LDM 430 – Chat with Ontentoo

I come to Ontentoo place with Gonta.  

“Oh this one is a rare find.”  

“You know what this guy is ?”  

“Yeah. This little guy are called golden eyes Frost Lizard, a normal Frost Lizard had a white eyes. His Golden eyes are said to be the sign for his high magical power, people often mistaken him for a dragon.”  

Seriously, did Rokuko really pulled a dragon from gacha?  

“No, he is not a dragon but a spirit, Frost Lizard and Snow Child are falls into fairy type, ‘Dragon’ are just what human called it without permission.”  

“I see, a spirit. Well it’s just as we originally planned.”  

For the time being, I’m glad the problem about escort is solved, he seems to be a reliable companion.  

Also, his small body is convenient since he can hide around my chest.  

Especially here in [Flame Caverns], especially when it’s near Ontentoo. Gonta presence provides me with a cold and comfortable sensation.  

By the way, it seems that the thing that froze the strawman is an attack skill called [Freezing Evil Eye].  

If it was done by ordinary frost lizard, only your fingertips would get frozen, but since he is the golden eye variant, his magic is comparably more powerful.  

“But as countermeasures for assassin would he be enough? should I lend you Igni? Just say to public that you have tamed her, if she is present on the village, no assassin would dare to make a move.”  

“Thanks for that. but, no thanks. I don’t want to start another uproar concerning a dragon.”  

“Kakakakakah! There’s also that too.”  

Ontentoo is rudely laughing with his big lizard face.  

This is no laughing matter, though, it’s literally a matter of life and death for me.   

“How about Rokuko, don’t you need to prapare escorts for her too?”  

“As for Rokuko, I already given her the counter measures against assassination, and her main body is safely guarded in the dungeon.”   

For the time being, Rokuko is using [God’s Comforter] as her countermeasures. She wears it as I used to when I participate in Demon Kingdom tournaments, all attacks directed to her will be nullified, she is perfectly safe.  

…how about sleep countermeasures? She will only sleep, right? You cannot do anything further than that.   

And her core is currently deep in the dungeon. The only way to get to it is to attack the dungeon, and my dungeon is well protected.  

The core is located at the deepest part of the dungeon, where the entrance is hidden far behind the room with the dummy core.  

“in addition Haku will also send an escort for Rokuko.”  

“…you should at least protect your girlfriend yourself. It’s not right.”  

Someone has reported the assassin case to Haku (probably Misha), Haku then said she will send someone other than Misha to be Rokuko escort. Haku subordinate has its own role, so they need to rotate the escort role.   

I should add another Suite room.   

“I have my own way doing things, my attempt to increase the number of escort are one of it, I will use all my connection if I have to.”  

“Got it.”  

“Also… I learned some new moves in Demon Kingdom, but I don’t know how effective this power against a dragon.”  

Because there is a vampire who can play with my shots using only his fist, I don’t know how strong it is against Dragon scale.   

“Ooh, I will prepare Red Mino then, show me what you got.”  

“Sure, people already has seen it in the Demon Kingdom anyway, please give me some advice about it too.”   

After that I shoot [Elemental Shot] to red minotaur chest, it’s only a monster from monster spawner, don’t hesitate he said.  

*Bakyun* The red minotaur died easily with a single headshot. Leaving only it’s meat as a drop item.   

“As you can see, that’s my magic.”  

“Oi Kehma, this is not something you can say only to protect yourself; I’d say it can pierce a dragon scale.”  

“If that what Ontentoo say, I will belive it.”  

“Well, let’s just try it!”  

“Oh? Do you want me to try it on you?”  

Ontentoo said he can tank it because he is spirit.  

… it seems because he is a great spirit of fire, his body is composed of condensed mana, and thus his defensive power against magic attack is very high.  

“It’s also because I’m amazing! To receive my wife’s love hugs and my daughter’s tackle, I need to get stronger!”  

Ontentoo seems to be proud of those facts.  

And flame Dragon Igni who can put wounds on Ontentoo also had a very high magic defence, they are strong family, no doubt about it.   

“By the way, when you and Rokuko planned to have a child? Would it be human? I guess it would be soon, right!?”   

“… No, we don’t have a plan to rush thing.”  

