LDM 404 – Demon Kingdom’s Training(advanced)

I was lying on the ground, geh, that bastard holds nothing back and kick me as hard as he can.  

“You already saw it coming, why won’t you avoid it? Could it be…”  

I want to answer, but I can’t, I’m holding my stomach and growling on the ground.  

Yes, it was inevitable. Even if I use golem clothes, there are things that I can and cannot avoid. Especially if the attack is exceeding the clothes golem defensive system. You have to avoid it with your own ability.  

Even more, when my Orihalcum supports are sealed. Because it’s not necessary to expose my hands here, also I don’t think I’m stronger than him in terms of ability. 

But this normal clothes golem totally cannot hold Sebas attack, ugh I really feel it in my stomach. I regret taking it head-on. 

“Kehma, you okay? Can you Stand up?”  

“I think that’s impossible… I feel so much pain here… so I’m going to sleep today, I’m going to sleep tomorrow too”  

“Then you are okay, here let me apply some healing”  

Rokuko cast [Heal], ah, the pain subsided already.  

With this, I’m sure Sebas is strong enough to reach the hero power level. However, it’s been quite evident since he can easily deal with Niku, who already in semi-hero level strength.  

“Aren’t you too weak? I thought you was better since you will be participating in fighting tournament”  

“They have something I want on the prize bracket… but I think it will be difficult now with Sebas and Aidi participating”  

“Let me tell you one thing, my Lady will go on different tournament, that’s why our ladies won’t be on the same tournament as us”  

Oh? Is that so… then the number of rivals is decreased by one… well that’s wrong, I should say the way to obtain [God’s Pajama] is decreasing by one.  

“oh, is that right?”  

“Yeah. There’s different tournament for Demon Kingdom’s Dungeon Cores, which is different from our fighting tournament, our’s was an event to show the result of our daily training”  


At first, I thought this was going to be like piano competition, but I should change the way I see it, this is more like fierce battle.  

“Oh yeah, Rokuko, will you join me?”  

“I don’t like this kind of thing”  

“even though you can have a shot at challenging gramps?”  

“I don’t understand the appeal of that?”  

“I see, another cultural difference huh”  

Aidi face like saying [I can’t believe it]. However, I think it’s a common-sense exclusive to Demon Kingdom.  

“Still, Rokuko’s master is weak.”  

“Muu, Kehma, usually you doing a little better than this?”  

“Oh, I wonder if that was really the case?”  

“I think I’m only strong when I’m at my home base, I’m a Dungeon Master Afterall”  

“I can accept that, but your basic strength should be same no matter where you are, right?”  

Aidi smiles proudly as she points to Sebas, she seems pleased that her Master is won.  

“Also, this place is similar to real tournament arena, you should get used to it, so you can fully demonstrate your ability at the real thing”  

“… can you tell me the detailed rules?”  

“Sure, Master, tell us”  

Aidi passing the explaning part to Sebas, he sighed.  

“hah…, well the rules are not too detailed. The win condition are if your opponent give up or cannot continue the battle”  

“How about a loss because you got thrown outside arena?”  

“it’s colosseum battle-style, so you won’t have to worry about that”  

“what count as [unable to continue]”  

“Either you are dead of fainted, because if you only losing a limb and still wished to continue, you can do that”  

They casually just allowed you to kill.  

Unless you have fainted, you may suffer serious injury or even be killed. Can I use [Super Transformation] to avoid this?  

However, I can only use for a limited number per day, this won’t do depending on how many matches I need to go through that day. Let’s raise its level one more time to increase the safety margin.   

… or should I just depend on Niku?  

“How about magic and item usage?”  

“Sure, you can use it, you can also use [summon]”  

Hmm, with this my option expanding, if I can use [Create Golem], [Summon Gargoyle], and [Summon Skeleton], I can still think of something.  

It might be worth it to get my hand on new summon too.  

“by the way let me tell you this story, in the past an alchemist joined the battle with special golem he created, what do you think happens after that?”  

“Was the Alchemist become a sole target of attack?”  

“What a boring answer, what happen is, he won the first match, but the Golem become severely damaged in second match, and it was completely destroyed in third match, and finally in the fourth match he fought bare handed and won. It was a fight masterpiece”  

Oi Alchemist, don’t go and win on your own after your Golem is destroyed. I wonder what he is trying to say about that alchemist that going full berserker. {furuboko}  

“Sorry, I still don’t get it?”  

“Point of that story is, you should just go with your own strength since beginning, or you can just attack together with the Golem. Ah, after that match, it seems demands for golems are increased, they used it for kid’s training partner”  

“That’s a good story”  

“You think so? For me it’s a stupid story, because instead wasting time to research Golem he can just use it to train instead.”  

Well, another cultural difference.  

Alright, in my case, I can use [Create Golem] and [Summon Gargoyle] to fight. And since those skills didn’t have usage limits like [Super Transformation], it will be useful somehow. 

“How about using special rules to decide win or loss, like… if you cross this line, you lose!… is it allowed?”  

“If both parties agreed then sure, and in the case you broke the agreement, the spectator can and will go to interfere with your fight, at that time you will be assaulted by them, so follow your rules properly. It also your loss if you kill spectator”  

“kukuku” Sebas laugh, his mask is completely off now, was it related to his interaction to me?  

“well, Dog, let’s do it again”  


Sebas and Niku once again readied their stance and wooden sword, me? Still not interested. You guys really are energetic.  

“Hey, I want to see more action from Kehma”  

“I’ll practice my skill, not my physical ability… truth is I want to practice new skill, but I don’t want to buy a new magic scrolls because it’s expensive.”  

“in that case, I have a good idea! I’ll draw it with gacha. Will you be more motivated then?”  

Rokuko says she will buy it for me, no, I’m delighted if you pull one for me.  

“Aidi, can I use DP here?”  

“Yeah, go ahead. And that Rokuko lucky pull, I also want to see it.”  

“Fufufu, look… 1000DP gacha!”  

Rokuko then spins the gacha, **kyuinn** the magic circle spread, and then a scroll falls in the ground.  

Rokuko stands proud with her smug face, but this time she legit deserves it.  

“How about that?”  

“…To really pulled a scroll. What’s your secret Rokuko?”  

“I just feel like this time it will surely came out, so Kehma what kind of scroll is it?”  

“let me see…”   

I can see the name if it came from the DP catalog, but when it’s from gacha, you need to take a look at the magic circle and study it.  

It won’t be used unless you pour magic into it, so it’s safe to just open it normally. Also, since I have a language translation function, I can read it with no problem, well … this is new magic the magic circle is “create”, “hole”, and “earth”….  

Since it seems safe for me, so I decided to learn it.  

I pour magic power into the scroll. the name, effect, and how to use it are flowing to my brain. This is a [pitfall], a magic that literally creates a pitfall… it’s a dungeon master-like magic, and since dungeon function can create one, it’s a magic that you usually don’t need.  

TL note:  

{furuboko} full bokko, well, I don’t think we have a direct translation to this, but going full berserker should serve a similar meaning. In short, this is a scene where you are going to unleash your wrath to someone, in pure violence, meaning…. big explosive violence.  

{smug face = doya face} … just google this one. You won’t be disappointed. But really … Rokuko passive skills are the real OP one here. 


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