LDM 420 – Main tournament (2)

“Nevertheless, the magical tools of the Demon Kingdom is really advanced. Like this monitor.”  

“Yeah. I’ve never seen it in the empire, and I don’t really understand how it works. I wonder if an expert would know how.”  

At the end of the match, Wataru returned to the waiting room and saw the monitor showing the match. He then sits next to me, saying that.  

Now it’s Niku turns. Her opponent is a poison-handed serpent beastman.  

(I got this weird feeling looking at his body that completely like a snake, but with hand. But it seems that he can become a complete serpent if he invoking his [complete beastification] skill.)  

It’s over the monitor, but Goodluck Niku.  

“Hey Kehma, don’t you think people in this Demon Kingdom supposed to hate poison?”  

Wataru points at the poisoned hand and asks me.  

“They said it’s a weak poison and not as effective as it looks… those who use this method are probably using his hand as distraction and you are supposed to be aware of their other gimmicks. Or so they say.”  

“I see… I think it’s not wrong to say Kehma is the best person that understand Demon Kingdom custom from the Empire side.”  

“ha ha ha, I’m not. Besides we are surrounded by people of Demon Kingdom, why did you ask me?”  

“Because if I ask them, forget about explaining thing, they will ask for Arm Wrestling instead.”  

“… they heard you, and they have [can you do that?] expression on their face, you fear now has become reality.”  

Anyway, Niku keeps avoiding the poisoned hand attacks. It seems that she is getting slower, it seems I’m the only one who noticed because I’m used to seeing Niku speed.  

“Oh, Kuro-chan is getting slower. Did he use poison gas or something?”  

Correction. It, not just me that noticed it, it seems that pro-fighter can see the sudden change that happened in the fight.  

“…well, it seems that her breath stopping technique has reached its limit.”  


“I wonder if she supposed to just fight normally, but she probably holding her breath because she is wary about poison.”  

“No, wait Kehma, are you saying Kuro-chan fighting while holding her breath from the start?”  

“They said that breathing is weakness, I don’t understand though.”  

“…That kind of muscle brain logic, is it Demon Lord arts?”  

I don’t understand. He said I’m the one who knows about Demon Kingdom custom the most, but I think Wataru has a deeper understanding of it.  

And even though Niku didn’t have poison resistance, she ended up winning normally.  

Niku comes back to me. It seems that she feels a little light-headed, but her tail is swaying as if to say [praise me].  

“Are you okay? I was worried, is the poison still affecting you…?”  

“No, it was nothing.”  


Did she learn poison resistance while in Demon Kingdom? My child is getting further away from human standards… scary.  

“Good work Kuro-chan, it was a good fight!”  

“Why you still here Wataru? Your match for today has ended right?”  

“You are terrible! I was waiting for us to go together, Kehma also waiting for Niku, right?”  

“For my sake? Master, thank you.”  

“How about me?”  

In this main event, I could actually go home after I finished my match.  

By the way, Sebas has already gone home after his match. He said he needs to do his daily routine. Is it to serve Aidi? That’s probably the case.  

“Or rather, I intend to watch until the match ended.”  

“Eh? Ah, I seeā€¦ to think of it Rokuko are still in honored guest seat… isn’t it easier to visit her and invite her to go home?”  

Yeah, but if you are unlucky, you will be invited to sit beside the Great Demon Lord instead. If that happens, no matter how many stomachs I have, the stress will melt it.  

You also cannot refuse the Great Demon Lord invitation, it’s a battle that you should not attend to in the first place.  

“What will you do now Wataru?”  

“Let’s chat until we can go home together!”  

So, we decided to spend the rest of the day together.  

… in the end, I’m going back separate from Wataru. It seems the people who lost the first round are challenging him. Just treat is as practice rounds, okay? It is better for you to get used to this treatment.  


Okay, now we are one the second day of the main event. Let’s do our best again today!  

Yesterday are the first matches because there are many people participating we can only do one match. But on this second day, we can do two matches for each winner.  

And If you managed to successfully won these rounds, you will be entering the final round-robin of four people.  

I need to make sure that I get a second prize, the [God’s Pajama].  

Well, at worst, I can always negotiate and buy it from the owner.  

My opponents for today is a Dragon newt, he seems to have [Dragonfication] skill to transform himself into mini-dragon. But I defeated him without letting him lands damage on me.  

After all, in front of a combination of [God’s Comforter] and [Elemental Shot] it’s just an ordinary drag… correction, it just an ordinary oversized lizard, he was as big as a horse… wait, because he can fly, I should say as big as Pegasus instead?  

“Really Kehma, I already seen it yesterday, but your magic is amazing.”  

“Oh thank you, but I cannot tell you the details. I’m not so soft that I will tell my opponents my secret.”  

“fufufu. I’m looking forward to fighting you later.”  

Sebas and Wataru also won, naturally.  

…Wataru’s battle was intense. The audience was heated; they are totally entertained.  

Sebas, in contrast to Wataru won with a swift attack. His opponent didn’t even have the chance to react. Apparently, yesterday Aidi gave him some instructions.  

And for Niku–  

“I’m sorry… I lost”  

“No problem, good work Niku.”  

“My condolonces Kuro.”  

— She was defeated.  

However, it’s not that Niku was weak, her opponent is too strong.  

To be honest, I was kind of relieved? I thought if she got too strong, she would be discarding her humanity and become a demon or something, or she will probably get an irreversible injury someday.  

“Your opponent the Demon Swordsman is too strong, is he using the Demon Lord arts?”  


Recently Niku also practicing Demon Lord arts and gained a lot of strength, but her opponent is more experienced and had a deeper understanding of it.  

Personally, I think that swordsman is too powerful to be in this tournament (though still not as powerful as Wataru)  

By the way, the Demon Swordsman is now in the waiting room with us, and he is sending me an intense glare… I was secretly checking it with Aidi through the email function, and now I’m sure we know this man…  

Should we have a little word, oi Mr.564?  

TL notes :  

she would be discarding her humanity and become demon or something, – is that motherfucking jojo reference!? Yes, yes it is. 


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