LDM 426 – Reward

We had an audience with Emperor Lionel soon after returning to the Raverio Empire.  

Officially we only need to report when departing. Still, there’s nothing wrong with being summoned for the audience before we go home too. 

“Kehma Gollen, you did well in your study abroad by placed third in Demon Kingdom tournaments.”  


“If possible, I want you to win, but even our Hero Wataru was only a runner-up, your opponents must be a tough one, if you want, I can raise your adventurer rank to A, do you want it?”  

“I thank you for your consideration, but that position is too much for me.”  

I don’t want it, why am I the only exchange student that got rewarded, unlike my other peers?  

At that time, I felt Haku stare at me, ah… yeah… she is smiling, but she is clearly angry, what did I do wrong?  

“Is that so? Then let’s me change your rewards, I wonder what will suffice, ah… I know! Let’s make your village an independent territory outside Shia, named Gollen territory.”  

Woah, hold up, what’s way beyond what I could manage.  

However, I had already prepared a reply, “Can I ask emperor a favor?” for this situation. I thought this might happen. This is exactly when I should use it.  

“I’m honored but this is tough job for me as Beddhism founder, I had one goal in life, that is to collect all Godly beddings, may your majesty aid me?”  

“hm, I understand, then I will give you the rights manage Empire’s God’s Beddings rents, when you pay the appropriate price to the administration, they will lend it to you.”  

E…? I tried, and it worked.  

That was unexpected, but I will keep my mouth from yelling right now.  

Thank you Rokuko, it was her suggestion to ask for this.  

“This Empire possess two of Godly beddings, a Mattress and Pillow. The Mattress was managed by Kukkoro family and the Pillow is managed by Shia family.”  

“Yes, I’m aware of that.”  

“I see, I will write the recommendation later.”  

And that ends my audience with the Emperor.  

… seriously? Just from this meeting alone, I got two beddings in my hands?  

Since I already had six (five if you exclude the alarm). Then the only one that left is the… underwear.  

“Thank you for your work. How was your audience?”  

“Oh, it goes smoothly.”  

Rokuko welcomed us in the guest room of the castle.   

She usually assigned to another room, but this time she chooses to wait here and wait for me.  

Niku and Ichika are still in a separate room for slaves, though.  

“Oh, I will tell you the summary, in short just by going as exchange student, I managed to collect three Godly Beddings, I don’t know what to say.”  

“Is that so, then it was worth it to put some words to Lionel yesterday.”  


“Uh… Rokuko, did you just say you said something to Emperor yesterday?”  

“eh, that’s because Kehma want to collect all Godly Beddings, so I just did what I think was right, was I did bad?”  

“No, it was a big help! I’m really happy!”  

“That’s because you asked me about it and you want a suitable rewards, right?”  

Wait a minute, what’s wrong with this situation? Whose plan is this?  

……No, calm down, calm down me. Think it over carefully, no one is losing in this deal, so nothing bad was happening.  

From the Emperor’s point of view, he is lucky to reward me with Godly Beddings since it costs him nothing. By making me an administrator for Godly Beddings, there will be no complaints about the price. I only need to pay the proper amount and use it, I’m happy that I could use them anytime I want.  

I was anxious because too much good thing happens at once, but sometimes I think this kind of thing can happen.  

“What’s wrong, Kehma?”  

“…No, yeah. Rokuko did a good job. Thank you….Ah, uhm…”  


“Ah… no….ahh, screw it!.”  


I think I just did something that was out of my character, but I was relieved, it’s embarrassing to see Rokuko face now.  

However, I’m still worried about her reaction, and I steel myself to peek at Rokuko face.  


Oh, bright red. Like an apple?  

“Kemah… hey. hey.”  


“… if you keep saying things like that with such face, I won’t be able to hold back…”  

While saying so, Rokuko’s face approaches me. Ah, this is…  

–knock Knock.  

The sound someone of knocking the door made us jump away.  

I just touched her lips a little, dammit it was dangerous! What on earth we’re trying to do on Haku territory!?  

“Rokuko-chan, can I go in?”  


THAT’S HAKU, that’s Haku’s voice. And here is the room she prepared for me. Once again, I need to say it! This is the room she prepared for me, Rokuko’s room is not here, but she’s looking for Rokuko here? And she even asks permission from Rokuko to enter and not from me, it means she knows Rokuko is in my room.  

Were we monitored? How long was it?  

“What should I do, Rokuko?”  

“…But I can’t help it. Kehma, leave Haku-nee-sama to me.”  

When Rokuko said, “Okay, come in,” she opened the door, and Haku came in. She has a charming smile.  

“Ara, you are here Kehma?”  

“Hahaha… yes, I’m sorry for this, now pardon me…”  

“Where do you think you are going? Kehma’s room is right here.”  

If you knew this is my room, why did you say it like that?  

“Kehma-san… what were you doing with Rokuko-chan?”  

“No-nothing. I just arrived…”  

Fortunately, blood is drained from my head earlier, so I can’t yell out that tsukkomi, for now, I’m signaling help from my eyes to Rokuko.  

“Haku-nee-sama, please sit here.”  

“hm? What’s the matter, Rokuko-chan?”  

“Please come here.”  

Rokuko begs Haku, Haku loosens up her pressure and move over to Rokuko.  

“Can I ask a favor?”  


“Can you pat me? Haku-nee-sama…?”  

Rokuko leans against Haku’s plump chest.  

Haku shivered and reached for Rokuko’s head. ……Pat pat pat ……  

“Oh, Rokuko-chan, I was lonely… I’m glad you come back safely from study abroad…”  

“Fufu, Kema protected me.”  


“Because Kema played an active role, I came back safely…. why your hands are stopped, nee-sama?”  

“Uh, tsk… Well, was it like that…?”  

“Nee-sama, can’t you be little kind and praise Kehma…?”  

While being patted, Rokuko turned her eyes up to Haku. Would such childish trick work on her…?  

“…Kehma-san, good job on protecting Rokuko-chan.”  

“Y-yes, Certainly. I did what I had to do.”  

Haku praises me with a bitter smile, as Rokuko requested.  

Well, actually, Rokuko spends most of her time sightseeing with Aidi, but I don’t need to say anything. I will leave this matter to Rokuko.  

“I’m glad Haku-nee-sama now acknowledge Kehma, Kehma did a hard work in the Demon Kingdom.”  

“eh? no, that’s…”  

“Was I wrong?”  


Rokuko keeps attacking Haku with her gentle touch.  

Wait a minute, when did you learn such technique Rokuko? Was it in Demon Kingdom? It must be, right? What the hell did you do while I’m not watching!?**  

Anyway, it seems that I’m safe for now, let’s hurry return to Gollen Village, and Thank you Rokuko!  

TL note:   

So…. last chapter title makes sense now; she will definitely send assassin….  

I case you guys didn’t notice …  

“Ah… no….ahh, screw it!”  

**Kehma KISS Rokuko**  

Finally, after spending 426 chapter!!!  

Hopefully, our MC last more than one chapter after that. 


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