LDM 427 – I’m comin’ home, Goraine Village (1)

I’m comin’ home, Goraine Village (1)  

Haku said to me, “Write down the Demon Kingdom custom and send the report to us”.  

Well, our study abroad cover-up story was we are going as an exchange student. So, let’s do that.  

By the way, I completely forgot, but what was the third prize, Rokuko?  

“It’s a magic tool book. a lot of it.”  

“…Speaking of which I forgot to buy souvenirs.”  

“I already bought it. I thought we might need it.”  

…… She’s a good wife, for sure.  


We safely returned to Gollen village via [White Sands] network.  

This is our a secret way to return, I’m used to it. Fufufu.  

“I’m back, Gollen Village! It’s been a long time!”  

“Yes. It was a meaningful study.”  

The air of the village after a long time.  

I can smell the scent of home.  


Ah… I’m managed to come back alive!  

“Kehma, why are you standing in deep emotion?”  

“Because I’m really deeply moved. I came back alive; I got the right to use [God’s pajamas] and two other Godly beddings. It’s a super-top result that goes past the top.”  

“Well, that’s right. You’ve worked hard.”  

“Moreover, I was able to face Haku-san and come back safely…! ”  

“I already said it was okay.”  

Also, Rokuko’s growth is unexpected. It’s about time I admit that she already surpassed me, especially to matters related to Haku.  

“It’s thanks to Rokuko that I’ve retuned safely… what should I do to thank you.”  

“Oh, are you sure? Then I will have a melon bun with lots of whipped cream, if you don’t mind if I eat a lot of that.”  

“Oh, you can eat as much as you want.”  



I guess it’s better not to say the fact that I feel like Rokuko (body)is a bit…. overwhelmed. Yeah. Let’s go with that. I just can’t say the tsukkomi to her.  

I can’t afford to ruin Rokuko’s mood while trying her best to cheer me up.  

“Rokuko-sama, Rokuko-sama”  

“What’s the matter Ichika?”  

“Can we sleep together tonight?”  

“… sure, I’m in the mood for cuddling too.”  

Yeah, finally, we are back to Gollen village.  

A lot of meaningful things happened while studying abroad, but it doesn’t mean I want to go back there again.  

I give me thanks to my subordinate that keeps the dungeon running while we are away for a long time.  

“Master, do you want to contact Mai?”  

“.. oh, you mean Mai Odore? Yeah, I will ask Niku to do that.”  

I obtained to right to use [God’s Pillow], and I need to report that we made it back safely.  

It’s only a matter of negotiation for what we will need to pay for it.  


After resting for a while, I meet with some villagers. They casually asked [Oh, you’re back from your honeymoon?] or [I hope you enjoyed your trip!] or [Where’s the souvenir?] no? Did you forget? Then they will say something like [Well, if you were too busy flirting and forgot about it, it’s cannot be helped.]  


It almost like they already established the fact that Rokuko and I are a couple, don’t tell me Haku information network has leaked the story to this village.  

“Hey, Kehma! Please tell me if you had already retuned!”  

Yes, I need to see Misha, the head of the Adventurer guild of the Imperial City, who is on a business trip to Gollen Village.  

“Sorry Misha. I completely forgot.”   

“Well, I’m gonna forgive you because I ate hamburgers and lots of fish every day in the suite.”  

Misha put her arm around my shoulder. Hahaha … this bitch.  

“So, have you done ‘it’ with Rokuko-sama?”  

Hahahaha, this bitchh. She asked me directly. Her eyes are glowing red, a sign that she’s using her skill.  

“I did not.”  

“Nyahaha, Kehma is such a pussy.”  

“Misha, can you repeat that in front of Haku?”  

“I’m sorry, forgive me. Oh, did you go to the Human Farm? It’s a pretty good recreational facility.”  

The human farm is an entertainment facility? I wonder if she was talking about a normal farm?  

To think of it… that’s probably a place where you can experience fighting instead of riding a horse, and a petting area is… well, that’s clearly an out. Yeah, not going to happen.  

“I haven’t got a chance to visit it, or rather has Misha ever been to the Demon Kingdom?”  

“Well, because our Adventurer’s Guild and their Hunter’s Guild are affiliated, so I did go to them occasionally.”  

“Misha… you… were you working…?”  

