LDM 415 – Final day of qualifier tournament (2)

The battle on the final day of qualifier is finally in full swing.
This will conclude the final match for each block.
Since the third place has no meaning, they will take place after the final match for entertainment.

“I was doing this even before the final, I wonder how I was got dragged into this”
“Oh? Rokuko’s Master are you impatient?”
“I just want to get it done quickly”

I think the difference of personality are effected by your culture.
Anyway, now it’s Niku final match.
She is nervous, as expected… there’s no way that happen.
As usual she is studying her opponent with her expressionless face and tense tail.

“Her opponent is werewolf beastman?”
“That’s wrong Rokuko’s Master, her opponent is a ‘werewolf’.”
“hm? Werewolf, as in monster type?”
“Yes he is, is that something weird?”

In Demon Kingdom, monsters are not hiding themself, they just live normally like a human. Even in Empire, Misha is insisting that is not werewolf but a war cat beastman.

“I think Demon Kingdom have more history in that area.”
“Yes, as long as you are strong, you will be welcomed here. Though from our (Dungeon Core) point of view, monster only generates a little DP so it would be a problem if they increasing their number too much.”
“Right… I was wondering how human and monster are different, if you put it that way, I can understand it.”

Her opponent are werewolf with thick fur, his head is completely wolf-like, but his upper body is muscular man, his lower body is almost like a wolf leg. Overall, 75% part of his body is resembling wolf, so he is the very embodiment of the word [werewolf]
Niku and the werewolf are facing each other in the final arena.
Signals from referees will still need more time.
Then the werewolf said something while laughing.

“Do you think Dog can win over Wolf?”
“Well if I beat you, then I win”
“HaHa, Not bad little pup! I like it! I like it! I think you can give birth to strong baby, bear my child!”
“I refuse.”

What the heck is he is talking about before the match begin, should I snipe his crotch from here?

“What passionate and lovely speech, I want my Master to have that kind of spirit.”
“oh, is Aidi and Sebas are in that kind of relationship?”
“It’s just figure of speech, but it’s true that I like a strong man, I want to serve under one.”

Aidi put her hand on her cheek, and biting her little finger a little.
… Rokuko, don’t immitate her.


The match started with referee signal, Niku has almost instantly finished her match up to this point, I wonder if she can do it again?
But the one who made it here are also tough opponent for sure, the werewolf stopping Niku’s knife with his bare hand.

“muu, I can’t cut it? What a study fur.”
“Huh! If you want to cut my fur, at least bring a sharp magic sword!”
“Is that so?”
“Eh? Uwahhh!?”

NIku had never used the magic sword golem function before, but now she activated it.
The hand that was grabbing the knife is slashed, no it seems he let it go at the last moment, but still he was bleeding.

“O, Oh? It was magic sword? Why you never used it!”
“… yeah? this also can be used as magic sword.”
“Why did you hide that magic sword so far …Heal my wounds [Heal]”
“Because I didn’t even need to use it?”

 While slashing, avoiding, recovering, kicking. Niku and the Werewolf talking in a relaxed manner while fighting, as if there was nothing going on.
She can speak while moving her body. Well since she already can put Demon King no breathing style to work, I guess this is a child play for her?

“Eat this, [slash]!”

With the hand that just healed, the werewolf raised his hand and unleashing his skills.
[Slash] is an attack skill carried out using nail rather than swords. Niku avoid this skill just by turning her body a little.
“[Slash] [slash] [slash] [slash] [slash]!”
“Mu~tsu, ha~tsu, to~tsu, yo~tsu, ho~tsu, ha~tsu”

A Quick continuous attack. His claws trying to hit Niku from all directions, but she calmly observing his two arms and avoids them.

“[Slash] [slash] [slash] slash [slash]!”
“Fu~tsu, ha~tsu, to~tsu, gu! ? A GU~TSU”

However, the flurry of continues attack keep coming, Niku cannot avoid it all, and some has reached her. But Niku put her guard up and golem knife fended some of them, but one of the [slash] are landed on her back.
“Wa-wait, Aidi, this is bad! Niku is getting hit!?”
“Calm down, it’s just a [Fake release] that puppy learned how to deal this situation from me.”
“eh? What? Explain it to me Aidi.”
“… The damage she takes just now it’s a just from a scream without an actual skill behind it. That werewolf just releases a flurry of skill, but some of them are not actually a skill, she just tank those hit where his skill is not activated. It’s amazing how she can pinpoint where the skills are crumbling.”

I see, it’s that kind of technique… It wasn’t just a series of monotonous skills that activated quickly. Hmm.

“I wonder if she’s okay, I’m worried.”
“Oh, it’s okay. She’s done it a lot while training with Sebas.”
“Huh? Is that so?”
“…Yeah, as Rokuko’s master says. That puppy only takes minimum amount of damage, and her opponents already using all his strength from the start ……you don’t have to worry, Rokuko. look.”

However, Niku was crouching after taking the hit… the werewolf attacked her in one big swing– “GOT YOU!” –But that’s exactly what Niku wanted.
Niku didn’t miss the chance where he was careless because his thirst for victory.
She can avoid it but Niku choose dive into werewolf chest, with a speed so fast that made an illusion that she can disappear for a moment. She then aims her knife to werewolf neck. The Knife Golem is activated and it shaved the werewolf fur and dig a little into his skin, Niku stopped just before she hit his carotid artery. The werewolf was checkmated.
“Do you think you can beat me with your level?”
“…got it, it’s my loss. puppy.”

With werewolf declaration of surrender, Niku left with an expressionless face, but her tail is wagging happily.

“Ooh! This is unexpected!!, the favorited fighter of the last round of block three are surrendering and lost his qualifier rounds! It was a contestant from the Empire. THE [Black Hound] Niku Kuroinu who snatched the victory from him!! How deep that small fang will penetrate its way into Demon Kingdom tournament!?”
The referee voice are getting louder, it seems that werewolf are someone famous. He is a player with good track record, at least he always made it to main tournament before this year.
Niku waving at me, so I waved back.

“eh? What went wrong with werewolf’s [Fake Release]?”
“What are you saying Rokuko? Niku was the one who use the [Fake Release] you know?”
“he? Is that so?”

Yeah, that was bad explanation from Aidi side.
Demon King style [fake release]
To tell you the truth, that was my instruction. Originally it’s a demon transformation technique to enable their second form after they are enraged.
But since Niku don’t have a second form, it would be like her serious mode.
Ah for example that unnatural last speed burst, it was done by releasing her Golem Clothes assistance.

“How about that werewolf, is it a real skill?”
“I won’t know about that; they can’t give a name to each skill that existed here. That’s how the Demon King style works”

Well of course it would be like that.
Anyway, with this Niku has passed the qualifier rounds, my daughter are indeed strong.

Ah, Sebas also passed the qualifier by the way.
Sebas opponent are just small fry in his standard. so there’s nothing to talk about it.
The last participant who qualify is Gigankin who defeat Muzo and Aljero.
With this the four fighters to proceed to main tournament are decided.


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