LDM 416 – Demon Kingdom style come back match.

We are supposed to participate in the main tournament, and we depart to Demon Kingdom Capital.

Me, Rokuko, Aidi, Niku, Ichika and Sebas. 6 people riding on one carriage, thankfully this carriage is pulled by the horse with six legs, even at its average speed, it’s still blazing fast.

“This may put a burden on it, but we need to save money”

“I know what you mean”

By the way, Gigankin is riding on a separate carriage.

His rival Aljiero Menoue impressed by their fight and preparing this special carriage for him (probably his property).

“Nevertheless, it was a shame about Aljiero Menoue the Demon Spear”

“It was close fight; they both are worn out in the end. If it not for Gigankin’s new skill, if he doesn’t have that Dragon Palm Strike, it would have been a different outcome.”

“It was a spear that you can’t see… they said the rivalry between them in qualifier has already last for a long time?”

“Ara, But if it was you, Rokuko’s Master. you would be fine even if they come at you at the same time, right?”

Rokuko and Aidi are excitedly discussing the qualifier rounds.

Aidi said that the spear is visible if you really pay attention to it, but I really can’t see it. At first, the spear disappeared, but it suddenly appeared in the middle, and those pinpoint precision, it always aiming the spot between your eyes.

Gigankin managed to maintain a safe range with his new skill.

It was a great match.

Well, since the qualifier rounds are over, let’s focus on upcoming main events.

“Sebas, congratulation on passing too, but in your case it’s like a natural result.”

“Ah, thanks anyway. But if I can’t do this much, I can’t call myself my lady’s butler.”

“Is that how this works?”

“As a faithful dog, does it make any sense if you told me to win and I’m losing easily?”

“I see.”

That was supposed to be a convincing explanation? I don’t understand the slave point of view. On the other hand, we have Ichika.

“…No, I can’t do it, I don’t want pass the qualifier, I don’t even want to join the tournaments, rather if you told me to, I will refuse.”

“I know.”

Sebas qualifier is full of [ordinary strong guys], in my match, I just finished them with one shot. So Niku draw the short straw and facing the rare famous fighter this time.

My acquaintances, the Uzoh and Muzoh brothers are actually pretty capable, I only know this after the match. Still, it seems their skill is more or less better than most B rank adventurers.

“Hey, isn’t Niku is too strong? She’s already in hero class strength.”

“Niku-senpai hobby are to strengthen herself after all… I would even believe it if someone told me she’s a Demon Kingdom citizen”

… yet, Niku beat them so quickly. How strong are you now, Niku? If our theory is right and Niku was really a descendant of Leona, then her body hides so much room for growth.

Oh, by the way, I had this one opponent, Shironaga the weretiger, he was so confused when I defeat him. It seems Shironaga also a famous fighter, and he will probably become the winner of the second block if not for the fact that I dominate it completely.

……My invincible blanket turret strategy seems to be good enough even in the main tournament.

“three fighters that will participate in main tournament riding in this one carriage, this feels like VIP carriage service.”

“Rokuko, since two of them are from your faction are you trying to brag?”

“fufu, I didn’t mean it that way, but I’m still happy with this result. Well, we will get the runner-up prize. you need to make sure Sebas take the first place, okay?”

“Thank you so much for that… but that [God’s Comforter] is really a foul play, it’s not a blanket, it’s an iron wall.”

The defensive power of [God’s comforter] is no joke. It nullifies all attacks. Also, if there’s any action that will peel off the blanket from its user, it will then activate its self-defence mechanism and prevent it. It’s really an item that did not bring shame to it’s [God’s] name.

That kind of performance is too absurd, is it to support it’s main function to provide you with comfortable sleep? Don’t tell me…, the comforter still hides some function that I don’t know?

Aidi suddenly send her glances to the window.

There’s a wild wilderness outside, or in Demon Kingdom sense [a wonderful place that can take any damage even when we go wild].

“Something’s wrong…?”

“It’s about to begin, have you noticed anything?”

“ah, I should explain it, this is about a side fight (entertainment), it’s a custom for people to raid the carriage of main event participants.”


“if you can defeat them, you can go to enter the tournaments in their place”


According to the rules of the tournament, there is a “rule for the case of defeating contestant outside the match”. The person who defeated the contestants can take their participation slot……… What? Then what’s the point of that qualifying tournaments?

Participants can avoid this situation by hiring an escort, or just straight beat up the challengers.

….What brutal rules, if that was not written on the rules, this is will genuinely be a lawless country.

“… They’ve come. Stop the carriage.”

Aidi decides that we are going to beat up the challenger.

By the way, they know precisely when and where this carriage will pass, well the info about our departures are not classified, so you can just ask the station and get it. But why you made it that way!?… then again, this is the Demon Kingdom, I guess this raid is an enjoyable event for them?

“Master, can you handle this?”

“Certainly, can I use both hands now?”

“That’s okay, but make it quick. I want to quickly reach the capital, finish them in less than ten minutes.”


Sebas and Aidi are enjoying this, should I come out and help him? Or just leave it all to Sebas?

…then my eyes met with Niku’s, she was eager to do this too. She clearly cannot contain her desire to move her body and was looking forward to going out.

“Ah, NIku… can you take care of them too?”


As soon as I give it a go, she’s jumped out the carriage wielding her Golem Knife, with her tail wagging in rhythm, almost like she’s humming or singing.

…Well, let’s just treat it as an exercise to loosen your body in a long carriage ride.

TL notes:

Who the heck this Shironaga… well from his ‘type’ I would guess a friend of werewolf?


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