LDM 432 – Extra: the Demon Kingdom’s Souvenir

CASE FILES: Nerune  

This is about the book of Magic tools that Kehma brought back from the Demon Kingdom.  

Nerune and Kantara the blacksmith of gollen village (which also Nerune teacher) examine it carefully.  

“No… I mean, isn’t this dangerous?”  

“Kehma… your souvenir is absurd…”  

In the Demon Kingdom, magic tools technology is more advanced than the Empire. It was the cultivation of practicality and rivalry between their own citizens.  

And those books of Magic tools are the third prize from the fighting tournament.  

Sure some of it is a blueprint for everyday magic tools and spell, but the others are the blueprint for cutting edges equipment. This should be expected from the third prize of the tournaments.  

The content is something that people of the Empire would make it a present for the Emperor, the top-level national secret. It was comparable to the Hero workshop tech.  

“…and this is some experiment notes on attempt to create magic sword.”  

“Oh, this is going to make my research much easier… this is a blueprint for magic sword that can shoot fireballs, isn’t it? Though it seems the mana consumption is bad.”  

“Wouldn’t it be cool if there’s fireball flying from your sword when you swing it?”  

“I know right?!”  

Nerune and Katara found out that there are more than several subjects in the books that Kehma brought home after browsing for a while. So, they decide to choose their own book that they took a liking to.  

“Ice… cold air… ohohoho, I can make this work!”  

“This will do… if you inject this lump of mana… this is almost like throwing magic stones, with this you can even use magic you don’t know about.”  

When they read the blueprint, their instinct as craftsman ordered them to make it, those books are basically craftsman porn. They then prepared a copper plate to carve the magic formation and began to work on it, while using the book as a reference.  

They moved in sync, so much so that Wataru would get jealous if he ever saw this.  

Fortunately, Kantara is a blacksmith. He can prepare as many copper plates as they want, and he can melt their failed product afterward. He had spent his income buying magic stones from the adventurer’s guild. He had created the perfect environment for his experiment.  

Nerune took notice of this and used his workspace to experiment with magic circles. She still did the design in her own lab, though.  

“Okay! Let’s modify this magic circle to shoot fireballs with your own magic power.”  

“Then I will try to weaken this ice-making magic formation, I’ll limit its power so that it can only produce cold air.”  

“Oh yeah that would be very convenient tools when I did my work as blacksmith, Let me know when it’s done, I will try it.”  

“I’m also looking forward to a magic formation that uses your own mana to shoot fireballs.”  

If you embedded it to sword hilt, it should pass as a magic sword.   

They continue carving the copper plate and draw their magic formation, the research that day seems very enjoyable.  


Kinue got a bunch of recipes for Demon Kingdom cuisine from Ichika, along with some foreign ingredients.  

There were also some freshly made dishes that she put in the [storage] to stop the decay.  

“Hoho, is this the Demon Kingdom’s… Udon?”  

“That’s right, however master said that the quality of flour are different from what we have here at the empire, or rather their usage is different, so I brought some back with me.”  

“The flour can be classified in two type: low or high gluten flour; I remember it was written in the recipe that master gave me.”  

After carefully listening to Ichika explanation, Kinue compares it with her own knowledge while tasting the Udon using fork. Because she is a house fairy (silky), cooking is her second most favorite job, after cleaning.  

(of course, there are no complaints from her since Kehma has assigned her to clean the inn and dungeon)  

“Hee… then if I ask Master, can you make this udon too?”  

“…Not necessary, I can use the DP without master permission. Ichika, should I do it?”  

“oh that’s right, Kinue also can use the Catalog.”  

Ichika was a top echelon for Kehma dungeon, but since she is a slave, she cannot use the dungeon menu. That also means she cannot use her portion of DP that Kehma prepared for her. She must ask Kehma if she wants to use DP.  

However, she asks Kehma to hand over her DP to Kinue. It will be a convenient way to obtain food ingredients related to DP since it won’t bother Kehma. Let’s ask Kehma to direct her DP to Kinue next time.  

“Well I also brought many ingredients and Demon Kingdom’s desert with me, please take a look and analyze them. Especially this one, this hot and sweet is good, please try it!”  

“What is this orange and sticky thing… oh… this is… carrot? I never expect it would be used this way.”  

Kinue and Ichika eat the Demon Kingdom’s desert together.  

Kinue also took a liking to the oyster based dish that she has rarely seen on Empire.  


Rei, along with her subordinate Eleca the fairy, is a dungeon manager.   

Currently, in her hand, she holds Demon Kingdom’s souvenir from Niku.  

“Eleca, we got a souvenir from Niku-senpai.”  

“a Souvenir?”  

Rei The took out a souvenir wrapped in cloth, inside was a tattered jersey which Niku brought back for them.  

“…What is this?”  

“This is Master’s jersey, it seems that Master has been training hard in the Demon Kingdom, and this is one of his torn jersey. Niku senpai said that I need to share this with you.”  

“Is that so?”  

Eleca tilted her neck. Even if Rei said this was “her Master’s used jersey” she did not understand the value of this thing, but seeing Rei’s happy face, she doesn’t want to put cold water on her.  

“Fufufu, as expected of Niku senpai, the sweat that seeping to the clothes after the intense training is…”  

“I’m happy for you, Rei-sama.”  

“Yes, I’m very happy right now! Ah, but I need to share this happiness with my subordinate, which one do you want? Upper or lower part?”  

And Rei tries to force her subordinate to pick which part Khema’s jersey… but of course, Eleca has no desire to take any part. Even now, she still wonders why Rei is so happy with it.  

“Ah! I had an idea, I will give you Master’s jersey that I had used before, and I will take this (fresh) used jersey.”  


Eleca wings twitched sharply.  

“Was it the one that Rei-sama use as pillow as substitute for Master’s arms?”  

“Yes, I often use it for that, but if Eleca…”  

“I want it!”  

Eleca nodded vigorously, she didn’t need the Kehma’s used jersey, but if Rei was the one who used it, that was a different story.  

“Okay then, I will change the jersey in my room with this one.”  

“Yes, Rei-sama, I’m looking forward to it!”  

They were indeed a boss and subordinate; they are similar in more than one way.  

But if one needs to ask who they are takes to, then we can point our finger at the root of it all, the Dungeon core. 


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