LDM 431 – Just your everyday activity

Just your everyday activity 

Made some changes; the ring succubus Neru = Nell to match with Ziru version.  

It turns out that Gonta took a liking to ice cream, especially chocolate mint flavor.  

We decided his escort fee would be one glass of chocolate mint ice cream per day.  


“My Rokuko staying in my room?”  

Along with her other pets, White phoenix and Diamond Jewel Turtle, and Mimic Panda Box, they were lazying around in my room while reading manga.  

And now the Gonta the Frost Lizard (with the golden eyes) is lying down on my head.  

“My pet is Kehma pet too, was is bad for them took a liking to Kehma’s room?”  

“I won’t say it bad.”  

“I think it’s because we are partner even if we are not couple yet.”  

I wonder if Rokuko is properly doing her work, but that’s OK because I also did the same thing. Let’s believe in Rei, let’s believe there will be no problem.  



Rokuko rubs her feet together, she doesn’t wear shoes in my room, only knee-socks. But there are faint gray footprints lining from her shoes.  

Because I have feet fetish, I cannot help my eyes that glued to those feet as they are lying down in my room.  

As I watched for a while, her long knee sock completely fell off her foot and exposed her cute, slightly reddish, freshly peeled soles.  



Accompanied by the sound of flipping pages. Rokuko silently tapping her legs while reading manga, I pretend to read one too, but my eyes are glued to her soles.   

“You can do whatever you want with it…”  

Rokuko said that without looking at me.  

“Wh-what is this all about?”  


I regret it a little.  

Rokuko keeps rubbing her soles while reading manga as if she doesn’t care about that.  

*guni guni* she is applying pressure with the back of her foot as she stretches her toes.  

She is definitely showing it off.  

“Kehma… You can lick it, okay? I know you really like my legs.”  

“Well no, I do want to lick it, but…”  

“I like that honesty of yours Kehma.”  

Rokuko comes closer to me while saying, “It’s alright.”  


Rokuko bends her knees and sends her feet towards me, now it’s within my reach, no it’s even closer than that, so close that I only need to bend over and bury my face on her legs.  

I can smell the pheromone that softly drifts in the air, it’s a smell that makes you feel comfortable.  

What temptation! She knows precisely what the weakness of foot fetishist.  

[…Since she said it’s okay to lick it, isn’t it okay to do as she says?] I can hear my devil whisper in my head, but I know that’s just a doomsday flag. It’s only a fleeting moment of pleasure.  

On the opposite, the Angel whisper [it’s a shameful thing for a man if he did not eat what his woman has served.] wait! You are not an Angel; you are the Devil in Angel skin. Where’s my Angel? Not here? It cannot be helped then.  

So I reach out my hand to Rokuko’s leg.  


When my hand touched Rokuko soles, Rokuko let out a cute voice and immediately covered her mouth with her hands, as if she surprised by her own voice.  

“do-don’t stop… please go on?”  

“is something wrong?”  

Her feet, which still being held in my hand, began to get all sweaty and restless.  

“No-nothing, I just feeling ticklish.”  


“If you want to lick it, just do it.”  

“No.. I can’t lick it.”  

When I said that, Rokuko’s face is turning into a deep red color.  

“Why…? you love it right? don’t you want to lick it?”  

“I mean… out pets are watching, it’s true that I would like to do it, but not when all those stares are focused on me.”  

“Kuh… Why the Kehma inside the dream are so insecure?”  

A dream? …What are you and Nell doing!  

Wait, was it because Nell send me into her dream and this is not mine? Well you know, if it were me inside a dream, I would be more like… this. Yup, this about right. 

“um… is there something wrong with my legs?”  

“eh, it was good.”  

“oh… Then won’t you do something to it?”  

Rokuko is pouting now.  

“My love to Rokuko’s feet is like Rokuko’s love to Phenny and the friends.”  

“…my feet is Kehma’s pet? …oh well…”  

If I had to describe it, it might be like that.  

I continue to massage Rokuko feet, and sometimes she let out a cute moan like [Hin~] or [Hyan~].  

“N-nyahn… Kehma, it’s ticklish, why you had to stroke it so much?”  

“You let out pet-like voice when I do that.”  

“…aah! fine!!, do what you want! But be prepared to do as I say later, okay?”  

I wonder what she has in store for me later? Well, anything is fine. At worst, it’s probably another Melon bread?   


Then that night after I enjoyed Rokuko’s soles to my heart content.   

She made me use [Super Transformation] into a succubus possessed state, and Rokko says she will pay me back in full with love. But I have no regrets, so it’s okay.  

I might say that I will never use my succubus form ever again, but since this my [Super Transformation] succubus mode, it should be much safer.  

In this form, I should not be emitting that charm aura. For precaution, Rokuko was also wearing the Spirit strengthening bracelet from father.  

It’s hard for me to say this… but if you only want this much from me, I’m willing to do this any number of times to play with your feet again.  

TL note 

This might be the shortest chapter I’ve ever translated on LDM, but believe me… this is also the hardest one… 

not to mention those leg parts… my brain fried when I tried to process them, I let lupus-sensei help me a bit with that.


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