LDM 410 – Calculation

It’s early in the morning, the day before the tournament.
Niku and I were using the arena for one last touch on our preparation.

“Oi, Kehma, your timing just now is…”
“ah, I see… it’s better to make it go slower”

By the way, I ask some advice from Sebas, and since then he has seen my fighting style, and it seems he’s mellowed down after that, we are friends now.
Thanks to his advice my fighting skill has improved, my movement without Golem Clothes also getting better, in combination with my firepower it seems like I had a minimum ability to participate in the tournament now. At least Sebas has said so.

(Participants usually must go through a local qualifier to enter qualifier rounds then you can enter main events. But since you are an exchange student from other countries, we exempt you from that)

In the case of Niku, she will at least reach 8th place or higher, with that our chance to win [God’s Pajama] is increased. And I’m still hiding my trump card (that only I aware of) I think our chance to get the prize is pretty good.
By the way, Dungeon cores will participate in different tournaments – separate from this tournament where the second prize is [God’s Pajama]. The first-place winner prize is the rights to challenge the Great Demon Lord (core number 6), it’s a prize for a battle maniac, for me [God’s Pajama] is a better prize, no doubt about that.

“Honetsly, I didn’t think that puppy will grow so fast in this short amount of time…”

Fufu, isn’t she’s awesome? Niku won against Sebas in today mock battle.
That Niku started running around the arena at neck-breaking speed to build up her strength even more.
Also, she can stop her breathing for a minute now. It looks like she’s been training after been told by Aidi that [Breathing is weakness], it’s kind of funny that she actually can practice that.

“Oi Kehma, who that puppy really is? Where do you find her?”
“She’s my hugging pillow, well, before… she was cheap beast slave that I saved from bandits”
“She is cheap…? is it the Empire levels that too high? Or poor judgement from slave trader…. I wonder which one is it…”

She has the growth potential which no normal beastman had; my support may also boosting that growth.
Moreover, her clothes are lined up by Orichalcum grain that I produce every day. It’s a new safety procedure. So I just replied to him with a smile.
I wonder if I can [God’s Pajamas] without the need to negotiate with the winner, I was sure my face is making a perverted grin right now.

Aidi, Rokuko and Ichika come to us.

“She’s really did it”
“Yes my Lady, she did take one winning from me”
“Well… Master, are prepared to be punished later?”
“…tsk, for sure my Lady”

Sebas is annoyed. Sending that Sebas a sidelong glance, Rokuko come to me and hands me a towel.

“Here Kehma, you are sweating a lot… you tried really hard this time.”
“Well yeah, because this time [God’s Pajama] is the prize, I need it for my daily good night sleep”
“You really spare no effort if it’s for your sleep”

I wiped the sweat from my face with a towel I received from Rokuko. When I returned it to her I said [My back is also sweaty] she then put the towel in [storage] and then cast [Clean] on me………. wait, from the beginning isn’t [Clean] would suffice?

“Afterall… tomorrow is the tournament, but I don’t have enough confidence to get [God’s Pajama]”
“eh? What are you talking about? Aren’t you only need to give up at the final and get second prize”

Rokuko said that like that’s a matter of fact, of course, if I could just do that, then I won’t have this problem in the first place.

“Do you really think me or Niku can win all the way to final?”
“Of course, I’m trained with you! I’m confident that you will make it to the final”
“It’s not for certain Rokuko, I learned a lot after sparring with Sebas. this [Elemental Shot] can be evaded by people on his caliber, can I really avoid people like Sebas until I reach the final?”

That’s the fact, Sebas can avoid this shot. And once I missed, he will immediately jump in for the counter-attack, I had a plan to leave the retreat maneuver to clothes golem, but I just can’t aim in roller-coaster-like movement caused by clothes golem. It’s easier to aim while I am standing still.
As a result, I can only do once or two decent shots while he approaches me. If only I can use Rokuko’s [Elemental Flash] idea, the fight will flow in a better direction.

“e? What are you talking about? You don’t have to ignore those attacks, just shoot at them. ”
“What am I talking about? What are you talking about? I can’t just ignore their attack”
“…I thought you going to borrow my blanket?”


“…blanket? did you mean [God’s Comforter]?”
“OfCourse it is, why would I lend you normal blanket?”

Wait. That is.., if I can use [God’s Comforter] then…

“Just a minute Rokuko, are you sure you can ignore the attack with [God’s Comforter]?”
“Yes, [father] has guaranted me that the [God’s Comforter] has an absolute defense”

— Attack Invalidation? That Comforter is too overpowered.

In other words, I can use the blanket and just barrage my enemy with magic, I will become an invincible magic turret, or better, just wear it like a poncho, and you can be a magic tank.
Therefore if the enemy can be defeated by [Elemental Shoot], then you can undoubtedly win the tournament. Said Rokuko.
Afterall there’s no chance that I will run out of ammo. My recovery may fall a little behind the [Elemental Shot] cost, but that is the case without calculating the [God’s Comforter] recovery effect. Hahaha.

“… Isn’t that cheating?”
“There’s an example case like Aidi, if it’s counts as cheating when you use magic tools created by my [father] then Magic Sword user should be prohibited? Aidi is Magic Sword type core and she is [father] creation isn’t it?”
“… That was pushing it, but valid logic”
“Also, this tournament accepted the use of golem right? What stopping you from using magic armor?”
“… that actually makes sense”

Rokuko theory about Aidi… I don’t see any problem with that.

… yeah, I can get it with brute force.
To think that I was actually preparing to get [God’s Pajama] by negotiating with the winner.
Before I know it I was influenced by this Demon Kingom’s way too, Maybe all this Udon has eroded my brain.

“Aidi groups seems to go to challenge Great Demon Lord, while we are aiming at the [God’s Pajama], we can just give up first prize to them, right Kehma?”
“Yeah, you are right”

But this makes me feel like I’m cheating, though it suits me as cowardly Dungeon’s Master. Let’s aim for second place and get that [God’s Pajama].

“…Master, what should I do?”

Niku stopped running and look at me.
Is she anxious because I can get God’s Pajama without relying on her? Well… Niku is mine and Rokuko bodyguard, it’s never wrong for her to get stronger.

“Niku… you are you, why don’t you aim as high as possible? … you can get any prize you want”
“Niku, just go for it! I know you can win this”
“Yes, I will do my best”

… No, I won’t say it easy, because there’s always a possibility that something will happen, so it may be still difficult to win this tournament.


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