LDM 419 – Main tournament (1)


Just like this, the tournament started.  

My turns come right after the tournament ceremony.  

Even though this is just a first match, but there is plenty of nobles seat prepared there.   

Also, the core number 6, aka. The Great Demon King is seated there. He is on some kind of balcony where you can see the whole stage from it.  

Aidi and Rokuko are also watching from there.  

“Kehma, Good luck!”  

Rokuko didn’t look nervous even she is seated next to Great Demon King that was looking down at the arena with his arms crossed.   

He can see my opponent facing each other and me, my opponent is karateka with sharp canine… probably a vampire? The sunray doesn’t seem to bother him.  

“Hey you, Empire’s country bumpkin. Don’t you dare to show boring match in front of Great Demon Lord, okay?”  

“ah? Oh yeah, that’s right. YOU must do your best.”  

“Haa!? you dare?! Fine!!, I will go all out from the start!”  

…I only provoke him a little because he taunts me first, but isn’t his boiling point is too low?  

Oh, maybe I just misunderstand it. Maybe he meant to give me some encouragement. Now he is angry because I pay him back with sarcasm, yes… another cultural difference.  

Well with that now (angry) vampire faced me in the arena–  



“[Elemental Shot]”  


–First move, [Elemental Shot]. This is my winning pattern.  

*kinnnn* there was a sound of a hard object hitting each other. My shot was blown away by his fist, those fists are probably clad in magical power, if he did not do that there will be a hole in his hand.  

“Guu, what is that! It’s resonated with my Magic Fist! Shoot more!!”  


And the vampire karateka demands another shot, his face looks happy, where did your anger do?  

I shoot more [Elemental Shot] as requested.  


“Winner!, Kehma Gollen!!”  

After that, it becomes a battle of endurance, I was winning as a matter of course because I could shoot infinitely. I did not move even one step, and the karate vampire only playing with [Elemental shot] bullet happily? It was done just like that.  

There was nothing vampire-like with him, oh wait, his high magical power probably is?  

“Oh, it’s been a good practice. What do you say Kehma-den would you like to go against my magic fist again? I wonder how many years since the last time this fist has a hole in it?”  

“No, don’t want to.”  

I was invited to train with this vampire. What happened to our match?  

“the match? Isn’t it between my magic fist versus your magic bullet, and you did surpass it Kehma-den!!”  

So it’s like that?  

Then, after that, he was forcing me to take his business card that holds his contact info, and my match is officially over.  

A while after returning to the waiting room, Wataru’s match is started.  

In this room, you can watch the match with a mysterious monitor. (this was probably dungeon monitor function)  

Wataru’s opponents was an elf. A solo-type magician, using magic to hinder his opponents and attacking with the bow. And even though it was a bow, it seems there are no worries about it to run out of ammo, he can sustain the arrow using magical tools. But arrow only flies for few second and disappear.  

“Empire’s Magic user, are you interested in that quiver?”  

Contestant Arachne asked me with a curious look.  

“Your magic bullet would be stronger than that.”  

“ah, It’s not for me, I was wondering if I can get one for my friend, what is that?”  

“That quiver is magic tools, don’t Empire had one like that?”  

Apparently, that was magic tools that were made by the Alchemist of Demon Kingdom. The arrow will be created when you infuse magic power in it. However, this arrow will disappear after 5 seconds.  

…hmm, that’s amazing. Is that arrow made from condensed magic?  

“Well, it’s not too practical, let’s say you shoot it in long range, the arrow will disappear before it can even reach the enemy, you also must count the time you wasted for aiming.”  

“ah, I see.”  

But it will be very convenient for our dungeon cross-bow trap. I don’t need to refill the trap, and I can maximize its full potential because there’s no need to aim with that.  

“if you talking about dungeon then there’s this [warehouse quiver] that can summon an arrow from the dungeon warehouse. However, the further you are from the dungeon the more it will consume magic power, eventually the consumption will make it unusable.”  

“… that’s certainly something concerning.”  

“There’s also this story about [Infinite Quiver] of the [Mayumi] Demon Family, it was a quiver that will refill itself after you use it, also they say you can’t use it unless you are a Demon.”  

Ah, I will bet that quiver is magic tools that replenished itself with DP, and the ‘Demon’ is actually Dungeon Core.  

…Well, you can say it’s a faulty product if you insist that quiver is magic tools?  

“Well as expected from the Nightmare Smile… he just swat it all away”.  

“So this is how Wataru fight.”  

Looking at the monitor, Wataru smiling as he struck down all arrow with his sword. There’s no single scratch in his body.  

“Oi Empire’s boy, he can avoid all that arrow, why did Hero Wataru bother to playing around with it?”  

“it’s seems that he going to smash it all because it will be more fun that way?”  

“I see! I understand!”  

The other contestant asked me, so I will just randomly answer it.  

“Ugh, look at that Death Pierrot Smile… Don’t let it freeze your heart.”  

“You will face him if you win your next match, would you be fine showing weakness like this?”  

“That’s true… this cut-off right arms of mine is aching, it’s eager to face him!”  

By the way, the right arm is right there, it seems to have grown and fully healed. The Demon Kingdom’s medical treatment is amazing.   

“Hey don’t get your horses up, you will face me before you can fight with the Funnyman swordsman!”  

“Guh, you are Gigankin! That’s good I, you will make a good exercise before I face him!”  

And…. two more nicknames of Wataru that I have never heard before… Wataru, you are truly an idol.  

So, Wataru made a good show on the arena and decided to end the match by winning it.  

By the way, contestant Arachne was defeated by Sebas, so tomorrow, she will cheer me from audience seats. It was a good match, but Sebas is still as overwhelming as ever.  

TL notes:  

“That’s true… this cut-off right arms of mine is aching, it’s eager to face him!” – The Demon Kingdom’s medical treatment is amazing {are you sure that’s not some chuuni lines??}  

The funnyman, faaniman (ファニーマン) — don’t ask me, don’t ask me… the kana literally written like that. And I cannot even get creative because it’s one of the ‘two new nickmanes’ 


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