LDM 409 – Extra: Those who has been forgotten

Aidi’s towns are experiencing a festive mood as the time for fighting tournament approaches.
This town is originally not her’s, Aidi and Sebas snatch this town from the former ruler by defeating him in a duel.
In Demon Kingdom, the fight for territory managed by Dungeon Core is likely resembling Japan Warring State period. The method of acquisition is either by duel or group battle and that not only limited to town. Their dungeon area will also be traded along with the territory.
The state of the town itself is not much different compared to Empire. For me, they are looks precisely from what I expect from other world towns. The only difference is the existence of a wall. Somehow Demon Kingdom’s town is feels a bit sloppy compared to Empire because of this.
One difference that really stood out more is probably the food.

“Kehma, there’s a stall over there! Let’s go!”
“Oh… What are they selling? This is… Orange sweets?”
“This is Haruwa, it made from sweetened carrot and wheat flour”
“uuu…Carrots… “

I take a walk with Rokuko in Demon Kingdom town, Rokuko happily murmuring [it’s a date], but since Ichika and Niku are following us, for me, it didn’t feel that way. And Rokuko, you need to eat your vegetables properly, I’m worried if your height won’t increase.

“Oh? Kehma, what are you doing here?”

I was leisurely taking a walk when my name is called. I took a turn to look at who they are, and there stood two adventurers. Who are they? And why I’m feeling a sense of de javu?

“It’s me Uzoh! You once safe my life!”
“and I’m Muzoh! Also, I’m sorry I still cannot keep my promises to go back to village!”
“…sorry I don’t remember having acquaintance with such name, eh did you really promise me that?”

Uzomuzo Brothers. They are C-ranked adventurers that I met once before. I remember they are my first customer in [Dancing Dolls Pavilion]. Also they got caught in [Avarice Trap] and gave me a lot of DP.
Because they feel indebted to me, who sacrifice my Magic Sword(Blade Golem) to save them, they said they will be going to adventure in search for a replacement magic sword, and that’s how I come to possess my beloved sword, magic sword Siesta, a magic sword with the power to inducing sleep. It was given to me as a replacement for my Magic Sword(Golem Blade).

“Why you guys here, I thought you are Empire’s adventures.”
“yeah… I did a mistake with a quest I received some time ago; we are almost died.”
“Are we are saved by this country people; we cannot go home just like that”

Long story short seems some Demon Kingdom citizen helped them, and to return the favor, they will go into this tournament and get its prize. They come to this town to register for the tournament.

“hee, is that so? I will also participating in that tournament”
“Is that right? But I’m sorry, I won’t give you any leeway if we ended up facing each other.”
“Right, we feel indebted to you, but this and that are different matter.”
“There’s no problem with that. But I have this one request.”

Then I asked Uzomuzo brother about ‘that matter’. [if you happened to get [God’s Pajama] as a prize, let me be the one who buys it from you].

“and of course I’m ready to pay the proper price”
“I see, yes I can accept that, right Muzoh?”
“Yeah, it’s a request from Kehma after all, Uzoh”

Okay, with this we have one more chance to get [God’s Pajama]
By the way, they told me [In this country, if you are not strong enough, your negotiation partner won’t even talk to you, but since it’s Kehma, I guess that was needless worry], aren’t you guys overestimating me?
They also finally noticed Siesta, that hanging from my waist.

“…Kehma, what’s the magic sword on you waist?”
“Huh? What’s wrong… hahaha! No way! that sword is…”
“Oh. This sword is Siesta that I got it from you guys”
“Sleep sword Siesta! No way! you still have it…!”
“Uzo, you don’t know how happy I am at this moment!!”

Don’t exaggerate it, guys. Then they took out their own Magic Sword (Golem Blade). One of them is a dagger type. I remember giving it to them as a token of appreciation for giving me Siesta.

“Kehma, We still using the magic sword you gave to us”
“ah… these swords are treasure for both me and Uzoh, but recently they are started rattling and stopped working”
“Hmm? Let me take a look at that.”

I took both swords from them.
… ah the golem life in this sword has run out, this sword is basically a golem, the more you use it, the more they will shave their hit points. And Golem is not living being, they cannot heal by themselves. So it means, they will eventually wear out and die.
Both Golem (blade) has died.
I did give it some protection, but it seems they really have been working hard, and of course, it’s natural for them to reach their end of life. As a creator of these swords, it’s impossible not feeling happy looking at them has been used up to this point.


I hide my hand and apply [Create Golem] to revive them, I also repair wear and tear in the sword’s body. And to mask all of that I cast [Activate] which is falls into life magic to rejuvenates soil.

“Here, it’s fixed. You guys are lucky”
“… What? Eh? Hey, wait a minute, Kehma!”
“What did you do?! What [Activate] actually did just now?”

When I returned those swords, Uzoh and Muzoh were surprised, well damn, I would be too if someone pats your magic sword a little and suddenly it’s fixed.

“I learned this trick from the blacksmith in the village, the sword is basically a metal and metal is originally a soil, therefore I only need to activate the ‘soil’ to repair the broken part. I’m sure it will works fine now, I’m glad it’s not too severe.”

By the way, I do actually try that, and [Activate] can really replenish Golem HP by a bit, though if it’s dead, it won’t have any effect.

“… it’s trade secret, so keep it to yourself”
“ooo okay, I see. Then let’s apply [Activate] everyday,”
“uh huh, by the way, how much this repair cost?”
“Don’t mind it, don’t mind it, it’s a bonus because Siesta is my favorite sword now”

No, Siesta is not just great. It already recognized as the holy sword of Beddishm.

“Kehmaaa, let’s do to the stalls, I want to eats some sweets”
“Oops, sorry… well then, see you later”

I was rushed by Rokuko and promptly finished our chat, she then pulled me to nearby stalls.

“…Kehma, why did you fix their sword? They could be an enemy in tournaments. It’s better to leave it broken”
“It’s not like that, with this they will owe a me a favour, so when the time comes our negotiation should be a little bit easier. And I actually can win easily if it against those two”
“nnn, that’s okay if you already had it planned out, Niku, is it hard to beat those two?”
“……Yes, I will try my best”

—- Why Rokuko thirst to win is especially strong this time?
And Niku seems to be more motivated than usual.
When we got home, I think she will come to me to do mock battle again, I better do my best too.
For the sake of [God’s Pajama]


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