“Kehma-san? I’m still an excellent guild master who reports directly to the White Goddess you know?”  

I can’t help but feel like I’m being fooled.  

I don’t know if Misha read my thoughts or not, but she hugged my head and clung to me. Just like a male friend, My face touches various areas of her body, but she doesn’t care.  

… indeed, her way of socializing and skinship, are a common sight in the Demon Kingdom. Is she a battle-type, or is she like the Demon Kingdom folks who doesn’t care about the details?  

“Well, congratulation for coming home safely, I handed the assassins who were trying to take advantage of Kehma’s absence to Rei-chan.”  

“Oh, thank you… Eh?”  

“Then, I suppose I will return to the Imperial City. Ah, now I’m not confident that I can sleep comfortably in my bed.”  

I stop Misha, who was trying to go home after saying something ridiculous.  

“Hey, wait a second. What this assassin all about?”  

“Huh? You know, that one, the extremists from God of Light religion. It looks like he was trying to get at Rei. Those guys don’t recognize other religions; they usually will try to assassinate other religion saints.”  

I don’t know, even if you say it like that. Are you serious? Was Rei being targeted for her life?  

“Because it was a small fry, so it was not a problem at all, I’m sure you can handle it, so it’s not something that I need to be thanked for, also because it’s the task that Haku-sama assigned me, to protect this village. ”  

“No, you really saved me. Thank you.”  

“Oh, then Kehma-san, Kehma-san, as thank you, I want bedding in the suite! Whatttttt!”  

“Take it Misha. Well, it’s Misha’s request after all. also, It would be nice if you could join us in Beddhism.”  

“I will do it, look I’m saying it, Oyasuminyainasai!” {‘Good night’ in Ziru’s version?}  

Oi. Is it okay for a direct subordinate of the White Goddess to enter Beddhism? I was just joking before… also isn’t Misha, an executive of the White Goddess Religion? Well, it wouldn’t be a problem if no one finds out, I guess…?  

“Don’t worry. White Goddess and Beddishm are good friends, and I’ll promote them in the Imperial City!”  

Is it okay to do that? Well, if there is a problem, Haku will stop her…  

“Oh, I’ll buy the highest holy symbol from you. is it okay to pay with money? Will you accept DP payment too?”  

“…the highest we had are a gold coin, do you want to use another metal?”  

“Then Orichalcum! Even if it’s has a hole, it’s an armor.”  

“Isn’t it expensive? I don’t know much I must pay for one orichalcum bar.”  

“Oh, I can prepare it… just kidding.”  

“You can contact me if you have enough DP”.  

In the end, we settled for Mithril holy symbol. I made it personally for Misha, and she paid me quite generously for that.  

Also, I ask for the detail about Rei assassination case.  

“But it’s really not a big deal, because if there’s an intruder the dungeon function will be triggered, and he can’t penetrate your defense anyway. Besides, now with you around they won’t even dare to initiate an attack.”  

“Is that so?”  

“There was information about the Beddhism Grand Priest followed by a dragon, and they been trying to chip away his influence while he’s gone. I wonder if Kehma herself will be targeted by the assassins in the future?”  

“Eh, I will be targeted by an assassin?”  

……..I guess I should go to the back-end (master room) of the dungeon when I go to sleep.  

TL notes : the tittle kinda… confusing, I didn’t know how to translate this to proper English, it’s literal translation should be   

“I’m Home, Gollen village” = tadaima gorraine mura, I got little creative because for some reason my Spotify decided to play “Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree” while I was pondering what to do with that line, and that’s literally the first lyric of that song. Welp that works I guess?  

I… totally forgot what tittle Kehma use as Beddhism cult/religion leader, is it Pope, Guru, or something else…. someone, please write in the comment if you remember, I will edit the previous chapter too where Wataru tried to strike a deal with Kehma. For the time being, I’m using the same “Grand Priest” as the last chapter.  

Oyasuminyaisai / Oyasuminasai – good night in English, it can be literally translated, but I choose not to, why? Because if you tried to go back to the previous chapter, it’s actually something that not translated by Kehma’s translation function, for some reason the resident of the new world never heard Kehma said “Good Night” in their language, but instead some spell-like word: “Oyasuminasai”. And yes, that’s not typo, it’s just Misha way to say that. 


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