“Oh yeah, since Rokuko hasn’t change her type, she can’t bear a child yet.”  

“Hahaha, thank you for that extra knowledge, Haku will kill you for that.”  

In Ontentoo case, it seems that he change his type to salamander by using [spiritificiation] from [ehancement] menu. That way, they can have a child between dragon and spirit.  

“As a couple, don’t you want to do it?”  

“Well yes, no… umm, I’m still young so…”  

“What are you talking about, by human standard you both are grown up.”  

Oh, I see, in this world, an adulthood age coming faster. And that makes me older than I assume.   

…also it might be a problem for the newly established village if their chief is single and don’t have any child as a successor?   

I will think about it later if they started to annoy me about it, for now, let’s ignore it.  

“I’m thinking about vacation with Redra and let Igni take care of things here, if Kehma can come here occasinally and help her it would be a great help.”   

“Oi, you would be too stand out if both salamander and Dragon going sight seeing in the street.”  

“It’s okay, me and Redra will use out humanoid form.”  

“Ontentoo, you can humanize?”   

I could not help but be curious and ask him. He said it’s a natural thing to be able to do that if you have been a dungeon core for a hundred years.  

“I’m in the Dragon King faction, so I don’t need to do this every day, oh … to think about it I never showed it to Kehma, I did use this form to visit the human village sometimes, but the last time I had done it was around a hundred year ago.”  

“I’m curious. can you transform now?”  

“Um, Sure? Wait a second. Mu~~nnn!!”   

Ontentoo growls and his body shrank rapidly, his frame become a human…  

Rigid muscular body decorated with scars; a man was standing here. He didn’t wear any clothes, but he left his salamander scales behind, hiding some of his body parts. And if he were a Japanese, I would be tempted to ask from which Yakuza gang you are from? But he gives a feeling of war veteran too.   

“Cool aren’t I?” 

“…You looks like a old soldier.” 

However, His grinning mouth with a broad smile definitely belonged to Ontentoo. A cheerful smile a child would wear.  

“But this body is weak, I don’t like it very much.”  

“is that so?”  

“At least it would be hard to tank Igni charge with this body.”   

Ontentoo scratches his head and lets out a sigh. You cannot help it, she’s a strong girl.   

“Now, now, want to try arm wrestle with me?”  

“No thank you, I don’t want to break my arm.”  

“Should I use this form when we meet in the future?”  

“Nah, that would make me feel uncomfortable, please go back to your usual form.”  

It’s like seeing people that usually wearing glass, if they suddenly take it off you will sense something is not right.  

“Also that face is scary.”  

“Kakakaka! Too bad then! wait… why are you more scared by my human face?”   

Ontentoo returns to his original form, the red-scaled salamander. As expected, I’m more comfortable with this form.  

“Because it’s you Ontentoo, even with Igni I would constantly worried that she would burn me to death, but that was not the case with you, right?”  

“Kakaka! And Igni still don’t have that much control over her fire. But if you worried about it, Redra can give you Red Dragon blessing so you won’t get burned, how about that!”   

“I don’t want to stand out, okay? No one know that I’m a dungeon master.”  

“It’s not a big deal. It’s not a big deal, it’s just like the clothes Igni wear when she transformed into human. I’ll teach Kehma how wear Redra’s blessing like clothes.”   

Redra’s blessing can be attached so subtly. Like sewing it into your body, there will be no particular crest showing anywhere, so it will stay hidden unless you told people about it.   

“Thanks for today, I’ll see you next time.”  

“Let’s take a lava bath together next time, Kakaka!”  

“… If it doesn’t burn, but the heat is still reach me, then no way, I’ll definitely refuse it.”  

After having a lengthy chat with Ontentoo, I finally noticed that Gonta the Frost Lizard had gone completely limp.  

… That’s right, His attribute is ice, it was not a good match for the [Flame Caverns], or even with Ontentoo the Great Fire Spirit…I’m sorry. I’ll give you ice cream, forgive me.  

TL notes : 

sorry, I will need one more days to proofread the next chapter…, somehow I forgot to do that yesterday. (spoiler: It’s kinda lewd so I leave some parts to lupus-sensei for some detailed… detail…) 

You can expect triple chapter tomorrow. 


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