LDM 408 – Extra: Melon Bread Festival

Extra: Melon Bread Festival

{TL note: not my doing. The author decided to do 3rd person storytelling for this chapter, well almost every extra is like that}

“Melon bread … Festival!?”

That day Rokuko take a look at Dungeon menu, and such a thing appeared.
Inside that, there’s several Melon Bread icons, and Rokuko immediately reports to Kehma.

“Oh, Kehma, take a look at this!”
“Hmmm, what? … Melon Bread Festival?”
“That’s right!”

Furthermore, when you take a closer look, there’s a small notice that said [Rokuko Only].
At a glance it looks like a supermarket pamphlet or flyer, Kehma wondered who sent this? And he saw [Father] signature and decided to stop thinking further.

“Three days of Melon Bread Festival”
“… a limited time event? So there’s such a thing”

Rokuko about to click Melon Bread icon from the DP catalog. However we are currently on Demon Kingdom, we won’t gain any DP generated from [Cave of Desire]

“Which should I select… Should I just press all of them?”
“No, please limit it to 1000DP, we need to save our DP”
“…oh I know!, I will allow Aidi to use this option, for 1000DP!”

Ah, so you going to play that hand? Rokuko passion for Melon bread is truly surpassing her love for goblin. Kehma said that while scratching his head.
Then they headed to Aidi’s place.

“What is it Rokuko. Do you need me for something?”
“ah Aidi, your timing is just right, there’s Melon Bread Festival being held. Please give me DP, 1000DP for the time being.”
“Melon Bread Festival?”
“It’s a festival dedicated to Melon Bread”
“… Sorry, I won’t participate on that, I will give it for Choco Cornet though”

Said Aidi while sight and looking not sorry at all.

“Yes, there is, a Cornet”
“There’s Cornet Melon Bread listed here in the catalog. Maybe it’s a special limited edition for this festival”
“Here, take it, 1000DP right?”

Aidi is quickly fallen to Choco Cornet temptation. It’s her favorite thing, it cannot be helped.

“I wonder if it stronger that 100 Choco cornets.”
“Okay, with this the negotiation is success”
“Fufufu, it’s a combination of Melon Bread skin and Cornet shape, a harmony between defense and offence, this is the strongest”
“Yeah I also wonder how will it turn out, ah… I will start with giant Melon Bread first.”

Rokuko catches big fluffy, creamy melon bread, and Aidi gets Cornet Melon Bread. Looking at them, Kehma felt like his stomach is hurting.

“oi, You can’t have dinner if you over eat”
“What are you saying?”
“Yeah, Cornet goes into another stomach”

Troublesome Dungeon core like them are in fact, can have another stomach, on even … theoretically, they can eat endlessly if they absorb it with dungeon function.

“Look at this! It’s bigger than Ichika’s boobs!”
“it is!”
“Why did you compare it to Ichika’s chest size?”

It’s bigger than melon from Kehma’s point of view, probably around four or five times bigger than normal Melon Bread.

“But it has no cream.”
“It’s just big.”
“But it’s still good”

Then Rokuko stuffs her face into the giant melon bread. She was like a small animal trying to eat melon bread.

“It has the taste of normal melon bread, it’s delicious”
“it’s big and powerful, but that’s it”
“no, it’s not what I mean, the taste was the same, but the texture of this melon bread is closer to sponge cake, this is not possible with normal melon bread”

Next, it’s Aidi’s turn to eat Cornet Melon Bread.

“The spiral part is hidden by Melon Bread crust, it’s become invisible to the naked eye, but this is certainly a Cornet, the cream inside have solid rich flavour”
“What about melon bread itself?”
“well it’s as you can see, only the crust… this is feels more like gauntlet and sword, it certainly not bad.”

Is it similar to earth weapon called Pata?**
… Kehma wonders why she compares bread to weapons, but since she is satisfied, Kehma decided not to pursue it further.
There are various kinds of melon bread, like… Melon bread with croquette, Melon Bread with bacon sandwiched between it, Melon Bread burger… but the bread part will always be melon bread.
Isn’t this just putting Melon Bread on everything?
Kehma thought so.

“This one is sweet and sour, and the best part, it has melon bread”
“Your relationship to Melon bread are like dog and it’s master”
“Ofcourse! It’s Melon Bread!”
“Anything is okay as long it has Melon Bread?”
“Yes, anything is okay as long as it has Melon Bread!”

However, for Rokuko, the Melon Bread seems good with everything. Even when it was sweet and salty, so it seemed like an amazing surprise taste in a good way.
It seems that’s also a whipped cream sandwiched in melon bread, with fruit salad inside it.
In short, everything is Melon Bread.

“This is the ultimate Melon Bread! Both real melon and Melon Bread in one, connected by fresh cream, this is [sweet x sweet x sweet = sweet!!!]” {that’s diabetes right there}
“Rocco, please share it with mw, I’m also curious about fruit sandwiches”
“A fresh cream and fruit sandwiched between bread, it’s sweet and delicious”
“Can I get a normal fruit sandwich later?”
“Aidi have much DP huh…”

Rokuko has satisfied herself with a heaven of melon bread. It seems that she can collapse anytime. She also smells sweet—Kehma Nod in his head.
There’s also this melon bread crust without the bread.

“This is no longer bread, isn’t this just cookie?”
“What makes you think that Rokuko?”
“Wait, it has the taste and aroma of melon bread, so let’s call it Cookie Melon Bread… I’ll buy ten of them for the time being”
“ah, okay. Let’s buy it”
“This is not just a dessert anymore”

Why Cookie Melon Bread is dessert? That sandwich earlier is more fitting to be called dessert because it had at least a fruit in them, that’s Kehma retorts in his head, but he will stop questioning it for now.
It’s useless to argue about this.
And of course, there are regular melon bread and premium melon bread.
But overall, it’s the price is low, the super-giant melon bread only cost 5DP.
If you spend 1000DP on this festival, you can do all-you-can-eat on melon bread.

“This Melon Bread festival is the best!”
“Won’t there be something like Cornet Festival next?” nomnom*

Kehma thought they won’t be able to eat dinner after this, but as expected of dungeon core, they just absorb it all with dungeon function. There’s also a possibility that they did have a different space to store that large amount of Melon Bread in their stomach.

“…in the end I guess you are happy with this?”
“Do you also want to eat Kehma? Here’s a Melon Bread”

The room is wrapped in the sweet scent of Melon Bread.
Regardless of what he thought, he still receives Melon Bread from Rokuko, and today meal is Melon Bread all day along.

TL note:
“Bigger than Ichika boobs!” — DO YOU KNOW HOW BIG NORMAL MELON BREAD IS !!! And Ichika’s even bigger than that?!?!?


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