LDM 403 – Demon Kingdom’s Training

Demon Kingdom’s Training

When I came to Arena, Aidi’s master was exercising, Niku also did the same, Rokuko and Aidi still preparing something so they will come later.
Ichika, on the other hand, won’t be coming because she is busy working on the Rat Race.

“By the way, Aidi’s Master, what should I call you?”
“…because I was born and grew up in [village] I have no names, but they call me No 52 of the 5th Human Farm”.

What’s up with that serial number, is this normal thing in Demon Kingdom?

“It’s hard to call you that, and that’s almost like dungeon core name.”
“Be fuckin thankful that we as human has been given the honor to use name similar to Dungeon core.”

Wait, this butler… is he for real? Is he really has been trained?

“Well, it certainly will be hard on your otherworlder tongue, that’s right… I’m butler, you can call me Sebas.”
“Did you just say that’s I’m an otherworlder?”
“My Lady told me, she said you used to wear otherworlder clothes.”

Oh right, I was wearing jersey the first time I met her.
This guy… I thought he was showing me a bit of sympathy for me being an alien creature or something, but I guess I was wrong.

“Enough about me, How should I call you mr dear customer?”
“What’s with that mixture of humble and rude speech? Well, you can call me Kehma.”
“That’s my Education… no my training, but it will be my pleasure, Kehma-dono.”

Sebas then takes out his wooden sword. I was wondering if he was going to do some practice swing at first, but he held it towards me.
… are we going directly to mock battle? This is too rushed, oi Demon Kingdom!

“Can I just do a practice swing?”
“…Well, that’s fine. But in Demon Kingdom it’s a common sense to start your training with mock battle. You can do practice swing when you woke up in the morning, some people even skip it.”

This Demon Kingdom is really a country of shura. {country of battle crazed people}

“Then, let me do it.”
Niku stands beside me while holding a wooden sword and preparing her stance. Apparently, she is really motivated to do this. She always been a child that never missed an opportunity to become stronger. This Demon Kingdom atmosphere may be perfect for her growth.

“Are you prepared to do this?”
“I am a Master’s tools, prepared to be used anytime.”
“Good resolve, you are much fitting to live here in Demon Kingdom, how about it? will you stay here for good?”
“I will not, my place is beside Master.”

I’m happy Niku, but please tell him when you say tools, it’s not in weapon meaning but as hug pillow.
Niku ready her two wooden swords in each hand, it’s her dual sword style (nito-ryuu}, but her sword is short compared to Sebas’s.

“I’m ready whenever.”

Niku did not say another word, but she is replying with a slash attack.
A single strike from the lower left. However, Sebas lightly avoids it. shurin the sound of a wooden sword cutting the air is the proof that it’s cleanly avoided.
However, Niku held a dual sword. If the right missed its target, then the left will follow, yet once again, Sebas avoided it. At that moment, Sebas releasing kick to Niku’s body, which sends Niku flying.
Niku spun in the air once and readied her stance again.

“Why don’t you make a voice? Dogs especially like to bark when attacking.”
“In any case, my voice cannot affect anything.”

Shouting is an act of inspiring yourself and putting pressure on others. If you can’t intimidate your opponent, then you can only use it to motivate yourself, which itself is not needed if you already steel your mind. So if you don’t need it, then don’t do it, as simple as that.

“It’s a good decision… that also Including your jump to the back.”

From a spectator point of view, it seems that it was a clean hit, but Niku appears to jump back herself, the damage she received is minimal.
As for me… I can’t keep up with their action.

“Immediately goes into battle I see.”
“Kehma, I’m coming, oh Niku and Aidi’s master are fighting already.”

Aidi and Rokuko finally come here. They are wearing gym clothes and bloomers since they sell it in Imperial Capital. I can understand where they get it, but they are also wearing sneakers, where did that come from?

“Where did you get those shoes?”
“eh why you not praising these cute clothes first?”
“No, I can understand since you want to exercise, that’s suitable clothes for this, but where did you get these shoes?”
“Oh, Rokuko purchase this with DP, so this is an other world training suit?”
“Don’t worry, I properly sold it to Aidi with friendly high price.”

I want to retort why it’s high when it’s a friendly price, well I can understand because it comes from her DP, but…

“Is it okay to spread(sell) this?”
“Don’t worry about it, in Demon Kingdom there’s often a [strange stuff from dungeon] comes out.”

I see it’s another case of [it’s from the dungeon] convenient answers. It’s not a lie because it did come from DP. Okay, just take what you like.

“Isn’t Aidi’s Master and Niku almost evenly matched, what do you think Aidi?”
“oh that? He is just playing around with her.”
“Is that so? Niku seems to pushed him to the corner.”
“I think he had the situation completely under his control… how about I teach Rokuko about how to observe this kind of thing?”

Two girls having such talk beside me, I also don’t know it too well, but I can see that Sebas still have so much leeway, while Niku was already giving her all to push him.
They continued to fight with a wooden sword for quite a while, the mock battle ended when Niku sword finally broken.
Naturally, it was Niku’s loss.
… I feel like this is a pattern? She declared loss when her weapon is broken. Should I weave an orichalcum into her sword? She will then have a sword that never breaks.

“…You are a Dog suitable to be an Assassin”.
“Thank you.”
“But I can see that you only aiming at my neck, even if you add feint it’s easy to read your attack pattern if you always aiming for my critical spot.”
“And don’t break your weapon, you can’t keep fighting if that happens, right?”

He really hits the bullseye, Niku can only stay silent.
The two people catching their breath and didn’t move, they sweating a little.
And then Sebas looked at me and said.

“So, are you ready?”
“Oh, I totally forgot.”

I see he thought I was doing some warm-up while he was fighting Niku.

“…Hey dog. Your master is stupid. He will die immediately if he ever steps into battlefield.”
“I will protect my Master.”
“Then what, he will only stare and do nothing until you die? After that he will be defenseless and attacked too, your words did not make any sense to me.”

It sounds harsh, but it’s the truth, so next… will be mine and Sebas mock battle. How can I beat an opponent that wins against Niku?


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