LDM 411 – Qualifier tournament start

Today, the day of qualifier fighting tournament rounds. This day finally arrived. 

We are coming to the arena where the event is held, this arena is four times bigger than our usual training Arena. It’s like the difference between the school courtyard and Athletic field. 

“What a great view.” 

“It’s always like this every year.” 

The stalls filled up the street, Demon Kingdom people like Harpy and Lizardman (and some actual monster) are merrily enjoying the festival. 

… uh, I just saw beetle walking on two legs, is he from insect tribe? 

“This is only qualifier rounds, the main event will be held at Demon Kingdom capital.” 

“Will Wataru participate?” 

“That’s right Rokuko. as a Hero, he has been seeded for main event so he can skip qualifying rounds. If you want to fight him, then you need to win this and participate in main event.” 

It should be noted since I will be competing as a representative of the same nation(Empire). We will be placed on different block to avoid us clashing against each other in the early match. That said Niku will still fight against Wataru if she can advance to semi-finals. 

“Hm? Then Sebas can’t advance to final because he will always face me or Wataru, if that happens then he won’t be able to challenge higher tier tournaments, right?” 

“If he lose here, he will participate in tournaments as My Master. It will be miserable for him but it cannot be helped? Since his opponent are Hero Afterall.” 

“Unfortunately my lady, aside from this cheating guy here, I don’t plant to lose to a sweet hero that always playing in the Luke-warm environment.” 

“Ara Master? Don’t you know Wataru is famous as one-man army?” 

“Wataru is stronger than Niku, can Sebas that lost to Niku win against him?” 

Sebas cannot refute Aidi and Rokuko words, he looks pitiful. 

I mean, Wataru is a one-man army. 

I can only send him a wry smile. 

“He was called a hazy nightmare or a smiling slaughterer Pierrot as his second name.” 

“What the hell is those names, I will be scared shitless if there’s a laughing Pierrot in battlefield.” 

“Although it is common for people from different worlds and heroes to playing with life… Hero Wataru is different, he is not playing with life, he understands the weight of taking someone life and take them properly.” 

“…now it’s even scarier to imagine what his smile looks like.” 

It reminds me that Wataru once told Nerune [I don’t have the rights to go back to Japan anymore] … Yeah, I should tell Nerune to be kinder to Wataru next time. 

“Kehma, focus on winning swiftly for the time being” 

“ah, okay.” 

Rokuko cheered for me, and I entered the arena. 


And the qualifier rounds started. The opening ceremony is quickly finished, and the battle starts immediately. 

I wear the [God’s Comforter] like a cloak and join the fray. 

This [God’s Blanket] can change its outer form to some extent, I changed it to make it look like regular thick cloth… well like a blanket. 

For now, let’s see how many should I defeat to qualify in the main tournament?… and is it necessary to have so many matches? When I asked Aidi, she just answers with [Just defeat as much as possible?] 

… well, this [God’s Blanket] will serve as my handicap. 

Anyway, the formats seem to be a fight one-on-one. There is four arena, and four qualifiers match can be held at once. 

“Huh, come to me weakling! My fang sword will tear you to shred.” 

“ah, nice to meet you too… and it’s better to stop judging people from his appearance.” 

My first opponent is Sahagin with pink scales, on top of his scales he wears armor, his weapon is something like piranha fang. 

The battle begins. I shoot [Elemental shot] at once, I must secure the first hit. 


“eh, it hit?” 

“u-ugh, you got me…” 

“Well, will you give up already?” 

–stupid. You just had to kneel to avoid that. If this was Sebas, he would gladly start slashing at me right now and that shot won’t even hit at all. 

Well, I would give up. If I’m being you, you will only receive pain like this. 

“Kehma Gollen first match, win! Please wait here for your second match, it will come soon.” 


But I still wait as told by the referee, this time pig beastman appeared, he is 1.5 times taller than me and 3 times wider than me. He is massive, not to mention full body armor that he’s wearing. 

“Kukuku, you won’t penetrate the defense of this great me!” 

“Ah, nice to meet you… is it counts as my win if I can penetrate your defense?” 

“Sure! Let’s see if you can! Mwahaha!” 

That’s why in this second match I aim right at the center of his stomach because it seems that it was not his vital point, it pierced right through his belly, ah don’t worry I got my aim at the wall, so I won’t bother other participants. 

“What a fearsome penetration power… y-you got me…” 


The pigman was carried out by stretcher. But with the wound of that size, it will be patched up by healing magic right away. 

The audiences who witness my match are starting to make a ruckus. I wonder if that pig is actually of the best candidate for champs? No way, right? 

“Kehma Gollen won his second match! Now please wait a minute.” 

“oh? I’m still not done? how long must I keep doing this?” 

Isn’t a thing like this usually had a break between? 

“This time is special, requested by our sponsor, ah… this how the tournament table looks like.” 

“…oi, why everyone but me is seeding?” 

Look at this! This tournament table is clearly foul play. 

My name is on the leftmost side, but as soon as I won, everyone will seed against me, this continued to the end of the match. 

And if the last one win against me, he will immediately be qualified for qualifier rounds. 

“You bastard! This is obviously rigged!” 

“Oh, on the contrary, this make me jealous! what connection did you had to get the match arranged this way? Or is it forced on you? Well either way this is great! Hahahya!” 

“…Ah, okay, can I switch with the guy on rightmost position?” 

“We will not allow such unfair conduct.” 

What the heck are you saying, the unfair one is this tournament table! 

“Ke-Kehma!! Just do it!! KILL-THEM–A-L-L!!!” 

“Rokuko you are too excited, let’s watch this in more elegant manners.”

Rokuko and Aidi were watching from Audience front row, I wonder since when they are there. 

“Oi Aidi! What the meaning of this!?” 

“I arranged it for Rokuko sake, and since I let you play more than others, I think you should thank me?” 

“Do you even know the meaning of [thank you]?” 

“fufu, don’t mention it.” 

Not good, my words are not reaching her… is it another culture difference? 

But… unlike Sebas which really strong, all these people are retiring just by one hit from [Elemental Shot], and I successfully won this local qualifier rounds. 

Some guys able to avoid the first shot but it only took a few more shots to win against them, they can’t penetrate the (cheat)defensive power of [God’s Comforter] 

… ah yeah, anyway I’m safe with this [God’s Comforter], and now I wonder if I should win using [Pitfall] or [Stone Pile]… In the end, I was able to win just by showing only one card of mine. 

TL notes : 

Okay, here’s the thing… I miss translated some of the lines at 410 – it fixed now. 

(Participants usually must go through a qualifier rounds then you can enter main events. But since you are an exchange student from other countries, we exempt you from that) 

That one paragraph, I do actually know the literal translation. Still, it didn’t make sense to me until I read this chapter, it supposed to be like this:  

(Participants usually must go through a local qualifier to enter qualifier rounds then you can enter main events. But since you are an exchange student from other countries, we exempt you from that) 

“must go through a local qualifier to enter qualifier rounds”… I thought this was my error in my understanding, but hey… it’s not… the heck, local qualifier before qualifier rounds, on the same city? But why? Even DBZ didn’t bother to do that much… I blame it to DBZ, so yeah… please blame Akira Toriyama instead… okay? No? Damn. 


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