LDM 421 – Shall we talk?

I decided to talk to the core no. 564.  

It’s the first time I’ve seen his humanized figure, but I’ve already confirmed that this is core no. 564   

Baphomet type Dungeon Core No.564. He used to have a dungeon battle with us and was defeated by the support of core no. 629, aka. Orange. {orange rabbit}  

“Can I have a little of your time?”  

“W-what!?, I don’t have any business with you”.  

“Doesn’t matter, will you follow me?”  

When I was called him out, the core no. 564 is obviously reacting in suspicious manners.  

“oh Wataru, can I trust Kuro to you? I’ll be back soon,”  

“Okay, leave her to me.”  

“careful… Master.”  

“ah… that swordsman is…?”  

“F-Fine, where to?”  

Core no. 564 is taken under the Orange Rabbit core system, who then becomes my subordinate on Haku order, so in the hierarchy, I’m his boss.  

That means core no 564 cannot go against my command. Well, if you hide your identity, you can just ignore it, but he chooses to obediently follow me.  

… should be good around here.  

“Oi, why did you bring me to this isolated place!? Are you going to do something to me!?”  

“Why did you think that? Am I that nasty as person?”  

“muu, Because it’s you! That face, what are you planning!”  

“Nothing like that! I just want to talk a little!”  

Dammit, why did he conclude it like that? Is this another cultural difference? No, is this a unique thought pattern of core no. 564?  

“So… what do you need to ask from me? I’m just a nameless swordsman.”  

“…………….. why are you in this tournament, core no. 564?”  

When I spell out his name, he is clearly agitated.  

“Who is this core no. 564, I don’t know what you talking about, I don’t know such cool and strong Baphoment demon! Oh by the way, I’m a nameless swordsman!”  

“I’ve already found out, That’s all there is to it.”  

“Woah, hey, impossible? This disguise is perfect!”  

“Good, you admit it.”  

“Well, there’s no use to insist if the person you talk to already convinced that he is right, so what? This great me won the qualifier properly, there’s no reason for anyone to complain for me be being here.”  

Well, that’s true, though. He would’ve already reported if he did otherwise.  

For the time being, it seems the Great Demon Lord permitted it. The chance is he already noticed it but leave him alone since [it would be good for the general audience that has nothing to do with dungeon core business].  

“That’s right, let’s just hope the Great Demon King didn’t change his opinion about this… but, I was asking about why YOU in this tournament, did you get banished?”  

“It’s not like that, or rather I don’t have any job under that rabbit, I was free.”  

I see he had too much free time.  

… to think of it, there’s truly nothing to do for him in that rabbit’s dungeon, her dungeon is a café.  

Unless there’s a need to do an attack, there’s really nothing to do.  

“Did you have too much free time?”  

“I was expelled for the Demon Lord faction, my territory was confiscated, and under that rabbit I cannot use DP as freely as I used to be… I can only use 1000 DP per day, it was immediately gone after I buy food from catalogue… So, I can only train and train, that’s why I decide to enter this tournament.”  

“…I see, so you did have too much free time”.  

Even though he was already exiled from Demon Lord faction, his dungeon is still located in it. And the territory, which is his source of DP are confiscated, but still, he is a dungeon core. He cannot be separated from his dungeon for a long period of time. He had no choice but to live quietly.  

So he wants to at least join festivals (tournaments) in his neighborhood. Was it like that?  

“Well, I used to be in the tournament for Dungeon Core, but since I was excommunicated, I need to crawl up my way from bottom.”  

He was originally participants of upper-tier tournaments, the one that exclusively for dungeon cores. And he was a member of 500 series, he was in it for many years. He is actually pretty strong.  

Although he lost to us in dungeon battle, his strength is on par with Aidi, and Aidi was unusually strong for 600 series – in short, he is a strong person in Demon Lord arts practitioners standard.  

Yeah, he is a genuine winning candidate. However, everyone who participates in this tournament, more or less, has the ability to go to the upper tier. Even if he is the core no 564, it safe to assume that he will lose the battle if he is not careful.  

“Was is okay to use Demon Lord arts? You were excommunicated.”  

“It’s safe because I don’t specifically call it Demon Lord arts, and it’s the only fighting method I know, I cannot fight with any other method!”  

Well, if it was not allowed, the Great Demon Lord will stop him anyway. So, I decide not to pursue it any further.  

“… that’s why I’m here, but why you are here?”  

“me? I’m aiming for the second prize, the [God’s Pajama]”  

“Hoo? There’s that kind of prize this year?… well, I will win this tournament anyway, so you can have your second place.”  

“Eh, are you confident to win against Wataru?”  

“He is just human right? I saw his match earlier, I won’t be beaten by someone that can only have a ‘good match’ with those guys.”  

Don’t trust his words. He also said a similar thing when he about to fight Orange Rabbit dungeon core, 629.  

“Well… if you ended up as runner up, can you give [God’s Pajama] to me?”  

“Hmm. I’m planning to win the tournament, but okay, if I ended up at second place you can have it.”  

What? He agrees to that? This dungeon core no. 564 is surprisingly kind?  

“It’s a contract then, don’t break it, if either of us do, Let’s do something shameful in public.”  

“D-do you mean DO-DOGEZA!? Are you insane? Why you go that far!”  

“This is a cheap price, considering I do not need to pay anything else.”  

“I… I understand, you willing to go for that much.”  

In the Demon Kingdom, Dogeza is a very humiliating act, And I never say that I will do it, I can just make the golem did it for me.  

“By the way, what kind of prize they usually have?”  

“umu, Sometimes it’s a weapon, armor or magic tools. There’s also DP-made magic items and or a rights to do custom made item by Blacksmith under the Great Demon Lord.”  

“I see… then this [God’s beddings] series are rare?”  

“Well if its rare item, it could be the prize.”  

So it is, it’s still a mystery if I was lucky this time or someone set this up. But if this lets me get [God’s Beddings], then I will let you play a trick on me.  

There was more discussion between me and 564, then I returned to the waiting room with a good mood. At this rare it almost sure that I will get [God’s Pajama]  

… ah yeah, if you have that much free time, it’s probably a good idea to lend you to Aidi for sparring partner for a price.  

Tl notes :  

Dogeza: just for anyone who doesn’t know what dogeza is, in short, it’s those are kneeling down positions samurai use when they made a grave sin to their lords.   

Also, those whole sentences are weird, I had trouble translating it, because Kehma stake nothing in that conversation, well he probably implying that he will give the first position to 564, but he never really said it. 


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