LDM 414 – Final day of qualifier tournament

The second day passed without anything worth mentioning, and the final day finally here.  

Not only Sebas but also Niku has made it here.  

… Sebas was overwhelmingly dominant in this qualifier, although he is a human farm resident, it seems it’s normal for this country’s human farm to increase the quality of their goods to earn more DP.  

Among them, Sebas was the cream of the crop, or in other words, an Elite. his innate talent is exceptionally high, and he never neglected his training, there’s no way for him to be weak.  

“I’m curious about human farm Afterall, since I had arrived here to study abroad there’s nothing wrong for me to at least take a look at it”  

“Didn’t Haku tell you to not go? I can show you in secret, but you must say you don’t see anything”  

“Oi Rokuko, you can’t, you really can’t”  

“Ah I see, is it a secret to Rokuko’s master?”  

“No, it isn’t… it’s not good for Rokuko’s education.”  

“un, okay, I understand.”  

You really can’t okay?  

Well, this is how our last qualifier day started.  

“Dedicate your match to our Great Demon Lord!”  

The start of the qualifier match began with such oath.  

By the way, currently, I’m spectating from audience seat, the match still ongoing for other blocks. Since my match is already over, I don’t need to go down.   

Sebas match started, his opponent is gigantic bipedal stag beetle, with a pair of halberds (the weapon that combined battle-axe and spear).  

His head shape is of that Stag Beetle, but he is looking straight like other humanoid creature, they probably gain a similar neck joint in their evolution to a bipedal creature.  

He got four arms, two pair for each side. And each arm is holding a halberd, one for each side.   

His arms are also covered in beetle-like armor.  

If you are normal human you can only wield one halberd in front of you, I see it’s possible to wield it this way with multiple arms, this is will be a useful reference for my multi-armed Golem.   

“You have no chance to beat me human!”  

“It’s seems you brain is a dull as your outer shell”  


Lost in the battle of words he immediately slashes on Sebas.  

Sebas hold his sword with a left hand and deflect it. The stag beetle swings his two halberds to slash, hook, smash and thrust but Sebas efficiently deal with it.  


“…What a nice breeze”  

After saying that, he immediately closes his range and put his elbow to thin part in stag beetle belly.  


“You are pitiful, no matter how hard your outer shell is, it’s all but useless if you left this front undefended”  

“Kuu! I’m not done yet!”  

The stag beetles still not to losing his vigour, he throws away his Halberds and reaches to the knives in his belt.   

Sebas now must be dealing with 4 knives just with one hand.  

“Too slow”  


Those four knives are thrown away with just one swing. This time Sebas finished it with his the sword pointing at the beetle throat. His opponent dare not to make any sudden movements.  

“Still want to continue? I still haven’t seen your trick using that scissors jaw”  

“… guh, no…, I surrender”  

With this Sebas has secured his own victory, the cheer exploded at referee declaration [WINNER! Number 52 of 5!]  

“I guess that the difference is that much”  

“Of course. you are my Master, I will expect at least this much from you”  

“It’s true that your Master is strong, but Kehma perfect form is stronger”  

Oi Rokuko don’t make something up, and what do you mean by my perfect form? Is it when I use [God’s Comforter] as my equipment?  

“Oh look Kehma, it’s Uzoh turn.”  

“umm No, that’s Muzoh, Uzoh is the one Niku defeated.”  

“Is he? That’s confusing.”  

Apparently, Muzoh was in a different block than us, and he seems to make it through to this round. Could he probably go to the main tournament? His opponent seems to be a martial artist… he’s unarmed, no if you look closely he is wearing a gauntlet.  


“Certain Death Strike! Baku Ryusu!!” {Exploding Dragon Strike}  


His opponent unleashes a skill, and the ground exploded, Muzo also sent flying.  

“WINNER! Gigankin!”   

“Mwahahaha, Do you see that? Aljaro, you are next!”  

Muzo has already forgotten by him, and he was sending a challenge to a spear user contestant. It’s a sad day for Muzoh.  

“Rokuko, it’s seems there’s a rivalry between Gigankin and Aljaro Menoue. whoever win will proceed to final.”  

“Hee, This looks fun, and that’s up with that spear?”  

“Devil Spear – Protube huh? well,Ican explain it, but I think it will be more fun to witness the spear ability yourself.”  

Rokuko also already forgot about Muzoh, well his injury is not that bad, and he is already carried by medics on a stretcher. Oh well.  

“ah, Next is Niku. I wonder what kind of opponents she will get”  

“It’s a frog beastman, he is easy opponent for her.”  

Now it’s Niku turns, by the way, up to this moment she always quickly finished her match with her strength and speed that mismatched her small stature.  

A Brown Dog-eared girl with black hair and eyes that always swiftly finished her enemy has made her earn another nickname the [Black Hound]   

She becomes a dark horse in this tournament.  

“Guaaaaa! Are you ready Black houuuuuuuund? My name is Aaaaaaaaaaah!?”   

“understood, do you want to continue?”  

Again. She jumps at the enemy and presses her knife to his neck. The match ended while he was trying to say his name. I think his name will be “Aaaah” from now on? At least let him introduce himself! well, it’s his fault since the referee has said: “Begin!”  

“That puppy did some rude thing in duel manners, but it will be bad if you are that weak, most likely you won’t even have time give up if she go at you seriously.”  

“Well that’s true”  

With that, Niku successfully advanced to final. If she keeps going like this, she can pass this qualifier.  

“In the mean time, I’m making a lot of money, Kehma.”  

“Did you bet?”  

“Of course, there’s no reason not to, because I’m sure I can win. Ichika, with this we won’t have a problem to shop and eat.”  

“Yes! I’m make a killing here, thanks Master!”  

In the first place, she loved gambling enough to make her a slave. If there was a betting event, there’s no way she wouldn’t make Rokuko sponsor her.  

“I should do some betting too… about 100 Gold coins”  

“Oh, Rokuko’s Master. Unfortunately, the contestants can only bet themselves, and you automatically bet on yourself when you enter, that is where the fight money comes from”  

There’s also an upper limit on your bet, it’s to prevent player sabotaging and ganging up on others if the bet is too big. So, it seems you can only earn a small amount of money as participants.  

“It may be fun for player to sabotage each other, but it won’t be fun for the audience”  

…Sabotaging others is fun, as expected of Demon Kingdom.  

Tl note :  

Don’t ask me why we go straight to final, it’s a WN there’s bound to be something poorly planned by the author. 


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