LDM 401 – Demon Kingdom’s Dish

They woke me up because we have arrived in Aidi’s town.

“Light swinging turned out to be a nice perk to make me fall asleep. Good morning”
“Good morning, it’s almost a night though”
“Kehma, you still sleep alot as usual”

It’s size only less half than Shia, but it certainly is a city, or maybe a big village.
It feels like that partly because this city has no wall surrounds it, only a fence. Rokuko then asks Aidi about that.

“Why this town has no wall, there was only a fence”
“If we had a wall then wild monster won’t come to attack us”
“Isn’t that is why we build a wall, so monster can’t attack?”
“…ah, I see. Another cultural difference huh, how to put it? In this country a monster attack is serve as entertainment and jobs for its people”

It’s said that the Demon KIngdom’s people find joy in fighting and attacking the monster, as expected of the country that earned nickname the fighting nation. It rumour said that they enjoying the act of breaking the monster limbs.
Furthermore, if the building is damaged by a monster attack, it will be a blessing for people with carpenter jobs. There’s also a risk that the field becomes destroyed but it’s fine, the monster meat will cover food shortages caused by it, and if that still not enough you can always use DP you earned from this.
Since there’s many carnivores race in the Demon Kingdom, the vegetable and grains have little value here, or rather some people only consider them to be the bait to lure out a wild monster.

“I see… that’s a quite different culture we have here. It means the fight itself is entertainment and not work”
“Right? When I was on the Empire, I was wondering why the wall is so high and it’s people are so crowded together, how can you fight the monster like this? And I was shocked to learn that most people didn’t enjoy fighting”

The people in Demon Kingdom… Or at least the majority of them, are fighting maniac. Hitting instead of Greeting is normal here.

“… Why the technology of magic tools is better than empire, then?”
“It’s obvious though? So we can fight better”

Wagons and Carriage are designed to travel for long-distance or even to go through the battlefield.
The lights are developed so they can fight in darkness.
Magic tools also designed to kill enemies faster or to counter poison and other impairing effects.
it’s all a matter of life and death, so they did their best. So at the very least they can die peacefully knowing they already did their all.
That’s why this country’s Blacksmith and Alchemist are always competing with each other, sometimes they even put combined effort to create the best tools for battle. That’s the way of the Demon Kingdom.

“… here’s a little quiz, why did the Demon Kingdom invent a carriage that can do a high-speed movement on the rough terrain?”
“if it is fast and stable, then it will be easy to attack using bow and magic”
“fufu, it seems you understand”

It’s often said that war is a catalyst for technology. Our carriage stops while I was thinking about such a thing, it seems that we have arrived.
I got off the carriage and I saw this stone mansion.
The wall is dyed red and with the sunset shone upon it, it like almost like it’s burning. I think this mansion is a perfect representation of Aidi.
… Yeah, the sunset here is beautiful too. Of course, the sunset won’t change whenever it’s on Demon Kingdom or Empire.
“It’s almost a time for dinner and we will be ready shortly. Do you still want to continue your sleep?”
“Yeah, I’m still tired from our travel”
“But Kehma, you just sleeping all the time, and you did sleep so soundly, well Niku and Ichika are asleep too now…”

That’s not it, I’m not tired in physical meaning… ah, I still want to sleep.

“I will give you this town specialty… just give me a few minutes”
“I’m looking forward to Demon Kingdom’s meal! Is there anything I can do to help?”
“So you woke up? As usual, Ichika is easily lured by food”
“Yess, thank you, lady Aidi!”

Aren’t you glad Ichika, but wait… this is a home of fighting maniac, I feel like there will be a battle to get the meal that almost reaches their expiration date {Ben-To reference}

  • …. My expectation was betrayed once again that night.

“First we knead the flour, cut it into strips, put it in soup broth that was made from dried mushroom”
“it’s an Udon”
“and then we put Green Onion to your liking”
“it’s an Udon”

Yes, it was udon. no matter that you say… this is Udon.

“Green onion…”
“wahh, this is delicious. It’s also slippery…”

Oi Niku, if you put too much green onion you will get sick, it’s not a food for a dog. But Ichika seems to love it.

“At first it looks like pasta, but it’s drowned in the soup”
“fufufu, you can also use pasta sauce for this, and it will still be delicious”

If you do it that way, it will be soft noodles.

“…so Aidi. How do you make this?”
“If you mix water with flour, it will form right?”
“Isn’t that how you make bread?”
“Yes you can make bread from that, but the key is to put it just the right amount”
“This is like a Spaghetti but thinner”
“If you made it a bit thicker you can also make soumen!”
“So, you have soumen too…”

Maybe there are seasonings similar to shoyu in the Demon Kingdom, but still, you can’t find rice in the Demon Kingdom, though the fish sauce can be found in Pavuera, so it’s no so strange if Shoyu existed somewhere

“Oh, by the way, Udon is the recipe spread by the food god Ishidaka.”

Oh, so that’s why. Once upon a time Ishidaka comes to the Demon Kingdom and teaches them to make this, he’s quick on his feet huh?

“Isn’t Ishidaka comes from Rokuko’s master original world?”
“I think he is, Ishidaka was a Hero and he seems to be from japan”
“Are you related to him somehow?”
“… Nah, I doubt that”

Well, I just found out that there is Udon (and soumen) in the Demon Kingdom. Today we learn a little more about the Demon Kingdom’s history.

“Well, isn’t it a correct choice to study as a study abroad here? Slurp..slurp…gulp”
“Ichika, you seem to like it so much, How about it? Won’t you stay permanently in the Demon Kingdom?”
“Hey Aidi, don’t try to recruit my slave. It’s impossible”
“That’s a good idea, but I have to negotiate with Master… so how about it?”

You are my important slave. I won’t give you away.

“Ichika, let me tell you something good… there’s this thing, called Curry Udon. Which is a curry with udon”
“…Wha…What is…!? Master! I will forever follow you!”

TL note: … I skipped one translation “girigiri no rainda” ギリギリのラインだ the heck this is means – barely reindeer ?
Curry udon huh… I think I still kept some curry block for my emergency food…. somehow, I want to use it now.

As usual thank you lorenz green and Q-riff for supporting me in patreon, thanks to all my patron there now it’s possible for me to buy webhost. Well i’m still selecting the right seller tho, preferably one that can I contact directly (I mean local seller)


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