LDM 428 – I’m comin’ home, Gollen Village (2)

I decided to meet with Rei, what did she mean by Assassination attempt?  

That’s why we are heading the Beddhism Church.  

The seats here are filled, so the business is not affected; it seems, some of them are browsing the bookshelf of Beddhism church, I never thought that bookshelf will become this popular.  

“Oh, it’s Village Chief, welcome!”  

“Grand Priest, did you come to sleep? Unfortunately, our desk is full.”  

“Reading while waiting for your body to ask for nap, what an elegant holiday… Oh, Grand Priest-sama! Oyasuminasai.”  

Our believers seem to have a fulfilling life. However, it might be a good idea to expand this area a little bit.  

Oh, that’s right, I can build a new church in Draco village, that’s a good idea… since their village also included in Rokuko’s dungeon area, there will be no difference where people choose to spend their time.  

Well, now it was about the assassin. I found Rei in sister clothes sitting in a chair in the rest room. Massage service is only available by appointment only, and this seems to be her free time.  

There’s no one looking, was it safe now?  

“Rei, are you free? I need to talk a little.”  

“Ah, yes. What’s the matter Master?”  

“I heard from Misha, were you targeted by an assassins?”  

“That’s right, Misha did give a light report to me, so I kind of forgot about it, but yeah, we are targeted.”  

Seriously, Misha is too competent for this…. she made it looks like a small matter and made her forget about it.  

“I didn’t think that Rei would be targeted, should I dismiss your saint position for now?”  

“No, it would be fine even if I’m dead.”  


“Um, I mean, I’m a named monster… so I can be revived using revival function, it cost DP though?”  

“Ah… you’re right.”  

By the way, [Father] once said to me, why not revive Gobusuke as a test?  

I completely forgot.  

“So, what happended to the assassin?”  

“I’m interrogating him with various means until he could not resist and pulled the information out, after that I send him in the back of the dungeon for DP.”  

By the way, the back of the dungeon that she meant are secret area where the human farm was made. The assassin has been taken under Eleca’s care so he won’t ever die.  

I think it’s better for my mental health if I don’t know any more details about that.  

“From what head Sister extracted, he seems to be the member of the dark organization of God of Light religion.”  

“God of Light religion huh? Religious group are scary.”  

“Master, didn’t Beddhism also religious group?”  

Yes, we are, and we are just newcomers with questionable history and backgrounds. And to make it worse, we are affiliated with the White Goddess religion in a friendly way.  

…If Rokuko will ever be Beddhist Goddess, should we take countermeasures against White Goddess too?  

“In the end I think this is a good thing, that assassin can help me satisfy my vampire urges.”  

“Ok, just don’t overdo it, you might be undead, but you will still die if you eat too much.”  

“Yes, just like Beddhism teaching [Nemureyasurakani] is it? I’ll eat him slowly and without too much pain” {Nemureyasurakani = sleep peacefully}  

Yeah, okay. I can only agree to it.  

“For now, let’s strengthen you, I’ll lend you my sword Siesta for the time being, it has no attack power, but for stopping people there’s no better sword around…. also don’t forget to take [Faint Resistance] from the skill orb.”  

“Is it alright?”  

“It’s my beloved sword, so I will have you give it back after we thought something else.”  

I give Rei my precious sword, Sleeping sword Siesta.  

… As for my assurance? I have my magic, so I should probably fine. I will get [Sleep] scroll and learn it for myself later. [Sleep] is a lower grade dark element spell, so it should cost that much.  

However, I’ve actually tried to apply [Sleep] to myself with Sister Suilla’s help before. To be honest, the sleep Siesta provides is far more comfortable than [Sleep] spell. As expected from my Siesta.  


“Hmm? What’s up Siesta?”  

“….! …..tsu!”  

“No, please… I’m asking you to protect Rei.”  


“Yes, don’t worry about me, I will be fine.”  

Siesta reluctantly agreed.  

“Master… just now… did you just talking to Siesta?”  

“ah? Yeah, she told me she doesn’t want to leave. Sorry, I don’t intend to say it out loud.”  


“ahahaha, Siesta is a tsundere, isn’t she?’  

Well, compared to Niku, she is much harder to read.  

Moreover, Siesta said [I don’t want to leave Master since Misha said your life is also targeted] truly she cares about me so much. Well, but I still have my [Super Transformation], and I’m confident that I won’t go down that easily.  

“While at it can you help Rei with the Mass too? I will lock myself in my room in just to prevent the assassination attempt.”  

“ah, um… nice to meet you? Siesta”  


“Oh? Yeah that’s right. Rei is your senior in this dungeon.”  

“Wait, what? What did she say? What did you talk about?”  

“Yes, you’re supposed to follow Rei’s order okay? Siesta, Rei will need to understand you more clearly, can you shake yourself with magic?”  


“Oh… I can feel it move, Master, you can really communicate with each other?”  

“What? You didn’t believe me? Of course, I can. She is my sword.”  

“That’s because I can’t understand her at all…”  

So, I decided to stay in my room as a measure against assassination. Because my life is being aimed, I can’t help it.  

“Kehma, I was told by Misha that an assassin is targeting your life? So, we need to use [God’s Comforter] right? It cannot be helped this time since this is inevitable.”  

Rokuko comes to my room while I was preparing my bed. She said those lines with an amazing smile on her face.  


“yes? Kehma?”  

“Didn’t you say something about holding back or something?”  

“This isn’t a couple flirting or anything, it’s the best way to protect the Dungeon Master’s life and thinking about efficiency. Oh, do you want me to call Niku? You’d feel safer with a huggable escort, right?”   

Therefore, the three of us, including Niku, decided to take a good rest.  

……… Didn’t Niku gets sandwiched in a hug between Rokuko and me? Well, yeah. she’s a hug pillow, so don’t blame us.  

TL note :   

Tsundere … please don’t ask me to translate this, it’s impossible. 


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