LDM 433 – Extra: The silkies rebellion

“Head Maid is unfair!”  


“We also want souvenirs!”  


“We’re going on strike!”  


So just like that, the silkies are going on strike.  

They locked themself and villagers in the inn’s game room, this is the first case of hostage-taking in Gollen village!  

… It’s all good because they had done the cleaning properly before they go on the strike.  

“Kehma, what ‘strike’ means? My japanese is not good enough for me to understand them.”  

“Even if you ask me… I will also need refer to dictionary to understand it, because I think they mean something different than what I think.”  

More like… where did they learn the word’ strike’? I thought Rokuko was the one who teaches them.  

Thankfully they were only using the game room. There is plenty of entertainment inside. Let’s just treat this as a game.  

My villagers are surprisingly happy with this, so they just play along with silkies.  

“Rokuko don’t you have any souvenir I can give to silkies?”  

“There would be a huge number of souvenirs if I need personally gift it to each every member of dungeon, so I tasked Niku and Ichika to handle other member, except Nurune.”  

Is that so? Then it cannot be helped…no, I feel bad too, this is partially my fault since I’m the one who forgot to buy souvenirs. Forgive me.  

“regretfully, why they had to involve villagers in this?”  

“It’s possible that those villagers also want some souvenirs….”  

Indeed, that was certainly possible.  

“Their behaviour will make their parent back at home cry.”  

“In that case the silkies parent would be us.”  

“By that reasoning, we are terrible parent that forgot to buy souvenirs for their children…”  

Besides, it is the fact that silkies are working hard at the inn. The least we can do is to bring back souvenirs with us.  

“Master! Leave this matter to us!”  

“I take full responsibility of my subordinate misconduct, please let me solve this situation!”  

Ichika and Kinue barging in and said that.  

“But we need Master to give us more of that flour.”  


“Flour for Udon! that flour that Master brought in big quantity from Demon Kingdom.”  

No, Ichika, what are you talking abou–, then I realized. That’s right! Kinue can make it, Kinue can replicate the Udon, and I can secretly buy the Udon flour with DP. Then we can cover this up by saying we brought those Udon flour in advance, and now we will let Kinue cook it.  

“Oh!! if that thing, I had a lot stored in warehouse, give me a minute, I will take it out.”  

“Oh, did you hear that? With the flour that Master brought from Demon Kingdom, Kinue will make a lot of Demon Kinggom’s Slippery Udon.”  

Ichika shouting to the direction of the game room, and Kinue nods firmly.  

I headed for the warehouse and started exchanging DP for Udon flour.  

Why did I do something this troublesome……..? I can just hand over the DP to Kinue and let her prepare everything. Well, there’s a risk being seen in the kitchen too… I put the flour bag to my [storage].  

“Kinue, here, please cook it.”  

“Understood, and I already got the recipe from Ichika, I can make this right away.”  

I handed the flour, and the Udon is completed in no time.  

Skill : [cooking]  

It’s the skill scroll that Rokuko obtained in the previous gacha, after using that Kinue can stop the time while she cooks. That way, she can instantly serve freshly made food to the customers.  

It looks powerful since it can stop time, but the restriction of that skill is quite severe, you can only stop time when you are cooking.   

… since she will make it from scratch, will that include kneading the dough? That would serve as good training, huh, I believe kneading Udon dough is as tiring as hitting a sandbag.  

“For the time being I will prepare an Udon for everyone share, Hannah, Nicole, Pio, come out, it’s ready.”  

“Yes, Head Maid!”  

The three silkies jumped out, and the blockade is easily lifted.   

“So, this is Udon, it’s texture is strange but delicious! This almost like spaghetti but chewier.”  

“Ouuudon, look Hannah this is Ouudon! It’s chewy and feels good in your mouth.”  

“Oudon and Ofuton(bed) they are so similar… so… warm…”  

As they see the silkies enjoying their Udon, villagers who play along with the hostage acts are coming out.  

“We belive in you village chief!”  

“Yes, there is no way our village chief would forget our souvenirs.”  

“So where’s our share?”  

As the villagers reach out to Kinue Udon, Ichika stopped them.  

“Oi you all, where’s the money?”  

“eh… what?”  

“I mean… those flour cost quite a bit of money you know?”  

“So it’s like that? But you are right, normally you won’t even have the chance to set your foot in Demon Kingdom, but still… I want to have a taste of that country! Even if I had to pay for it! So here is it, take it!”  

“Good, good, but don’t worry today is special day! So you can get it with only ten copper coins per cup.”  

That’s how Ichika begins to sell Kinue noodles for 10 copper coins.  

By the way, just so you know, those Udon sells for two copper coins in the Demon Kingdom, so without a doubt, she’s ripping them off.  

At first, I want to stop Her, but…  

“I see, this flour is…”  

“Ahh, a flour that Shia can’t produce?”  

“Quick, sell it to me! I want to brag to everyone that I have eaten the Demon Kingdom’s cuisine!”  

“okay, okay, don’t panic, we have enough for everyone!”  

The villagers seem to be okay with that.  

Just by being Demon Kingdom’s cuisine, an extra value was added to it.  

“Kehma, I think it’s possible to serve this Udon in cafetaria from now on.”  

“Um, yeah… looking at their reaction, I think we could sell it for 15 coppers per cup?”  

“Master, I would get a share of the profits, right?”  

While I was discussing such a thing with Rokuko, Ichika cut in between us with a money bag in her hands.  

Well… she just raking up few dozen copper coins, so I will give allow her to take some cut.  

“…just make sure you split it with Kinue.”  

“Whoa! Thank you Master! I love you!”  

Ichika returned to her Udon business, Rokuko then tugs my sleeve a little.  

“hm? Rokuko?”  

“…I love you more, okay?”  

Stop with that kind of reaction, you will make me blush.  

And that’s how the first case of hostage-taking in the  Gollen village was closed.  

… it was not a crime in the first place, yup.  

TL notes:  

Oudon and Ofuton — SORRY, I cannot help it!! they just rhyme so well… 


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