LDM 407 – Developing skill variant.

Few days away from the tournament.
Rokuko and I continued our secret training, and we always go to this hidden place.
No, seriously, we only did a secret training. I did nothing suspicious.

“[Elemental shot]!”
psu it opened a hole about the size of a marble on target rock.
This is the small version of [Elemental Brust]. The chance is my opponent will instantly die if I use [Elemental Burst] on the tournament, so I can’t use it as it is.
This attack variant is suppressing the radius of Elemental Burst. Still, its power is left unchanged, or rather than unchanged, it’s become more focused, resulting in increased strength and speed.

“Hopefully if this hit you, you won’t die.”
Though if hole like this opened in my body, I might die from bleeding, but this is a world with healing magic, it should not matter that much.
There’s also a chance that I hit some bad place that will be cause an instant kill. If that happens, it’s unfortunate. But I will try to avoid that as best as I can.
By the way, this [Elemental Shot] is coming from Rokuko suggestion, she said [Isn’t it better if you didn’t kill people needlessly] a very sounds argument from her.
And as a bonus, I can shoot this like a Gatling gun. I feel a little bit like a villain.

“How about [Elemental Flash]? is it ready to use?”
“no… well… I do understand the theory, but for now it’s a suicide technique.”

[Elemental Flash] is a wide range circular attack. It works by engulfing [Elemental Burst] around your body and unleash it, this is also Rokuko Idea.
However, since you have become the center point of that explosion, it’s given that you also took full damage from it. In Rokuko theory you will protect yourself by emitting several [Elemental Burst] in a thin layer to negate its blast, but… the problem is [Elemental Burst] is working on magic power that running wild, so you have no control over it, it’s very difficult to activate it in small scale, and it’s not possible to do as Rokuko theory suggest.
In the end, I can make it to go to all direction, but that’s no different than [Elemental Burst]
For a substitute, I can make a cube shape image and opening just one side of it to let the blast go in one direction.
I should be able to position it on the left, right, back, front, and top. Excluding the bottom, because it will face the ground, well this would be more like one-sided [Elemental Flash]
We pushed out the idea of [Elemental Shot] so we can use it in the tournament, per Rokuko request
… it may be bothersome to win normally, but the most effective way to get [God’s Pajama] is to win the tournament. The second-best thing is to buy it from the winner.

“Okay let’s wrap up our special training for today.”

Rokuko hugs my arms… our distance become a lot closer since we come to Demon Kingdom,
What…did you think you can do as you like because we are away from home?
I wonder if I will be killed when we got home.

“Kehma, can we sleep together today?”
“I don’t really mind, let’s put the bed out first.”

Rokuko lay futon on a flat rock, she said to sleep together, but I intend to do nothing. So, I will just use [Stone Pile] to produce orichalcum, that way, I can put myself into sleep(faint).
It also serves as special training to increase your magic capacity or to be exact to train your magic recovery power. It seems if you use all your magic at once, your recovery is getting stronger.
But we are sleeping outdoor, there’s a threat of the monsters lurking around us, so we using Rokuko’s [God’s Comforter]. With this, we will be safe even if a monster attacks, or rather the attack won’t even come in the first place.

“come here Kehma.”

Rokuko invites me while sitting on a bed and spreading her arms wearing [God’s comforter] in poncho-like style. The [God’s Comforter] can only be used along with its user, Rokuko…. but why she wears it like that… and yeah, I cannot let Rokuko get attacked while I’m comfortably using [God’s Comforter]. Hence, it’s only natural to use it together.
There’s nothing strange about it, there’s nothing weird about it!

“It’s okay, this is not in Aidi’s territory, there’s only me and Kehma here” {I think she meant dungeon monitoring function}
“Oh, okay.”

I could no longer refuse Rokuko’s invitation, and I was hugged tightly by her inside the comforter.
With the effect of absolute comfort given by [God’s comforter], I totally succumb to Rokuko warmth, I just cannot resist it, the blanket of God’s Comforter has a function to provide you with perfect temperature even if you are dipped into the magma. Once you go into it, there’s no escaping its comfort.
Anyway… let’s go faint. I mean, let’s go to sleep “Grain of Orichalcum — be born[Stone Pile].” Guh.

It was evening when I woke up.
My magic power is fully replenished, this is probably the effect of [God’s Comforter]. However, I do not want to leave this place because it is too comfortable, it feels like kotatsu in the winter.
Oops, Rokuko is drolling, … [Clean]

“Master, how are you feeling?”

Ichika said that while looking down, it seems she come to pick us.

“Well, hello Ichika… how the Rat Race progress?”
“It’s all done now.”

What is left is monitoring its progress and troubleshooting. She is allowed to stay as long as our study abroad duration lasts. Meaning Ichika will have some free time now. Also, she is the one who had the most open time among us.

“But really… Do you want to keep staying inside and continue flirting? That’s so hot.”
“Ah… well, I haven’t done anything wrong, but please keep this as absolute secret to Haku.”
“yeah, yeah, Rokuko-sama, it’s time for dinner.”

I get out of comforter, Ichika woke up Rokuko by poking her cheeks.

“Hmm… what is for dinner…?”
“Meat Udon”
“Again? I’m tired of it, I want to eat something else… but that’s the only dish that stood out here… uh huh… let’s go home Kehma.”

Rokuko did a long stretch and putting away [God’s Comforter] in the [Storage]

“Well, Master, since I’m free, will I attend to special training from tomorrow?”
“Oh. well, we are done here, also it’s about time I practice close quarter combat for arena, I have obtained a high firepower, but I’m not sure if I can use it in real combat.”

Ah … but This is a power also cannot be used in friendly mock battle, especially with your comrades.
No matter how good your recovery magic is, it will leave a bad taste if you leave a hole open in your friend’s body, you can even die if you hit at a vital place.
… for the arena, I will need to learn CQC with cloth golem assistance. This is our tournament training schedule for now.


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