LDM 418 – Main battle start


There’s no time to do sightseeing in the capital with Wataru, and today the main event will be held.  

… just to be clear, today is the day after I arrived.  

“Our schedule are very tight, just the day after we arrived, and the main match has begun”  

“Oh, That’s because we arrived last. The tournament will only start if all participant is presents.”  

“It’s hard for Kehma get up early.”  

“Well, Aidi was the one who manages our schedule, and Rokuko… you are the one who didn’t wake up.”  

“What a harmonious relationship, is that why you guys fall in love?”  

And, it turns out that the final will becomes a round-robin match of four players.   

“Why the finals are not single elimination style!?”  

“It was changed after my suggestion.”  

“Why did you do that!?”  

“Because you guys will just win everything, gramps said it will be boring so he changes it.”  

True, it will be boring… NOT!!! This will be a pain In the ass.  

“With this the number of battles will increased by two times? No, if we count it properly the final would be three times or more match! Hufufu, I did a great job this time.”  

Dammit, another cultural difference. They are seriously enjoying this, so it even worse situation for me!  

“Kehma, look at this table. If you made it to final you will facing Niku, Sebas and Wataru at once.”  

“I don’t think that will happens… no… it’s all depends on Niku herself?”  

As Rokuko said, we are separated by block.  

Wataru the Favorite winner candidate, Sebas, me the Invincible turret, and lastly, the dark horse of this tournament Niku the [Black Hound]. If we do well, we will be facing each other in the final match, so please just ignore me. Seriously, I’m only aiming for second place in this tournament.  

Also, there’s this Sebas that stronger than Niku, which means there will be someone that can beat Niku among the participants, Well if that participant is up against me, Sebas or Wataru then…  

“Well, the possibilities aren’t zero.”  

“Niku, just do your best!”  

“Yes, Rokuko-sama.”  

Try to win if you can, but don’t go overboard. I pat her head, and Niku is happily wagging her tail.  

With renewed determination Niku heading to the fighter waiting room.  

The interior of the waiting room is not that much different from the qualifier rounds. It’s simple, solid, and very clean.  

In the corner of the waiting room, I found Wataru with a tired look. The other contestants only looking out to him from afar, I guess I will talk to him for now.  

“Oh Kehma, this Demon Country are amazing… I was thinking to buy something in food stalls, but then the owner said [I will give it to you for free if you can beat me!!], I even said that I would pay, but they… they didn’t even ask for money….”  

It seems Wataru has constantly been fighting since he arrived in this Demon Kingdom. A lot of people challenged him even though they know they can’t take his participant’s slot and just say [Because it’s natural for us to challenge you].  

“I almost killed about two… no… three people, but they just applaud me instead…”  

“I become just like an Idol, I thought people in Demon Kingdom will bear grudge over that.”  

“Isn’t it a good thing though? People in this country like a strong man.”  

“AH! You understand the word ‘idol’ just now, as I thought…”  

“Wataru, If you can understand the meaning in the context, you can understand the meaning of the words you never heard.”  

“-tsk. As expected, Kehma your tongue is really a Master class.”   

This is why I can’t let my guard down for a second round this man. I wish he would be giving up this matter one day.  

By the way, there is a possibility that I slipped some words already… why didn’t this man realized it?  

“… Nevertheless, there are only a few female participants.”  

“Hm? Ido you care about such a thing?”  

“Well, I need to explain why I was concerned.”  

“I thought that was Hero-like logic in action.”  

“…That woman is Arachne, right?”  

“I think she is; Arachne female is stronger than the male it’s her tribal trait.”  

“…When I saw how monster live peacefully here, I wonder for what my war really is…”  

A Hero is someone who fights against monsters, but here… monsters are not that much different from ordinary people.  

“Just what are you saying? War is just war, also keep in mind that Demon Kingdom’s monsters are a bit different from normal ones.”  

“To think of it, Haku never did say the Demon Kingdom’s army are evil. She was simply asking me to go to Work, just like [Drove them away]”  

Fuh, Wataru sighs and looks at Niku.  

“Speaking of which, Kuro-chan will also participate in this main event right?”  

“I heard Wataru is exempted from qualifier rounds?”  

“That’s right, but I think that’s because I had a little spar with someone who supposed to go to higher tier tournaments, they probably thought I don’t need to do the qualifier.”  

“Did you won?”  

“At that time we only use a wooden sword and magic was forbidden, so now one will know what will happen if we fight seriously.”  

“What kind of fight did you had?”  

“I feel like Demon-king’s style fighters are different in many aspect from us, it was like…”  

Niku listens to the story from Wataru, and she was enjoying it.  

The air around them is relaxing, but the stare of other participants is hurting me…. they probably thought that I’m scouting a strong enemy named Wataru.  

But since Niku and I also from Empire, we also received an equal share of hostility.  

“… By the way, may I ask how Kehma won?”  

“Just looking forward to how Master fights.”  

“aw, can’t you tell me?well, I can just see it in action after this, right Kehma?”  

“…Sure, but I think I’m not fighting in the way Wataru expected.”  

By the way, Niku also didn’t tell him anything about her Demon Lord arts that she uses in qualifier rounds.  

I’m happy that she understands how to manage intel from our side.  

“By the way, who is the red-haired man with you?”  

“That is a Rokuko-sama friend’s butler and an expert swordsman of the Demon Lord arts. He is a tough opponent.”  

“Hee… if Kuro-chan valuing him that much, it must be true”.  

……correction. The personal information management of my inner circle is very well done.  

Well, we were waiting for the opening ceremony of the main tournament to finish, While at it we keep chatting with Wataru and drawing much attention from others. 


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