which is essential. Wait…, isn’t it better just to buy them with DP? I checked the DP catalog… oh yeah, it’s expensive. I gently close the catalog…  

“So, in short, you will need lord-class funds to maintain this…it’s no good”  

They neglected the road maintenance, instead, they build a strong carriage and mount a strong horse, it’s so demon-like, as expected from the Demon Kingdom. With this, it feels quite accurate that people say the Demon Kingdom is a country that emphasizes on their individual forces.  

“You are absolutely right, this time the cost is covered by gramps, but I don’t think that I’m capable to maintain this on my own yet. Sleipnir also consume an enormous amount of food and their stamina only last for a half-day”  

“Ah… it’s okay Aidi, you say that you can’t use this with your own resource yet, but we are also using Haku-nee-sama carriage to get here, we are similar in that aspect”  

Rokuko proudly smiling for some reason, Aidi also showing us an invincible grin… is it something like exclusive communication between the core?  

Well at least they are on good terms for each other, and unlike Haku and Core no 6 this one is safer because it’s not involving some duel.  

“Aidi, do you actually often study abroad?”  

“n? What makes you think like that, oh Rokuko’s Master?”  

“Your adaptability for getting familiar to other people, you are at the level that you are trained to”  

“Amazing insight, but you guys are just an exception, and I should explain myself about a various thing after this”  

We are an exception? was she treating us differently? If so, it’s probably because of Rokuko…  

“Oh yeah… Rokuko’s Master, are you going to participate in the fighting tournament? And you too puppy?”  

“…Ah, yeah. It seems that I will…?”  

“Yes, I will.”  

Niku nodded to me, giving me a silent confirmation.  

It was certainly the case, anyway, I need to do that huh… in order to obtain the beddings of God. Which is the prize at the fighting tournament.  

…God’s bedding, I want it, but which is the most effective way to get it? Was it to negotiate with the winner? or just be the winner?  

It would be the best case if I could get it as a prize in the fighting tournament, but I’m not confident to win against an opponent that stronger than Aidi or Niku. Can Aidi even win this tournament? Because it’s a fact that Aidi is not even the strongest person in this country, Yeah, I can’t see the effective way to get the prize.   

“Oh, by the way, where’s your master Aidi?”  

“Ah? You can meet him in my territory, My Master also will compete in the fighting tournament as my (friendly)rival”  

Come to think of it, Aidi did have a master, though he’s not coming as a transfer student in my village.  

What kind of person her master is, I honestly don’t remember if I ever met him in the first place.  

TL note: we are on ch400 huh? Only 62 more chapters (currently) to catch up to jp WN.  

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