LDM 422 – Main tournament (3)

By the way, the best four has been decided.  

First was me, Kehma Gollen. The undisputed winner from Empire’s Student exchange.  

“Kehma Gollen, an assassin from the Empire!, He had shown us a steady fight with a consistent and dignified way of fighting since the qualifying round! I can’t hide my surprise when I learnt that a magic class that should have unfavorable range in the arena can survive in this tournament! If you are looking at his match so far, you will understand his strength, but can he keep winning without moving an inch in these finals? The bottomless mana! Show us how deep you will penetrate this tournament!!”  

Next, from the main the seeder from the Empire, Wataru Nishimi.  

“The one with many nicknames, the Empire’s proud Hero, Wataru! He has show us his overwhelming leeway and overwhelming strength when facing the other contestants, he allow his opponents to show their strength and crush them head-on, he adapts to opponents strategy, a versatile Swordsman! What kind of battle will you show us in the finals!? Was the Hero power is too much for us the handle? This is our arch enemy!! The Hero Wataru!!”  

And ‘Sebas of stability.’  

“No. 52 of Human Farm 5! A blood-stained butler who usually serves the young lady of the Great Demon Lord! But all of that blood is returned in full! In the qualifying tournament, he was fighting with one arm tied, but in the main battle the restriction was removed and he goes on rampage! His strategy is following the Demon Lord’s arts rapid assault style, Slash!, Thrust! And Crush! Even the succubus charms are useless and resisted, let’s stop making people from the Empire looks good! Yes! I’m rooting for you! No. 52 of Human Farm 5!”  

And finally, Asura.  

“Asura, a six-armed archer and swordsman in the Gidangreed area! A half-giant with big body, an astonishing warrior who can shoots two bows with four arms, and equip a sword and a shield with the remaining two arms! However, in the previous battle, he abandons the bow and switch to the four-sword style to make full use of the four swords two shield! He defeated the nameless swordsman who’s an expert of Demon Lord’s sword arts splendidly! He trampled everything with his versatile strategy and unique power! And please don’t let the imperial guys win the championship at all! I’m counting on you, Asura!”  

{ギガングリード, gigangreed, gigangurido}  


564 said he won’t lose to anyone; this will be an easy victory, he said! But then he lost! Dammit, what a waste of negotiation…   

Asura, his mother, is from Giant Arachnid race, the race that has six arms and two legs, and the Father was a five meters tall giant.   

Asura inherited both of their good traits and ended up with a three-meter tall body with six arms.  

And core no. 564 was lost to Asura ….  

“oi human, those six arms are nasty, be careful.”  

“Why are you still here? Just go home already.”  

“Muh, I’m still your second in command, I’m sure I will win the next one!”  

… and that core no. 564, even though he lost, remained here and have the guts to call himself my second in command.  

You don’t need to win anything. You said you were going to win the championship, but you lost. I don’t believe anything you said anymore. No, I didn’t believe you from the beginning anyway.  

I mean, it’s better to have Niku during the break, but why they send Niku to the guest room? And I don’t know why they allowed core no. 564 to stay in her place? Is it because he beat Niku during his match, is it some kind of respect they gave to a winner? Let’s just treat it as a cultural difference.  

“Since it has become like this… there’s no other choice but to aim for the runner-up position… Wataru should be winning over those two, and let’s assume that Sebas will win over Asura, then…”  

“Hmm, I wonder if that boy can beat someone that defeated this great me?”  

“Yes, if you had said so, I’m sure he will, thank you.”  

“Ha Ha ha! No need to than… wait?”  

So, not counting my match. It’s two wins for Wataru, one win for Sebas, and zero wins for Asura. Then I need to let someone take a point from me and won the tournaments.  

“…Should I make Wataru the winner?”  

So my strategy was decided.  

If Wataru won over the other two, it still is two points. If I won against him, the match would probably extend to tie-breakers rounds, so it’s better to lose to him. Well, if Wataru won all rounds, then it doesn’t matter who from those two that got a win after that.  

What should I be worried about is, if Wataru got one win and two draws, then the others will go one win one draw, or zero wins and one draw, then I would be a champion with only two wins.  

“Now 564, what will happens in this scenario?”  

“um, this is unusual situation where four people are forced to fight each other, but I guess in that case the one that collect two wins will won the tournaments… and Boss, why are you so confident? Your opponents are someone who beat this great me.”  

“Ah, that’s because my armor is excellent.”  

Well, if that happens, there’s nothing we can do about it. Let’s do our best to see if we can somehow exchange prizes with negotiations. …… Or… Can I just pressure them with brute force? It’s the Demon Kingdom, after all. Just like how 564 takes Niku place here.  

For some reason, before the round-robin rounds started, 564 is placed as my assistant, and no one complained.  

“Okay, now that’s been decided, let’s win!”  

“No, I did say that I want the second prize.”  

“Gahahah! Don’t be like that, there’s no reason why you don’t want to be champion.”  

“I do, I want [God’s Pajama]”  

“Just become the champion and rob it from the runner up then?”  

Hmm, another cultural difference, But I decided that I would give up and give the first place to Wataru.  


“I give up!”  

“…I knew it…”  

I declared to surrender in the first match against Wataru. The Audiences are booing at me, but I don’t care. I want the second prize!  

Then next, I’m up against Sebas.  

“I give up…”  

“e? O-okay….”  

Sebas trying to attack me and surrender immediately after one shot, the boos from the audience seats are getting stronger during these second consecutive surrenders. I think I heard them say, “Fight properly!!”—no one expected to see this kind of battle in finals.  

“The booing doesn’t bother me but…”  

“You started this, I also don’t care, and this is just as my lady instructed, don’t fight in match you can’t win, you better reserve your strength.”  

“Well… that’s true I guess?”  

Next is Asura vs. Sebas, and I’m heading back to the waiting room. Normally the medics will treat me with healing magic, but I was unscathed. The person in charge of my recovery just gives me a bitter smile.  

The core no. 564 said, “Huh, it’s one win and one loss, we can still make a comeback” was it even worth to listen to his words anymore? You have too much free time, go home.  

The result of Sebas vs. Asura match, Sebas, is winning.  

It was a close fight, so it can be said that Sebas strategy to preserve strength is the correct one. And it was a heated battle, the audience should be satisfied with this.  

I also took a small break (they did ask me if I needed a rest), but the next game is my turn, so I will enter the arena again.  

I did not know where 564 because I lost sight of him.  

Well doesn’t matter, now it’s me VS Asura.  

When I entered the Arena, Asura had already completely recovered using healing magic, he was waiting for me. The wounds from his last fight with Sebas are nowhere to be seen.  

… He is radiating great intimidation when facing me.  

However, no matter how many times Asura tried to attack me, it’s all completely nullified.   

As expected from God’s series item, it’s the defense is really on God’s level. He tried to strip it from me, but he failed, it just slipping away from his hand, that’s [God’s Comforter] for you! There’s nothing you can do about this!  

I fired [Elemental Shot] to Asura, who could do nothing to me, and I got my second win for today.  

Now, if Wataru won against Sebas and Asura, I will secure the runner-up position.  

But, something unexpected happens in the next match…  

“I give up.”  


Wataru grinning and told Sebas that he is surrendering. 


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