LDM 434 – Dolce arrived

The goblin on the first floor of the Cave of Desire is weak.   

They will undoubtedly become a threat in big numbers, but the goblin in the beginner’s dungeon won’t have too much coordination, the number that will attack you at the same time is three at maximum.   

They can’t even break apple with their bare hands.   

If it were me, I could do it without golem assist, but I need to use all my strength before I finally can crack it.   

I remember sharing my apples with Gobusuke after I crack it, at that time, I promised myself I will at least use a knife to cut the apple next time.   

By that example, you know how weak the goblin in my dungeon.   

In comparison, the wild goblins outside the dungeon could be very troublesome due to their infinite number and coordination. You’ll be in a lot of trouble as soon as they swarm you.   

“If the goblins are too strong, it won’t be suitable for novice adventurers, no good.”   

“I guess you are right.”   

That was Rokuko reply when I told her our goblin is very weak.   

A surprisingly calm and accurate judgment despite her goblin fetish.   

No, perhaps because she is a goblin expert, that’s why her analysis is spot on. You cannot call yourself a goblin expert and don’t know this much fact.   

“But why did you suddenly bring this matter up?”   

“I mean, lately we haven’t done any dungeon improvement.”   

“Yeah, we haven’t touch anything after we got back from the Demon Kingdom.”   

“… how about adding new monster? Ghost for example…”   

“Oh that’s a goo–, Wait! Who is there!”   

When I look up to the source of the voice, I saw a Ghost(wraith) there.   

She’s Dolce, Haku direct subordinate. Dressed in a white robe like a white mage in certain RPG, she then fixes her posture and approaches Rokuko.   

“It’s been a long time Lady Rokuko, I’m here by the order of Haku-sama.”   

“…no matter what it is, you can’t just come into my room without permission.”   

“Yes certainly, but Haku-sama personally ordered me to [watch the situation carefully. Especially when you first arrived, caught them by surprise.] and so I did my best to sneak around the dungeon without appearing in the map.”   

Wait, what? you can hide from the map function? That’s scary! That would give the opponent a big deal of trouble in the dungeon battle.   

“Oh? How did you do that Dolce?”   

“I simply dive from the sky, I might be not transparent, but I’m still ghost(wraith). I can choose to be immaterial or not, though the dungeon wall will prevent me to pass, so I need to cast a short distance [Teleport].”   

It’s was a unique technique of Ghost-type monster. If you fly high up in the sky, you will be in outside of the dungeon map range, naturally, you won’t appear on it.    

The concept of air invasion defense becomes meaningless unless you extend your dungeon area upwards.   

But since our ceiling is composed of dungeon walls, she cannot go through it. So, she ignored the wall and used a short distance [Teleport]. Since it was only a few meters deep, the MP cost is not too severe, but that’s still a trick only ghost-type monster can use.   

“How long you’ve been here?”   

“Just a few moments ago, also… Rokuko-sama’s smiling face, I will report it.”   

“It’s a bit embarrassing if my sister knows how me and Kehma flirting…”   

Dolce-san strongly responded to Rokuko.   

Yep, she clearly separates work and casual chat.   

But to be honest, that was a close call.    

Suppose she is coming a little bit earlier. In that case, she will see me playing around with Rokuko’s legs all day long, or see me being pampered by Rokuko in my succubus possessed state with the [Super Transformation].   

If that happens, I will die instantly. I feel like she will hit me with an instant death spell or curse.   

I know that instant death skill exists because Leona has received it before.   

“Well since Dolce already arrived, can I leave this assassin matters in your hands?”   

“Don’t worry ‘bout it, with myself being here, there’s no way assassin that can hide in the vicinity.”   

“You keep switching between serious and lax attitude, don’t you feel tired…?”   

“…Not really? I only respect the wishes of Haku-sama’s little sister.”   

If that was the case, then it’s okay, but the truth is you only having fun with Rokuko’s reaction, right? Just admit it.   

“I’ll walk you to your Suite, just follow me.”   

“Understood Rokuko-sama, but before I do that, I need to give Kehma a message.”   


“Haku-sama said [Please treat Rokuko-chan with sincerity, you know what I mean, right?]……..   

Then? Your answer please?”   

“YES! I understand!!”   

Just like that, an assassin was placed… I’m sorry, I mean… a bodyguard was positioned in my dungeon. To protect us from the assassin.   

Dolce transformed into her humanized form and followed Rokuko to her Suite… she probably won’t miss the assassin, but I will keep my vigilance.   

It may be a good idea to increase the number of ghost-type monsters, as Dolce has suggested, at least they can be used as Dolce assistant.   

No… I should not expect anything that I summon will be any use to her since she is an optimized character who’s good enough to serve’s as Haku party member.   

Then was it best for me to retreat deep into the dungeon? Since it seems that the dungeon walls are impenetrable by any normal means, though I feel like I’ll be assaulted normally.   

TL notes:  

No, I didn’t mistranslate anything, I checked with lupus-sensei btw.  

It just seems what Kehma was hinting at the previous chapter has become a reality, he really paid the price for meddling with Rokuko’s legs… regularly. 


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