LDM 406 – The Making of Special Moves(必殺)

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Next day. We once again visiting our secret training place.  

“Let’s us focus on testing [Stone Pile] today, I can think something interesting if I combine it with [Pitfall]  

“What do you mean?”  

Kukuku, I’m thinking about making a pile bunker, a weapon of man’s romance.  

Activate the [Stone pile] inside the hole that made by [Pitfall], then release [Pitfall], it will then push out the stake made by [Stone Pile]  

“…Kehma, are you okay? Did yesterday mana exhaustion still remain? Did you drink too much mana potions?”  

“is something wrong?”  

“Because if for that, just using [Stone Pile] is enough, you don’t need to use [Pitfall], maybe it still useful for trapping though”  

Rokuko…That’s… that’s actually true?  

“Then… let’s go home and sleep for today”  

“No, Kehma. I’m very motivated today, so I wonder if we can do test with something other than Stone, we didn’t get the chance to test orichalcum yesterday.”  

Well… yeah that’s also true.  


“By the way, Rokuko, how did you find that Orichalcum grain?”  

“fufu, Because I think Orichalcum is an important item, I can use the map to search for its location”  

What’s that, is it like searching for ore vein?  

“Then let’s test modifying [Stone Pile], let’s try make an iron first”  

“Okay, Stake of Iron – be born![Stone pile]”  

*jyakin* a Steel stake grows from the ground. It’s a success. 

“Kehma, how about mithril?”  

“Stake of Mithril – be born![Stone Pile]”  

Ouch, I feel it sucking my magic power at great speed. However, it’s a success, a Mithril stake is born. This rate of consumption would be dangerous for Adamantine or Hihiirokane, even if I made it at toothpick size.  

“… this is grown from the ground, but you are essentially made Mithril from magic power, right?”  

“That’s right”  

“Then… can you grow it from living thing as a base instead from the ground?”  

And Rokuko pull out a goblin again from her [Storage], is it the same guy as before?  

…. let’s test with armor first.   

The result, Iron stake can be grown from iron armor but not from leather armor.  

And this goes without saying, it didn’t work with the goblin.  

“it seems that it need metal or soil as it’s base. Or something with earth element”  

“Wait, is it possible to grow something with same elements with base material? Try to grow a wooden stake from wooded board”  

“Let’s try it… Stake of wood – be born! [Stone Pile]…. Nope”  

I also tried to grow a wooden stake from the ground, but this also failed. It seems to be unlikely to succeed unless both the starting point and result are from earth attribute.  

“What about gem?”  

“Let me try it… Needle of Ruby – be born! [Stone Pile]… ah, it’s appeared”  

The mana consumption is scaring me, so I’m starting from a needle. But surprisingly, I succeeded with little mana spent. It’s cost more than mithril though. I don’t know the standard for the mana cost.  

“Needle… you can put iron plate in your palm and form a thin one at that point”  

“Hidden Blade?”   

“Or if enemy use metal armor, I wonder if you can grow needles from inside the armor”  

“That’s a scary thought!”  

And yes, in fact, I can do that… I can make a needle stick out from inside the armor, for leather armor, I can make it from the metal parts that connects it.  

“.. This [Stone Pile] is brutal magic!!”  

“I think the brutal one is Kehma modifying ability? Normally it cannot do that”  

Su-such a thing is…. the truth…  


Time for some break, we spread a mat, eat a sandwich, and take a nap.  

No… I’m not lazy, I need to recover my magic power, I can’t rely too much on mana potions. Also, you know I’m a Beddhist, I need a nap to do my daily prayer.  

After some time, I woke up. I saw Rokuko thinking about something while touching the Iron stake I produce today.  

“Is something wrong? Rokuko?”  

“… Kehma, can you use this to create Golem?”  

“e? Let’s try it then? [Create Golem]”  

The iron stake made from my mana successfully golemized. Yeah, it transformed without a problem.  

This is… this will save a material cost, and I can make Golem anywhere as long as I have mana. Even Mithril or ruby Golem?  

Yeah… this [Stone Pile] is cheat magic, you can make as much material as you want, even when it’s limited to earth attribute materials.  

For example… you can use [Stone Pile] to pull out a stake of iron from your hand, then use [Create Golem] to make golem blade… As long as your mana last, you will have infinite swords. {infinite blade works!?} 

“Can you instantly make golem by combining both spell at the same time?”  

“Is it possible? Well…. Iron dolls – be born and become my servants [Stone Pile] [Create Golem]—–!!?”  

I activate two magic at the same time. But the result is not what we expected. The magic is intertwined, and the formation becomes incomprehensible. The magical power lost it’s anchor and creating a ball on my hands.  

“Cho, ma, uooo”  

THIS IS BAD, I immediately throw it to the nearby rock…  

–Bokyun! !! Megyon! !!  

The rock that was hit by my magic power are melded and become iron in someplace, but its shapes are distorted. It grew from the ground like a hand holding a ball… the heck is this?  

“Achaa, so, this is what happens if you forcefully mix a magic? it will go wild.”  

“L-Looks like it…?”  

“But this seems to hold come destructive power, Kehma, can you do it again?”  

That’s the idea when she sees my magic power running wild, and now she wants to do it intentionally? Rokuko, what a scary child! Is this because of Aidi’s influence?  

“What will happen when you did it with other magic?”  

“… let’s try it with lower tier magic”  

“Because it certainly will go wild, let’s mix a lot attributes into it!”  

That’s a totally dangerous thing she thought of, but in the end, I decided to do as Rokuko suggest.  

“Don’t worry, it’s okay! Let’s do it!”  

I asked Rokuko to take some distance because it’s possible that this will explode, for myself, I decided to use [Super Transformation] as insurance, with this I’m safe even if I had to die once.  

I won’t even dare to try this if I don’t have revival function from [Super Transformation].   

Anyway, time for the test.  

“Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, Darkness – attack my enemy! [Fireball][Waterball][Earth bind][Air Cutter][Light][Blind]”  

I build up the formation as attack magic and targeting a huge pseudo-hand I made earlier, the magic power of 6 different elements are mixed together.  

Immediately after contact, the mixed power exploded, let hand-like object are evaporated in 3 seconds…  

“Wow… amazing”  

I wholeheartedly agree with Rokuko murmur, the power of this spell is amazing.  

And if I didn’t specify it to be an [attack], I’m sure it will explode to all direction.  

“Rokuko… this is dangerous, really dangerous… and you know what? It’s only cost six lower tier spell worth of mana”  

“…Kehma, how many times you can shoot this with your current magic capacity?”  

“As much as I want, it only takes a few second for me to recover my mana naturally”  

“Let’s give it a name… I know! Let’s call it Elemental Burst!”  

Ah, a proper name. With that, we decide to call this move as [Elemental Burst], magic that intentionally let multiple elements go wild.  

Since I had a fixed image now, it’s possible to use [Elemental Burst] as keywords next time I cast it, omitting all other magic elements name. This only possible because I use only the basic form of six elements.  

… For now, let’s called it my special move. This is also my first original magic.  

I wonder if other people can use it.  

TL notes  

so how is the dark mode feels ? this site still need more tinkering that’s why I’m not listing it at NU. anyway if there’s something you want pleas comment below, I will try my best to fulfill it.

Pilebunker… Alteisein interfering with isekai, AGAIN  

Elemental burst … did I translate the wrong novel? No, it’s not Super Robot Taisen… strange…  

必殺 – hissatsu = special move, certain kill skill. Any suggestion? To be honest, I’m not comfortable calling it special move. 


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