LDM 405 – Skill verification

Skill verification  

[Pitfall] and [Stone pile], that’s the name of the new magic I learned today.  

Where did this [Stone Pile] come from? I brought it with DP because it has good synergy with [Pitfall]  

If I have this one, I can dig a hole and buried my enemy with it, right?  

By the way, the Pitfall Scroll price is unknown because it did not exist in the DP catalog.  

“That’s why you are very motivated today!”  

“ah… no, I want to practice my skill in secret, Aidi do you know any good spot?”  

“I like that, a secret training!”  

So she told me to go to outskirt of the town, there’s a rock here. This place is not popular and hidden, a part of it because strong monsters are unlikely to come here.  

“So, Kehma, what’s your plan?”  

“…and why did you come with me? I was going to practice alone”  

“won’t it be dangerous to practice alone?”  

… yeah, it’s not like there’s no monster around. If someone is watching your back, you can concentrate better.  

“Then, try using my scroll first, the [Pitfall]”  

“Okay, The chant for that spell is…. Earth, make a hole [Pitfall]”  

I placed my hand on the ground and activated the skill… a hole immediately formed in front of me. The hole was one meter deep.  

“hee, this is quite neat hole”  

“Yeah, this feels like I placed this hole here and not digging the earth to create one”  

In terms of magic flow, it feels like the magic are outlining the Earth with cylindrical shape and put space into it… isn’t this more like space-time magic rather than Earth?  

“Are this skill similar to [Create Golem] where you can modify the shape as you imagine? Isn’t that’s why you need to practice this in secret?”  

“Yeah, more or less it is, let’s try this… Earth, make a hole [Pitfall]”  

The current target is the rock, I activate [Pitfall] in a horizontal direction, and the hole goes through the stone.  

“eh? If we have this we can create tunnel for free!”  

“I’m afraid that’s impossible, look at this… release.”  

The moment I released the magic, the hole is closed and reverted back to its original shape.  

I can feel space is distorted for a second, what will happen if something goes inside the hole the moment you release it?  

I need to try this immediately, I throw stones inside, and I released the [Pitfall], all those stones are spitted out.  

“…it seems impossible to trap something in this, it will just spit it out”  

“Not really, that conclusion is too early”  

I activated [Pitfall] then I activated another [Pitfall] inside of it. This will make a two-stage hole, I throw a stone and cancel the first [Pitfall]. With this, the stone is trapped in second [Pitfall]  

“so, with this we know it’s possible to trap something by using this method”  

“…hoho, it’s completely trapped”  


“and what happens if you cancel the second [Pitfall] now?”  

I already tried it, but I’m not sure what happened. Because I can’t see inside the soil. At least I know the stone didn’t get teleported out above the ground.  

“Is the stone trapped or not…?”  

“Why don’t you test it using a golem?”  

“Good idea!”  

Now I created clay golem instead of stone and threw it inside.  

The result — Yes, the golem is completely buried. I can see the soil is a little bit raised, but I can’t see the process because it’s too deep.  

Next test, I tried to make the upper layer thin enough to only to cover the second one and repeat the process. The lid part was pushed a bit, and the golem half-appeared.  

“I see, I can use it to bury something”  

…And to destroy something, this is good.  

“This is completely indistinguishable from the outside when it closed”  

“Normally you use it as pitfall, can I make it with skill combination?”  

Use the pile stone to make a pile of rock and then use the Pitfall to make a hole directly below it… the activation is a success, but there’s no visible change from the outside. I tried to send golem to the stone, and it fell down into the hole.  

“yes, it’s a success!”  

“With this you can make as many pitfall as you want”  

“Yeah, the pitfall is disappeared when I cancel the magic, but with my magic capacity this won’t become a problem”  

The activation procedure is really similar to [Create Golem]. It gives almost the same feeling.  

Let’s try to make a hole to other object aside soil or rock.  

“Kehma, cast it to this armor to see if you can affect it”  

“oh, Thank you Rokuko, well I also brought one”  

Rokuko took out a metal armor, and I took out a leather armor from the [storage].  

“I will try to make a hole in these armor.”  

“I thought the same thing”  

Rokuko then laughs a little. She seems happy that we thought about the same thing.  

The result. Both armors can be drilled by this skill, oi isn’t this very bad?  

“Then, next test is a living things!”  

Rokuko took out goblin from the [storage], how did she do that? Oh, I see! It’s not a living thing, but a [goblin from the storage]  

“Why do you keep goblin on your storage?” 

“Eh? Isn’t it good if we prepared beforehand, I don’t know if I’m going to need it but I’m preparing it anyway?”  

“No… yeah, I mean… can you put creature in the [storage]?”  

Goblin is usually keep moving, what state does it have on it so it can be put in? Well, since time stops in the [storage], it must only feels like an instant just passed. 

Anyway, I test [Pitfall] against the goblin.  

My magic power is bounced back. It just won’t attach itself to it.  

I change the flow and force it through goblin belly, and it got through, it seems the goblin feels nothing and just standing there, the preparation is long, this likely won’t be useable in battle.  

And then I activated it with large about of mana, a hole is opened in the goblin’s belly. 

“…get to Cover!”  

“Wow, wait, what’s this?”  

Despite having a hole in his stomach, the goblin just standing there with a flat face… the internal organ also did not fall from the cut section; I feel like I put a magic wall here, and it’s space is distorted.  

“Hey Kehma, what will happen if you release it with stick still lodged inside it’s stomatch?”  

“What a horrible idea you impose to this child”  

As expected, I don’t have a heart to do it to an innocent goblin, so I made another tunnel in a rock nearby and put stick made from [Create Golem] inside it. And…. release!  

The stick was pushed out with high speed, but its momentum instantly died when the stick is completely out.  

“It just get pushed out normally?”  

“It seems that it’s pushed out to the direction where it stick out more, what happens if you connect both end?”  


Once again, I made a tunnel in the rock, put a stone and stick into it, connect both with [Create Golem], now we have a giant stone earring.   

And……. Release!!  

The result is, the stone earring is breaking into small pieces…. is this something I can use?  

“How about Orichalcum?”  

“Rokuko… why you are so aggressive today?”  

I’m tired though, and I still haven’t done my research on [Stone Pile]  

“Kehma, I wonder if you could alter Stone Pile chant and replace it with Orichalcum?”  


Stake of stone, be born – that’s the original chant… ughhhh…  

“Grain of Orichalcum, be born!”  

The next moment, I fainted. I might be dead if I said stake.  

By the way, it really did produce a grain of Orichalcum, just a tiny bit though, I cannot even find it without using the map.  


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