LDM 429 – Escort Gacha.

I came up with good countermeasures for the assassin.  

Just like Eleca who specialized in managing the dungeon, I also can summon a monster that specializes himself to be an escort.  

For example, a ghost that hides and protects you from behind, I’m not sure about their ability to take damage in my place though.   

Or, a spider, even better a poisonous spider he will be practical in combat too.  

Shadow type monster also a great choice since they can hide in the shadow.  

Yes, as dungeon master I can prepare a wide variety of monster to guard myself from assassin, there’s no way I won’t make use of this privilege.  

So now I need to consider what monster will be a good candidate for that role. 

“But when we are in the village, the adventurers will detect it, therefore you need something that you can insist that [it has been tamed].”  

“Oh, you are right, want to try to summon a shadow wolf?”  

“Goblin are better than that, also since they are categorized as spirit, it did not cost you a meal if you supply it with magic.”  

…Before Gobusuke was eating bread, but it turns out that didn’t need it?  

“okay, want to summon shadow goblin?”  

“I don’t think it work like that, you can’t just put [shadow] on everything… ah, goblin fighting power is poor too, so it won’t make a good bodyguard.”  

Oh? This is surprising, I thought Rokuko will be happy if I choose goblin, or rather you’re the one who recommended a goblin, but you just denied it.  

“In any case, if you can command spirit type monster skillfully you can insist that you had mastered [Spirit User] skill, right?”  

“Spirit huh…”  

I continue to look inside the DP catalogue.  

…ah, a Dragon! Come to think of it there’s a rumor that I managed to make a dragon my followers. Then I can brush it off as it’s the dragon that I tamed, and I can use him as my escort too. But it cost tons of DP, and it’s also stand out, okay as expected, rejected.  

“Since [Flame Caverns] are our neighbor, should we use fire spirit instead?”  

“It also would be cheaper if I ask Ontentoo to summon it for me, but considering its reliability I think it must summon it myself.”  

I don’t think that it will betray me even if it was summoned by Ontentoo, but I’m worried that it will leak my dungeon critical info.  

“Kehma is known as expert on Earth magic, how about Gnome?”  

“Four great spirit are gnomes, undines, sylphs, and salamander, right? to think of it Ontentoo is a salamander…”  

I browse the catalogue, and I found it, a dwarf with a hat, it’s surprisingly expensive. I should expect this much from great spirit.   

“also, it must be a lower-class spirit, so you can insist that you have tamed it.”  

“That’s true… let’s see… dryad, nymph, genie, korobokkuru, banshee … oh, I wonder if spriggan would be a good idea.”  

“I’m not sure about that… I think if we want to use spirit, we should not use one from DP summon function.”  

Do you mean something like Eleca spirit ball form when she uses [specialization]? Well, she is a spirit.  

This gets too confusing because there’s too many to chose to.  

“… Rokuko, want to use the gacha?”  

“eh? Can I?”  

I think at a time like it, it’s better to leave it to Rokuko’s luck. She has proven it to me what she will get something good, at worst if we missed then we can take a look at the DP catalog once again.  

“Until now Rokuko has pulled something that suitable as escort, for example, Phoenix and Mimic Panda.”  

“Phenny and Pakko… also Dia, they can be used as shield, right?”  

To think of it, that Diamond Jewel turtle also an anomaly.  

By the way, Dia is a magician type. Her affinity with magic is high.  

“… Let’s try the 100.000DP gacha for the time being, just wish for something that can be used as escort, whatever the form is.”  

“Okay! Let’s go! 100.000DP gacha, start!”  

Rokuko presses the gacha button, and the usual magic circle appeared.  

*Kyuin*… the magic circle was compressed until finally, it was reduced to a size of 30 cm.  

Then a palm-sized blue lizard fell to the floor.  


“I think it’s a dragon!”  

“Really?……..no, since it’s Rokuko… it’s possible…”  

“A blue-scaled dragon, maybe a blue dragon? Or is it a water dragon? I can’t tell by its size, it also doesn’t have any wing.”  

The blue lizard turned its head to me and walked shakily to my feet, its legs bent, its belly touches the ground, and its yellow eyes are closed.   

“Oh, nice to meet you?” 

I held out my hand, and he gave a little lick with his blue tongue and licked the tip of my finger, and then it climbs into my hand.  

What a friendly lizard.  

…Even if the tongue is blue, but it’s not poisonous, right? It looks fine, I hope…  

“Kehma, you can talk to it?”  

“It didn’t really say anything, but yeah, I can understand it to some extent.”  

“hmm, then your name is Gonta!”  

When Rokuko gives it a name, Gonta happily dancing in my hand.  

“Why Gonta?”  

“It’s one of the name I prepared when I own a dragon someday.”  

“… Why Gonta?”  

I wonder if the name inspired by Gon the dragon, it’s okay if Gonta is male… but I cannot differentiate between male and female lizard.  

“the question is can Gonta serves as my escort?”  

When I said that Gonta blinks his eyes.  

“Gonta, you can cast magic!?”  

He then sticks his little blue tongue.  

“Well I don’t know that, but as dungeon monster I guess I can order you to.”  

“Just let him try it, I will prepare the practice target.”  

Rokuko pulled out a strawman, and set it for attack target.  

“Now go! Attack!”  

I pointed at the strawman and told Gonta to attack, Gonta set his eyes on the target and in the next moment… *Kororinn* the practise target is frozen inside the ice.  

It’s took less than a second for him to execute that. It was about the same speed that he took to open and close his eyes.  


But what the hell?  

“You did it! That’s my Gonta!”  

“Not just did it, this is your strongest pet ever, Rokuko.”  

Gonta is blinking his eyes.  

… Yeah, he will do just fine as an escort.   

But… what are you really?  

It seems I still need to consult Ontentoo after all.  

TL note  

Ontentoo, did I remember him right? His name is written initially as Itetsu in raw. 

At first, I consider to use his original name, but then again… he is a minor character(now), it’s not like he will get mentioned in every 2 chapters or something.  

Leave your comment down below if you think this need to be changed.  

精霊使い(Seirei Tsukai) = Spirit user = Spiritualist? That’s kind of wrong…. yeah… I just want to tsukkomi this part, don’t mind this… 

コロボックル korobokkuru … I almost thought this is carbuncle, it turned out this is a japanese spirit tree, I remember seeing it as horohoro guardian spirit from shaman king.  

Gon the dragon, I don’t know what your local manga called it, but for me, it’s just “GON”. I just literally translate what Kehma is saying in that sentence. 


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