LDM 417 – Reunion with Wataru


We arrived in Demon Kingdom Capital.   

Eh? How about the attack by the wild challengers?   

As if someone who didn’t even bother to join qualifier can win against Niku and Sebas.    

It will be a different story if the person attacking us is an extremely strong person who didn’t want to bother with qualifier rounds. However, the chance is he will be seeded into main tournaments like Wataru.   

“Kehma, you should go out and beat them too.”   

“No, don’t want to, it’s too tiring to do it, so I better leave it in Niku and Sebas capable hands.”   

Just like that, we’ve arrived safely in the Capital.  

We report at the gates and hand over our medal. This medal is the proof that we have passed the qualifier rounds. Those challengers are aiming for this medal.   

With this, we successfully passed the gates. Hopefully, there will be no annoying challengers again. Perhaps, I hope, please…   

So, we went through and headed to our Hotel, it’s one of the best Hotel in this city, as we checking-in we encountered some familiar faces.   


“um? Ah… Wataru?”   

“It’s been a long time since we met each other, I heard the story from Miss Haku, but you really are in Demon Kingdom.”   

— Yes, our Hero Wataru.   

I know that he will participate in this tournament, but to immediately meet is… normal. Because this Hotel is fully booked for the contestants, we will naturally bump on each other here.   

“Village Chief, can you introduce that gentleman to us?” 

“Ah, yes. Aidi, this is Hero Wataru. Wataru this is Lady Aidi, she’s taken good care of me on this study abroad period, don’t be rude to her.”   

I introduce Wataru to Aidi.    

Aidi lifted her skirt a little and did a formal greeting.   

“Nice to meet you Wataru, I’m honored to meet the Hero.”   

“… likewise.”   

Wataru replied with a smile.   

… Yeah, don’t do killing each other when you met, okay? Especially you Wataru, let go of that sword’s handle. Aidi, please don’t provoke Wataru. Or at least do it outside.   

“Hero Wataru, is this your first time visiting Demon Kingdom? This is a formal greeting here.”   

“…Sorry. my head understand the situation, but my body just reacted by itself.”   

Wataru released his grip. Well… Demon Kingdom is a country that been hostile to Empire, but I cannot even laugh at his attitude.   

“Even so this was surprising, I’ve only known Demon Kingdom as enemy country so I’m honestly surprised when I learn that Kehma is studying abroad to it.”   

“About that, Aidi and Rokuko are best friend. Just think of me as their attendant.”   

“So it was like that…?”   

Wataru is confused, well… if you say the Demon Kingdom princess and Empire Princess are a best friend, while their country is on the verge of war, anyone would be confused. Because it just doesn’t make any sense.   

From Wataru’s point of view, He must find nothing that will connect them.    

“The relationship between countries is something that we could not understand.”   

“That’s goes for us too… we are studying abroad when the country is almost going for each other throat, are these countries is in good or bad relationship?”   

Wataru nodded with arms crossed.   

Aidi came to us and tilted her neck.   

“Ara? I mean we have good relationship because we are in war, right?”   

“…Normally you will hate each other when you at war, right?”   

“Why is that? Usually people will fight with each other if they are close enough, right?”   



Yeah… I don’t understand that one a bit.   

But from my experience in Demon Kingdom it would be like this:   

Good relationship   


I’m curious about your ability.   


Let’s fight (fun times!)   


Getting closer   


I want to know about your real ability.   


Going seriously at each other (super fun times!)   

That’s probably how she perceives this thing.   

Demon Kingdom is a country that will apply the Yandere line of thought like [Only me know everything about you(your skill)!]  as common sense. 

… as expected, you can get assaulted here without any warnings or consent. Most of it will happen in the arena, so there are some warnings and consent in a way.  

“Cultural difference is terrifying; my common sense cannot catch up.”   

“is it about the difference in our culture? Normally the more you fight with each other the deeper your bonds would be.”   

“In human words we call that ‘barbaric’ but this country magic tools are superior than the Empire, it’s so hard to call you guys barbaric.”   

“As for me, I could say that Empire disposition is very close to japan and too peaceful?”   

In the case of a married couple, there’s an unwritten rule that they will not do duel until their children can stand on their own. There’s also manners and etiquettes for challenging your parents or children… this is where such tradition existed, the Demon Kingdom.   

“Also Kehma, I hear that you will participate in the main event?”   

“yeah, just a little though, I want the second prize.”   

“Amazing, and for that purpose you are easily entering the main tournament…”   

“hahaha, NO! I work hard for it!”   

Well, thanks to [God’s Comforter], my work is not that hard!   

“… Wataru, since you and me are on the same side (Empire), we probably won’t meet each other unless it’s a final round. So, here’s the plan I will lose to you when that time comes.”   

“eh? but I want to try to fight you, come on, even if I lose, I will give you the second prize.”   

“hahahaha, are you stupid, if I won then I will be forced to fight in higher level tournament, who would like to do that? Don’t worry I will give up for sure!”   

Perhaps because I’m talking so loud about getting the second prize, now many eyes are focused on us… challenging, blood-shot, hatred, some even admiring us, also probably because Hero Wataru is here. Everyone already knows that he will participate in the main tournament.   

“oops… we should stop taunting other participants.”   

“Yes, but I won’t lose Kehma!”   

“Ah, because I’m aiming for second prize, please win.”   

“Please at least fight me!”   

“Rokuko, Village Chief and Hero Wataru are probably met in finals.”   

“Ichika, I don’t understand why Wataru convinced that Kehma is strong.”   

“Well……… I’m just going to say this once, but it’s just given.”   

Anyway, I want to sleep, I’m going ahead to my room. Traveling in carriage consumes stamina after all, and it even worse when we had to deal with those challenges.   

“…Kehma you didn’t even step out when are attacked.”   

“Yeah, I’m glad that Niku is taking my place, thank you Niku.”   

“…yes, thank you Master.”   

I patted Niku head, her tail is once again wagging happily. Her face is the usual deadpan face though.   

As a reward, today’s meal is a hamburger steak! 


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