LDM 412 – EXTRA: Gollen Village Dungeon at the same time.

Ereca changed to Eleca – see TL notes.  

Eleca, a fairy born to manage a dungeon  

She is famously known as Rei’s direct subordinate.   

“Good work today, Rei-sama. Please have some tea”  

“ah, thanks”  

“Rei-sama, I have done the daily check on Greedy inn”   

“ah, good work”  

“Rei-sama, clay golem production is increased as scheduled”  

“I see, I see, Good work.”  

“Rei-sama, I have finished repairing the used pitfall trap”  

“… Thank you”  


“Wait a minute please”  

Rei comes to the master room to check the daily report of dungeon management, Elecas gently flocked into her. As a special fairy, Eleca has the skill [specialization] and can divide her body into multiple characters, which each can take a turn between work and rest.   

“… please merge first before giving me a report”   

“””” Understood””””   

And her presence has solved their shortage of human resources.  

She can do 16 people’s worth of works. Since she is also a dungeon monster, it’s also possible for her to utilize golem and goblin. With that function, even if she divides herself into only a light ball form, she can still do decent work.  

Kehma also created clay [doll] in human shape for her. It serves her well as convenient tools… no, it serves as a suitable body for her.  

(By the way, the first doll golem Kehma made is originally meant for ring succubus, she use it for the time she’s working at the inn, But since she accompanies Kehma to the Demon Kingdom, her temporary body become vacant.) 

“…uhmm, that means my daily work is already finished”  

“Yes, I also have done the research about [Tsia Mountain tunnel digger]. It also possible to summon monster in there. So, there’s no need for Rei to inspect that tunnel.”  

“Was my schedule for today is empty then?”  

“No, we have this one adventurer that recklessly attacking a flock of goblin and seriously injured. Luckily his life is saved by an adventurer that passing by, but I don’t know what to do with him from here.”  

“Oh, I already him treated in the church, so there’s no problem there.”   

Too easy, that Rei thought after received reports from the fairy.  

Was it always this easy?   

No, of course not.   

Rei is always busy since she also works as Beddishm Saint, however after Eleca comes and helps her manage the dungeon. Recently, she only needs to listen to the report.  

Rei felt like there are some muddy feeling in her mind.   

[I’m not satisfied with this, I want to help MasterMaster with my own hands]  

… it may be against Beddishm teaching, but she wants to work more. Though until recently, she cannot do so because she was already so busy working as Beddhism Saint. But now… things are different.  

If only something can go wrong, then I can do more work…?   


“uh, no, nothing”   

It was a dark thought; Rei shakes her head a little and rearranged her mind.  

Dangerous, dangerous.  

The fact that her Master is A-rank adventurer and village chief of Gollen hired her. It must be to solve just a small problem regarding adventurers that roaming in the dungeon. So, he does not need to personally come to the dungeon.  

She doesn’t think something can go wrong in the first place.  

“Any other problem aside from that?”  

“I think Rokuko-sama’s pet want to play. So, I suggest to do mock battle”  

“What kind of battle you have in mind?”  

“Since Phenny is phoenix, her main means to attack are flaming wing, I consider a battle with Jewel turtle spinning attack and Mimic jump attack will serve as good exercise. That’s some of the training idea I had.”  

Indeed, that battle will teach her how to deal with attacks from a completely different race of monsters. Un, okay. That training should do for a while.  

“Eleca are excellent helper, I hope Master Kehma will bestow you more power when he returns.”  

“Yes, I hope to become more useful to Rei-sama so she can be lazing around like master!”   

“I don’t mind that, but you shouldn’t overwork yourself. You cannot break your body because there’s no replacement for you”  

A hypocritical word comes out from her lips, even though she only said that because she wants to do more work. She smiled bitterly in her heart.   

But, She was educating newcomers. So, that’s also her job. She thought it was also an excellent contribution to her MasterMaster.  

That’s right. Why not rewarding Eleca more? It should count as her job.   

“…Eleca. should I give you a massage? I’m good at it because I work as Beddhist Saint.”  

“That would be rude… but is it that good?”  

The idea of massage is not known to Eleca.  

Rei thought she usually massage her colleague in her spare time anyway, so what’s wrong about massaging Eleca?  

(Especially Nerune who always stiff because she spends her time working without much movement in her laboratory desk. It nice to relax your body from time to time, she learned that recently)   

Afterall there maybe also a day where her Master will ask for a massage, there’s no reason not to hone her skill further.   

“Don’t worry Eleca it’s good, count this as my rewards to you”  

“Rei-sama then I will call all [me] so we can to receive a massage together!”   

“Well I’m also not proud to dump all dungeon’s work to you so I please split it with me”   


Eleca jumped happily. Well, she’s a fairy, so she’s flying instead.  

Rei gives Eleca plentiful of rewards that day.  

TL notes :   

I’m having a runny nose today, so fat chance I will be resting tomorrow, sorry… just going to leave this message, so you guys know it in advance. And I was fine this afternoon, it just suddenly comes when I’m running some proofreading on this.  

エレカ – Eleca, Eleca –this change is probably permanent. Because I’m curious and running some googling on her name, and yep I should’ve done this from the start…. this author will do stupid names, there’s no way he will miss this opportunity to do some puns…  

Her name literally means electric car in Japan, and it’s not a fancy car like Tesla, but this電動構内運搬車『ユニエレカ』 株式会社豊田自動織機 トヨタL&F ... 

She truly pulled the dungeon weight as her name suggest.. 


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