LDM 423 – Main tournament (4)

Next match.  

Wataru won with ease against Asura.  

With this all, all participants expect Asura has two wins and one loss. Moreover, they will be surrendering to each other to maintain the balance.  

“We could say we’re back to the beginning with Asura as exception…. 564 what will happen in this case?”  

“umm, if three people had the same number of wins then they will need to battle each other again… with this we still have a chance!”  

“…in other words, a rematch?”  

But still, even if I surrender to Wataru, then Sebas will surrender to me, and then Wataru will surrender to Sebas. This is like an endless rock-paper-scissors, damn it.  

“What will they do, this is endless.”  

“mu, it’s easy, you guys just need to go at each other at once, then it won’t matter who win over who.”  

“…ah, you’re right.”   

If your win and the loss ratio are perfectly the same, then it doesn’t matter, you just need to settle it in the battle royale.  

It’s kind of sad for Asura who dropped earlier, but now is the time for the true Final rounds.  

“If only Wataru and Sebas will go at each other, then I only need to surrender to the winner.”  

“What are you afraid of!? We can do this, you can go for the champion position!”  

“I already said that I only want the runner-up position!”  

And looking back at Wataru antics, I feel like I want to seriously punch him.  

… ok, let’s defeat Wataru with Sebas assistance and give the winning to Sebas. This should be the best method for me.  

“Now that it decided, let’s negotiate with Sebas…”  

“Hm? It seems that little boy had already make a deal with Hero Wataru, don’t you notice that?”  


As expected from Hero, he is fast.  


Here I am in the final match without any chance to negotiate.  

And unprecedented to past match, the Great Demon Lord give us some warnings before the match begins.  

“– Fight with your all, know that surrendering is not acceptable.”  

Oh, shit, this is too much! Aidi is smiling beside the Great Demon King, her grin almost like she personally saying, “Now you can fight seriously right? No need to thank me”.  

Then make the [God’s Pajama] the first prize! I will fight seriously if it for that.  

With Great Demon King words, the already bored audiences are pleased and assured, “Woahh!” they said, I did fight properly with Asura, didn’t that supposed to be enough?  

“This is a direct order from the Great Demon Lord… so I will go all out.”  

“hey Kehma, you head the Great Demon Lord words… right?”  

Wataru and Sebas are eager to start the match.  

Then about me… I look up at the sky and pondering what to do now…  


The referee’s voice echoed. Shortly after that, Sebas and Wataru attacked me.  

This is probably their small agreement earlier, they decided to attack me together.  

“Sebas! work with me and crush this Hero!”  


“Tsk… Wataru, let’s team up, I promise we will have a good match later?”  

“Don’t bother Kehma, I will stick to our plan.”  

As expected, I was refused.  

They give me a barrage of swords and offensive magic. However, the defense of [God’s Comforter] is truly godly. I feel like there’s some kind of veil surrounding me, it makes me stay calm.  

The attacks keep coming, but then they are stopped about one meter before reaching me and disappears.  

A sword assault from behind, a boulder of rock from above, all those attacks are just slipping away.  

“This is not good…”  

Sebas takes some distance from me, while Wataru keeps pressuring me.  

“Uh, your defense is great Kehma, just what is this?”  

“… I heard that is a love power he borrows from Rokuko?”  

“Love huh! As expected from Kehma, or should I say from Rokuko this time? Then I will do this seriously!”  

If I let Wataru attack me until he satisfied, I will probably be able to finish in second place. But wait… with the Great Demon Lord restriction… how am I supposed to surrender the first place to Wataru?  

“HAH! [Giga Slash]! [Meteor Crash]! [Vacuum Cutter]!”  

Well, that was the case when you are wearing the [God’s Comforter], am I prohibited to take it off?  

“[Charge]! [Charge]! [Charge]!……[Omega Break]!!”  

Can I get away with saying this [God’s Comforter] is borrowed power from Rokuko? In other words, taking off this [God’s Comfoter] are not a violation of “Fight with your all” since I will be using my true power if I take it off.  

“[Grand Bomb]! [Lightning Edge]!……[Charge release], Come forth, pillar of thunder! [Lightning Pillar]! Come forth, pillar of flame! [Flame Pillar]! Be Born! Pillar of Soil [Earth Pillar]!!”  

Ok, first. One of them must fall, then let’s take the blanket off and fight.  

“hah…hah… Ke-Kehma, what the heck is that barrier! … I’m not really surprised but still…?”  

“Oh sorry, I was thinking about something.”  

“You kidding… Did you just repelled all those attacks while being absent minded…?”  

When I’m finally realized, the ground surrounds me is destroyed. It was gouged, burned, and there’s even an earth pillar erected. The whole arena wall is full of scratches. It almost like a wild beast, just finished its rampage.  

In contrast to that, there’s a beautiful circle about one-meter size surrounds me.  

“… The strength of a hero is definitely something.”  

“Is that sarcasm… you are the amazing one Kehma.”  

“This is not my power, it’s Rokuko’s love power.”  

“… I see”  

And I wonder if Sebas is fine being here in the middle of this fierce attack, but he seemed to have avoided it properly.  

“Mr. Sebas has agreed to team up with me until we can beat you Kehma, I will probably be exhausted in this fight and lost to Sebas, our empire prestige will probably drop from my loss.”  

“… Isn’t that bad?”  

“Ahahaha! That’s a fame that I could regain once I’m going to the frontlines again, and if I become runner-up, I will get that [God’s Pajama] that Kehma wants, now will you seriously fight me?”  

“wow… I’m irritated now, Wataru.”  

After exhaling, Wataru once again fastens his grip on his sword.  

Dammit, just how low he will go to make me go at him seriously?  

It cannot be helped then, let’s fight Wataru seriously. And then I can lose to Sebas safely.  

“TAKE THIS, [Elemental Shot]!”  


*Kin* Wataru’s sword is parrying my [Elemental Shot].  

“This [Air] Holy sword that Haku lent me are not just for show!”  

“Holy Sword, you wield such thing?”  

“Yeah, but I never use its function until now because it’s magic consumption are ridiculous… it’s hard to use this sword at its full power all the time you know?”  

I wonder what the difference between Holy Sword and Magic Sword, but all I know that Haku lent it to him…, I could probably beat Wataru with [Elemental Burst], but if I’m not careful, I could kill him… wait, if it Wataru he probably survives with his innate [Ultra Good Fortune] skill?  

Sebas come closer to Wataru, he looks pretty lax, and then he approaches me.  

“Oi Kehma, can I talk a little?”  

“hm? What is it Sebas?”  

He approaches me defenselessly, and I casually listen to Sebas’s word.  

“I’m always pondering how to beat that blanket.”  


“Fall into slumber. Rest peacefully-[Sleep]”  

The moment Sebas murmured that, my consciousness is gone.  

TL note:  

I just take 99999 chuuni damage translating this chapter, critical hits.  

Also sad Hero Wataru, your life is truly pitiful. 


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