LDM 402 – Demon’s Kingdom Beddings

When we finished eating the staple food of the Demon Kingdom, we are led to the room where we are going to stay.
The room is the floor is decorated with carpet and there’s a bed… too bad it’s hard. This is only putting up a blanket on a box that covered with a sheet.

“The bedroom is underdeveloped this much? Don’t you think it will be better to put some padded mattress (futon) on top of this?”
“You don’t need to bring a padded mattress to the battlefield, right?”

Oh, I see how it is, if you get used to this daily, you won’t be uncomfortable when you actually had to go to the battlefield. I guess that’s a Demon Kingdom teaching.

“Kehma put beddings before food or weapon”
“I had told you when I go as an exchange student, I was like going to a strange place, and so you will also learn something new here. But I do admit that your bed in that suite is far superior”
“I guess you are right”
“at most what we have here that close enough to Empire beddings are Meat bed. (Niku futon)”
“Meat Bed? Oooh it’s like my Niku”

… I feel uncomfortable because she’s more or less fit the description.

“That’s a bit different, with Meat Bed you need go back to your sword form and sleep inside prisoner or prey. We use it like that because there are many weapon type cores here in Demon Kingdom”
“… it totally different from mine”
“and even if you are not a weapon type core, some people can just cut up the belly of his prey and tie its limbs… oh yeah! it’s like a hammock at your place Rokuko! and then you only need to go inside and sleep”

What a disturbing hammock, Wait! That’s not hammock!!

“Oh, I can make one for you if you want it. I guess woman slaves are good enough for you? I won’t recommend a monster because they are stinky”
“For me either one will leave a bad taste, so no thank you”
“Is that so?”

Every time I want to sleep, I need to use one life. It’s very not cost-effective. And I won’t feel sleepy because it’s disgusting, so please, no thank you.

“Well… It cannot be helped, this is an imported product… to be exact I bought this from Rokuko, but you can use it for now”

Aidi took the same kind of mattress for our Dancing doll pavilion and put it on the bed.
If it’s this one I’m sure anyone can have a good night sleep, I will guarantee it.

“Lady Aidi, is there’s one for me?”
“You don’t have to worry about that. Ichika, you will sleep in a separate room, your bed is ready”
“so, it was like that…. wait a minute! why only I get a separate room?”
“Isn’t it obvious? Because you are here as not as an exchange student, but as my guest”
“Yeah, just give up Ichika. We are going to sleep together with three of us”

Rokuko pulled my arms. What’s that? [three of us]?

“Well, Rokuko. Didn’t we also get separate rooms?”
“of course not? We are going to sleep in the same room. Look… Aidi has gone out of her way to personally set up our bed, there’s no way for us to reject her, right?”

What is this… that’s when I saw Aidi smiling at us.

“oh? Don’t worry, I’m rooting for Rokuko, and this goes without saying but… whatever happens here to Rokuko or by Rokuko, I swear to keep my lips sealed”
“In that case… Niku-senpai, how about sleeping with me?”
“Stop right there Ichika, if you take Niku away… I will be alone with Rokuko here”
“That’s right! Ichika please take care of Niku”

Wait, isn’t my outer and inner moat is already filled like this? my castle already completely naked, isn’t it?
{they cleared inside and outside obstacle, I had nowhere to run}

“I’ll join up the bed Rokuko”
“Thank you Aidi, it’s nice to sleep in a wide bed. ahh this bed cover feels nice, I will use it right away”

… won’t you at least share it with me? I want to use your Godly pillow too.

So, despite my complaints I still ended up sleeping together with Rokuko, I did nothing to her obviously. But she still looks very happy when she woke up in the morning.


Before you ask any question, I slept quickly and Rokuko just sleeps beside me. When I woke up in the morning, I didn’t get naked, and Rokuko didn’t sneak into my bed, in the first place I don’t have the energy to do anything, I’m too tired from the trip,.

I didn’t even dream, I slept like a log.
When I woke up, Rokuko looked into my face and smiling.

I was eating Udon for breakfast, and then Ichika and Aidi stare at me and grinning.

“I didn’t do anything”
“yes, we understand”
“Don’t worry, yes, we understand”

I really didn’t do anything… as proof you can see my body is recovered completely now. As expected from bed used in our suite, it’s recovery ability are comparable to that [God’s bed]
Since I feel refreshed, let’s sleep soundly again today.

“Kema, let’s sleep with only two of us again tonight?”

….You don’t need to do this every day while we’re studying abroad, did you? No matter how much you like it, I need to limit that.

“…no, I want to use Niku as hug pillow today”
“yes, It’s okay, Niku is a slave, so she does not count”

She started to abuse the [Not count as people] theory Ichika use the other day, this girl is a fast learner.

“Anyway, Kehma, what are we going to do for today?”
“How about you learn about Demon Kingdom Training method today? With your body”
“… I think I’m still tired, it’s decided, I will go hit the bed again today!”
“That’s no good! We are here as an exchange student, so we need to learn something”
“Yeah, Kehma also going to participate in a fighting tournament, so let’s train your body a bit. Let me show you how to, in fact, I’m good at it”

What do you mean it’s no good, even Aidi is just lazing around in our inn!

“Ara? I was practicing (enjoying) your culture over there, so it just makes sense for you to enjoy our culture now”
“She has a point”
“My Master also train, it would be nice if we can train together”

come to think of it… where’s and what’s Aidi’s master doing?

“So Aidi, where is your master?”
“hm? Did I forget to introduce him? It’s this person over here”

Aidi said that while pointing at butler behind her.
A Boy with Dark-Red Hair, his face is expressionless, he just doesn’t smile at all. A man with a bloody dark aura.

“Why dress as a butler…?”
“Because I’m a slave, just like the puppy over there”

He certainly wears a collar like Niku.
It seems he was a slave that raised in a human farm, a well-educated slave that obediently listen to everything she commands. I think he must be very well trained because if he not, he will certainly be hesitated to use the absolute command to make Aidi stopped breathing. He’s a slave that will absolutely do what his master told him

“Master, Today I’m going to take Rokuko’s master and puppy here to train”
“… Yes, my lady”

The butler bowing his head.
I want to sleep. But they force me to train. Sigh.

“What about you Rokuko? You can join us or watch us”
“Well, I prefer to watch but… Oh, can you let me read a book that teaches me about the culture of Demon Kingdom”
“Sure. Master, please prepare a suitable book for her”

So, after breakfast, we had to train. Ah by the way Ichika is supposed to teach the management about the Rat Race setup and such, so she takes a different action today. When we all done, it will be free time for us, so let’s get this done quickly.

TL note
{3 way dungeon battle} Aidi’s Master using his absolute command to make Aidi tireless and eliminate Aidi’s breathing needs. Just friendly reminder


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